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December 21, 2012

Two López Monzón brothers, support bases of the EZLN, are freed in Chiapas

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Two López Monzón brothers, support bases of the EZLN, are freed in Chiapas 

According to the JBG Towards Hope, they were imprisoned “for the sole crime of being Zapatistas”

The state government has cancelled an arrest warrant against Alfonso Cruz, from San Antonio Toniná

Elio Henríquez, Correspondent 

La Jornada

Friday December 21, 2012, p. 15

San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas., December 20.

Governor Manuel Velasco Coello reported that he has released four brothers, two of them Zapatista support bases, who have been imprisoned since last June in the prison in the municipality of Motozintla, in the Sierra of Chiapas, accused of stealing a gold chain, injury, burglary, damage to a house and stealing 10 thousand pesos.

The four released are Juan, Jacobo, Aníbal and Carlos López Monzón, the last two support bases of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN).

In a press release,the state governor said he has also cancelled the arrest warrant for Alfonso Cruz Espinoza, a native of San Antonio Tonina, Ocosingo, also an EZLN support base.

“With these actions, the state government reiterates its commitment to respect and make a decisive contribution to demilitarisation, in order to promote a climate of tolerance and peace”, Velasco Coello said.

He insisted on “the desirability of a minimum mechanism of communication with the Good Government Juntas (JBG), allowing us to prevent and resolve any conflict”, while at the same time he underlined: “Goodwill, value and détente will be the lines of my government”.

On 8 December, to make a statement as governor, Velasco Coello greeted members of the Zapatista movement and the JBG and reiterated his respect and “my appreciation for their great political and cultural contributions which enrich the destinies of Mexico and Chiapas”.

Concerning the case of the López Monzón brothers, the JBG Towards Hope, based in the community of La Realidad, autonomous municipality San Pedro de Michoacán, reported last November that they were imprisoned for “the sole crime of being Zapatistas”.

They explained that on May 15, 2011, Aníbal, Jacobo and Carlos López Monzón, “were returning from their work aboard a truck bound for their homes, which are located in the San Ramon section (Motozintla municipality), but on the way Élfego Díaz Velásquez, César López de León and his son César, Argelio Díaz López, Javier Díaz López, Julio Díaz López, Alba López de León, Alida López de León, Bulmaro Santiso López and Vidal López Velásquez were lying in wait for them, they took them [the brothers] down from the truck and beat them severely with sticks and stones, trying to kill them”.

After the “assault”, they said, six of their compañeros gave them help, and “at midnight a patrol came to pick up the aggressors, but not to punish them, but rather to protect them, and with the complicity of the lawyers Juan Antonio Gomes Coello and Antonio López de León, and the prosecutor of Motozintla and the bad governments, crimes were invented against” the López Monzón brothers and the six people who helped them.

“Hannibal also was accused of stealing a gold chain; Carlos of injury, burglary and damage to a house, James (not a support base), of injury and burglary, John, of theft of 10,000 pesos, while the six others were accused of trespassing and damage to a house.”






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