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November 10, 2013

Judicial harassment of a Zapatista for cutting “a small tree” is denounced

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 Judicial harassment of a Zapatista for cutting “a small tree” is denounced 

**The JBG Path of the Future Demands that the Real Illegal Loggers are Pursued

By: Hermann Bellinghausen

San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, November 9, 2013

JBG El Camino del Futuro exige cancelación de orden de aprehensión contra compañero base de apoyoThe Good Government Junta Path of the Future, in the Caracol of La Garrucha, has denounced judicial persecution against Alfonso Cruz Espinosa, a Zapatista support base, under the pretext of cutting down “a small tree” on his property, while the real illegal loggers enjoy official protection.

On September 23, María Socorro Trujillo and her daughters (the mother and sisters of Cruz Espinosa), who live in the city of Ocosingo and who the state government has already previously used to judicially harass Alfonso, “fabricated accusations against our compañero” who lives in San Antonio Toniná.

The tree in question was used to construct the artesanía house of Francisco Gómez rebel municipality, on the outskirts of the Toniná archaeological site. “Zapatista support bases were the ones who cut down that tree, with the authorization of the Junta and the four autonomous municipalities.”

The Junta demands the immediate cancellation of the arrest warrant for their compañero “because he is innocent,” and asks: “Why are the assholes that take away, steal and destroy the natural resources in the ejidos of San Miguel, Nuevo Pataté, Tierra Negra, Pamalá and other communities in Zapatista territory not in jail?” It points out that: “the three levels of bad government have given permission to cut down wood to Señor Mauricio, of Comitán,” and now he extracts “thousands of pine every day in chunks and slabs.”

The autonomous authorities point out that: “every day the federal government transmits on radio and television that one must care for the environment,” but it is “its lie,” because in reality “they are killing and destroying the forests and fine woods.” They demand that those who take wood away from the communities be incarcerated. “As Zapatista peoples we will defend what is ours,” they warn.


Originally Published in Spanish by La Jornada

Sunday, November 10, 2013


English translation by the Chiapas Support Committee for the International Zapatista Translation Service








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