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November 16, 2013

The JBG Heart of the Rainbow of Hope Denounces the Invasion of Lands and Aggressions

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The JBG Heart of the Rainbow of Hope Denounces the Invasion of Lands and Aggressions

 ** It accuses members of the CIOAC-Historic from the ejido 20th of November, in Chiapas

** The lands in dispute have been worked by the Zapatistas since 1994, assures the Junta

By: Hermann Bellinghausen


The Good Government Junta, Heart of the Rainbow of Hope, from the Zapatista Caracol of Morelia, Chiapas, denounced land invasions, aggressions and death threats in the ejido 10th of April, in the 17th of November autonomous municipality, by members of the CIOAC-Historical. On October 18th, some 60 people from the ejido 20th of November, who belong to the CIOAC-Historical, “entered to open a path where they want to take our recuperated land away from us.” A commission from the Junta went to ask them: “who they are and why they are interfering.” The invaders claimed the property, and the Junta asked them why they have waited until now, if the Zapatistas have worked those lands since 1994.

The Junta identifies the leaders Antonio Hernández and Luis Hernández as “intellectual authors,” and specifies that the support bases of the Zapatista National Liberation Army have more than 20 hectares of coffee, corn, beans and bananas planted there.

“Another part is assigned as an ecological reserve.” The commission from the Junta set an appointment for the invaders for October 21st, but they did not appear. The Junta sent a new appointment for the day of October 25th. Then 60 people presented themselves, headed by Tranquelino González López, Arnulfo González Jiménez, Arnulfo Luna Vázquez and Gerónimo Álvarez Vázquez. Junta representatives asked: “Is there any document that guarantees that it’s yours?” And they answered that: “they did not bring them because there is a lot of rain.”

The Junta also asked them “if you know how many hectares are supposed to be yours.”  They answered: “that they do not know,” and gave as a pretext “that they are acting to ask for these lands because the ejidatarios of 20th of November have already divided it as the legal reform to Article 27, made by Carlos Salinas, dictates,” and as they are excluded, “they are putting themselves into where we work.” For the Junta, as a consequence of “the bad policy of the bad governments, we are paying with what we fought for with dignity.”

In that talk “nothing happened; they agreed not to work on the land and we agreed to hold a consultation.” The CIOAC members “violated the little agreement” and on November 6 they entered “with threats that they are going to kill one of us.” The invaders had already attempted it in 2007, although the path that they now opened now does not even coincide with the line from then. “It’s clear that is a dispossession,” the Zapatista Junta maintains.

On November 8th, they beat up the cameramen from the Junta and cut the fence around the pasture. On the 9th, they arrived “already with a disposition to confrontation, and they attempted to carry off a compañero.” On Monday, November 11th, “only a truck arrived to spy on us.” On Tuesday the 12th, some 200 people came in three groups, one group “dividing up” (the land), another “extending the wire” (fencing) and a third “cleaning the land.” They were accompanied by Humberto Torres Méndez, from Gabino Barreda community, and Caridad Alcázar López, coming from Altamirano. They said they were coming “on orders from (Governor) Manuel Velasco Coello ‘in search of dialogue,’ and we wonder: what are we going to dialogue about? We don’t speak with liars,” the Junta added. “We realize that they are protected and planned by the government and the municipal president of Altamirano, where the government delegate came from, although those from the CIOAC-Historical come from Comitán; this means that they have planned.” The Junta emphasizes that: “despite the fact that it was a commission from Manuel Velasco, the aggressors of the CIOAC-Historical” damaged the ejido’s sign.

The 10th of April residents “know the history of the land perfectly.” When they lived there “our exploiters worked them hard without salary.” In 1994, “they were grazing Swiss and Zebu cattle there.” In later years no one claimed it for the ejido 20th of November. The Junta points out about the invaders: “it doesn’t give them grief to move a large number of people because there is foul play with money. To the majority who make a bundle, they pay one hundred pesos per day.”


Originally Published in Spanish by La Jornada

Thursday, November 14, 2013

English translation by the Chiapas Support Committee for the International Zapatista Translation Service.



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