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May 10, 2015

Baja California, Mexico: At Least 70 Injured After Clash Between Farmworkers and Police in San Quintín

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Baja California, Mexico: At Least 70 Injured After Clash Between Farmworkers and Police in San Quintín

Aristegui Noticias (With information from La Jornada)

Marcha_Jornaleros_San_Quintin-2-600x274About 70 people were injured, seven of them seriously, after the police entered the neighbourhood New San Juan Copala in the borough of Vicente Guerrero, in the municipality of Ensenada, Baja California, reported La Jornada. The neighbourhood of Nuevo San Juan Copala is located some 180 kilometres from the city of Ensenada.

Justino Herrera, leader of the Triqui indigenous community in San Quintín, told La Jornada Baja California that there are no deaths, but several day labourers were seriously injured.

The version given by the labourers is that it all started this morning when, at the gates of Rancho Seco, one of the largest producers of tomatoes in the region, a group of labourers from their Alliance appeared to ask their colleagues not to enter to work and to wait until next Wednesday for the visit of the state’s Deputy Secretary of Governmetn, Luis Enrique Miranda Nava.

Realizing the situation, the ranch owner called police, who arrived around 5:00 a.m. and attacked the labourers who were asking for their strike to continue.

Some of them ran to their houses and were pursued by police who entered the houses and beat women and children who were still asleep. Realizing that several of their companions were being pursued through the neighbourhood, other labourers organized themselves to repel the police with sticks and stones, and they destroyed two of the twenty patrol cars that had entered the neighbourhood. Later, another group of workers joined and destroyed an anti-riot vehicle that police brought into the community.


The general secretary of the Cárdenas Central for Peasant Farmers, Max Correa, called for the urgent intervention of federal Secretary of Government Relations, Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, to restore order in San Quintín and stop the “repression” by the state government and employers against the farmworkers.

According to information provided by Fidel Sánchez Gabriel, a spokesman for the movement of agricultural day labourers of San Quintín, the agribusiness manager brought in the state police to avoid the boycott initiated by the dissatisfied workers because of lack of response from the state Secretariat of Government.

Correa stressed that the absence of the state Deputy Secretary of the Interior, Luis Enrique Miranda Nava, in San Quentin, to respond to the demands of the farmworkers was one of the causes that sparked the violence at the site. The day before, the state Deputy Secretary of Government cancelled his participation at a meeting with the workers to respond to the demands of the agricultural labourers of the San Quintin Valley, He said that he didn’t have transportation to the site of the talks.

Yesterday, the labourers had decided to hold a demonstration in front of the state government office in San Quintín. However, a group of 200 men, not part of the movement, began to block the trans-peninsular highway and attack passing cars with stones and sticks, so the labourers decided to withdraw to prevent being connected to such violent acts.

Translated by Reed Brundage



What is happening in San Quintin? Conditions of slavery; repression by the authorities; child exploitation



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