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May 25, 2015

Infected vaccines in Chiapas show the ‘marginalization’ of the indigenous

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Infected vaccines in Chiapas show the ‘marginalization’ of the indigenous


Elio Henriquez

La Jornada, 24th May, 2015

People from Simojovel marched on Saturday 23rd May to demand justice in the case of the infected vaccines that killed two children.

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas. The deaths of two children after being vaccinated by staff from the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), which occurred on the 8th of this month in the community of La Pimienta, municipality of Simojovel, represents “the ultimate expression of the marginalisation which has been experienced by the indigenous peoples throughout their history in the matter of health,” said the priest Marcelo Pérez Pérez.

In this way, he said, “the poor conditions of health facilities” in the state “are revealed very clearly in the eyes of the world.”

And “the greatest indignation of the population,” he stressed “is at the poor treatment in the health centres at Simojovel, Bochil and in Tuxtla Gutierrez,” where 29 of the 31 infants who were affected after the vaccines were applied were treated.

On 8th May staff from the IMSS of the clinic in the community of La Pimienta vaccinated 31 children against hepatitis, tuberculosis and rotavirus, but hours later two one month old children lost their lives, and 29 more were hospitalized; of these 27 children have now been discharged.

During a Mass which was celebrated yesterday in Simojovel after the march in which the Catholics demanded justice, Pérez Pérez said in his homily that there is “great indignation, not only among the parents of the 31 infants but also among the general population and the indigenous peoples.”

The Tzotzil, a native of San Andrés Larráinzar, asked: “Could the authorities and the wealthy have a child dead from these vaccines of the IMSS? Could the despotic treatment towards poor people be the same as that given to the authorities and the rich?.”

He continued: “Why do the poor have no dignified access to healthcare? Why are the poor marginalized and given inhumane treatment when they come to health centres?”

Pérez Pérez also questioned the fact that “the crumbs that the government gives to the poor through welfare projects are conditioned because the Seguro Popular is simply designed to control the poor. Why do they deny service to those who are not part of the Seguro Popular?”

He stated that, with what happened in La Pimienta, one of the most marginalized communities of the municipality, “it is revealed also that the politicians really do not care about the people’s lives; they do not care whether the people have good service for their sick, if people are dying of various causes.”

He said that “this month two more people have been murdered in Simojovel, one in a canteen and another in a hidden place. Today politicians have lost the true sense of being politicians; they have prostituted democracy; they have only used the people as a ladder to climb to a higher social status.”

Therefore, he stressed, “we see authorities with great wealth and large ranches; today politicians are only concerned about the people’s money and unfortunately they want to return to continuing to impoverish the people, to continue leaving them in misery”.




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