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May 25, 2015

Las Abejas of Acteal join the pilgrimage for justice, after the death of children in Simojovel, Chiapas

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Las Abejas of Acteal join the pilgrimage for justice, after the death of children in Simojovel, Chiapas


“Is the neoliberal capitalist monster-murderer going to continue killing the original peoples, either with bullets of lead, bullets of sugar or vaccines, and what are we going to do faced with the hell and fury unleashed by the monster-murderer?

“Our brothers from the Pueblo Creyente of Simojovel once again call us to pilgrimage to express our outrage, tomorrow 23rd May; in response to the invitation made by our brothers of Simojovel, the Civil Society Organization Las Abejas of Acteal will participate in this pilgrimage with a commission made up of the Board and survivors of the Acteal massacre; because we do not want to keep repeating more Acteals, because we do not want them to keep killing more children, without seeing and feeling the sunlight, without the opportunity to speak and live free in this world … ”

Civil Society Organization Las Abejas

Sacred Land of the Acteal Martyrs

Acteal, Ch’enalvo ‘, Chiapas, Mexico.

May 22, 2015

Brothers and Sisters:

Today we present our word about how we feel and see the situation of life and human rights in Chiapas and in our country.

With respect to the violence and crimes of the State in which our Mexico is today submerged, they are the answer and message from the neoliberal capitalist monster-murderer to us, the men and women who struggle, who resist, who build our autonomy, who want to live free and who are building Lekil Kuxlejal, the “good life” as it is said in Castilian.

In this communique we will quote many times the “neoliberal capitalist monster-murderer system”, although this word does not exist in Tzotzil, it is a rare thing; but we think it is the same monster that our Zapatista brothers refer to as the “Capitalist Hydra”. When after the Seminar “Critical Thinking Against the Capitalist Hydra”, organized by our Zapatista brothers and sisters, we were thinking and thinking how to explain the “Capitalist Hydra” to the representatives of all the communities which make up our organization but we could not find anything similar in the stories we were told by our grandparents; we found that in the Bible, in Revelation, it speaks of a monster, a dragon with 7 heads, which is the devil, who is the satan who devours those who do not submit to him; so this is more or less how we understand the monster-murderer, or the capitalist Hydra or the dragon with 7 heads.

….What is it that the organised men and women do that the monster-murderer does not like?

He does not like that we are building our autonomy. He does not like us to be free. He does not like that we know how to think and to be critical of his corrupt and murdering system.



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