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May 28, 2015

Chiapas: The Network for Peace calls for the situation of the displaced people of Primero de Agosto to be addressed

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Chiapas: The Network for Peace calls for the situation of the displaced people of Primero de Agosto to be addressed



On May 20, the official report of the Civil Mission of Observation of the poblado Primero de Agosto, municipality of Las Margaritas, was presented in a press conference. 12 organizations participated together on May 11 and 12 in this mission that was carried out to observe and document the situation of the displaced people.

“We are very sad in this forced displacement, where there is much insecurity and we are very uneasy, we can’t sleep because of the fear that the authorities of Miguel Hidalgo are going to hurt us again, our children are becoming ill with cough, fever, headaches, stomach aches, and they always ask us when we are going to return to our home”, shared one of the displaced women.

56 people, amongst them 18 who are underage, were forcefully displaced on February 23, 2015. On this day, they left their houses, belongings, and the land they had occupied since August 1, 2013 (according to the agreement signed by representatives of the state government on January 8, 2015, the ownership of the property is “undefined”). The forced displacement was provoked by 50 people, authorities of Miguel Hidalgo, who are also members of the Historic Independent Central of Agricultural Workers and Campesinos (CIOAC-H), 15 of whom carried high powered firearms.

The Civil Mission of Observation reported that the critical humanitarian situation in which the displaced people find themselves, has not been addressed. They live in precarious homes made of sticks, plastics, and nylon, there is not a sufficient amount of drinkable water, the children are not attending school, there is a small amount of food- they only eat once or twice a day, the health of the displaced community is of concern, especially the children and the women who are pregnant: “The health of the displaced people, not only by the presence of infectious or contagious diseases caused by the situation that is being lived, their integrity is being threatened by the presence of agents of their own environment, such as the climate and the fauna of the area and by the constant threats of the people who displaced them: evidently this is violating the right to food, housing, access to water, a healthy environment, and emotional and social health of the population”.



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