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May 31, 2015

Vaccines of death in La Pimienta

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Vaccines of death in La Pimienta

“Soon the routine will return of avoidable deaths every day, one by one, in silence.”

  • Two babies die and 29 are hospitalized, four in a very serious condition, following vaccination
  • In the area, a pueblo in Chiapas (Mexico), the poverty is extreme



On 8th May the doctor Roberto Calvo León vaccinated 52 children in one of those places on earth where babies lack officially registered names for months, sometimes years after their birth. The official routine of registration is meaningless where names and lives are wiped out by starvation or disease in the first months of life. They are put in a coffin and mourned quickly and with resignation, not forgetting that tomorrow the living must also keep fighting to not to end up under several shovelfuls of sand. Too much reality in the world where the simple and avoidable routine follows many more lives than the great tragedies that both startle the first world and cause an avalanche of solidarity among social networks.

In this case, the vaccination of Dr Leon killed two babies and hospitalized 29, four of whom were very seriously ill. What happened in the village of La Pimienta?….

La Pimienta is one of the 124 communities that make up the municipality of Simojovel, an area of extreme poverty; on 8th May Dr. Calvo asked the women to bring their shildren who had been born recently to be vaccinated. He did this in a very humble dispensary made ​​of cement with a zinc roof between the hours of 12.00 and 2.00. 52 infants were brought there and vaccinated against tuberculosis, rotavirus and hepatitis B. “At about 6 in the evening, the parents began to notice that their children were having negative reactions. They wept, fainted, turned purple and suffered diarrhoea” explains the pastor of Simojovel, Marcelo, to El Mundo.

Then a pilgrimage began between the clinics in the area. “First they came to Simojovel, where there is a miserable health centre without doctors or nurses or medicine. At times one single doctor is attending at the same time to five births as well as all the other patients treated there. There are no drugs and the ambulances are worthless because either they are broken down or there is no money for fuel,” says the priest of the chief town of the municipality with over 40,000 inhabitants.

Given the impossibility of treating the babies there, the parents organized private cars, as the emergency vehicles were unusable, to move to another location, Bochil, where they arrived at two in the morning, more than 12 hours after the vaccinations and eight since the first symptoms appeared in their children. In Bochil they could not do anything either to care for newborns, and they had to be transferred back to the capital of Chiapas, Tuxtla, where they were finally admitted to a hospital at six in the morning, 24 hours after it all started.

Two of the 31 affected babies had already died in Simojovel…..Now the official investigation is preparing a report certifying that ….there were some mistakes and they will check all their procedures. But the reality of the cause of these deaths in this impoverished area, where the lands are worked communally in Ejidos and corruption and poverty are extreme, is easily identifiable: laziness and forgetfulness on the part of the authorities. This time a group were ill and the deaths drew media attention, but if nothing changes soon it will return to the routine of avoidable deaths every day, one by one, in silence.



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