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July 10, 2015

BoCa En BoCa #34 – July 2015

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BoCa En BoCa #34 – July 2015


BoCa En BoCa is an independent newssheet that aims to disseminate what happens in the organized communities in Chiapas. The aim is to generate solidarity among communities, through summaries or extracts of their publications transmitting their words.

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26/05- 600 people from the organization Laklumal Ixim-Norte Selva from Tila and Tumbala demonstrate against the completion of eight months of enforced disappearance of the 43 students from Ayotzinapa.

29/05- The people in struggle from San Sebastián Bachajón demonstrate peacefully in their ejido “in protest against the policy of dispossession of our land and the assassinations committed by the bad government.”

31/05- The OCEZ Casa del Pueblo recuperate 250 hectares stolen by “the narco deputy Chus Orantes” and demand the recognition of the leaders of their communal lands.

01/06- The community of Cruzton, Venustiano Carranza, celebrates the eighth anniversary of the reclamation of its lands.

02/06- Comuneros from Jolsibaquil, Tila, denounce continuing deceptions and pressures from the Agrarian Prosecutor to join the programme of dispossession called FANAR.

07/06- The parish of San Jacinto de Polonia, Ocosingo, denounces arbitrary arrests by the police after election protests.

16/06- The Digna Ochoa Human Rights Centre of Tonalá demands an investigation in the case of the arbitrary detention and torture of a minor by public servants.

21/06- The organization United Peoples for the Defence of Electrical Energy (PUDEE) of the Northern Jungle region denounces the CFE for leaving 14 communities of Tila without electricity and provoking tensions.

22/06- 9 parishes stand in solidarity with the parish of San Antonio de Padua in Simojovel and father Marcelo.

22/06- Communiqué from Las Abejas of Acteal in commemoration of the massacre of 22/12/97, “For us, MEMORY is indispensable.”

23/06- The unjustly imprisoned compañero Esteban Gómez Jiménez, from San Sebastián Bachajón, calls for solidarity and support for his situation.

23/06- The displaced families from Primero de Agosto, Las Margaritas, recall the lack of response from the government. “Our problem is unsolved due to omission by the bad government, at dawn we remember that this forced displacement remains our reality.”

23/06- “The faithful of the parish of San Pedro Apóstol, Chenalhó, see the need once more to express our concern and disagreement about the sale and excessive consumption of alcohol,” they denounce again.


04/06- After 3 years and 6 months, the displaced families from Banavil demand their return and denounce Lic. Gustavo Moscoso Zenteno for not keeping his word.

19/06- The Digna Ochoa Human Rights Centre, Tonalá, denounces the criminalization of the civil and peaceful struggle against high electricity rates.

23/06- The unjustly imprisoned Alejandro Diaz Santiz sends his greetings to the caravan of relatives of the 43 disappeared from Ayotzinapa.

23 / 06- The Pueblo Creyente from Simojovel continue to denounce new situations of risk against their members and their pastor.


A member of Las Abejas of Acteal is murdered

25/06 The Civil Society Las Abejas of Acteal denounced the murder of a member of the organization, Manuel López Pérez. After doing his shopping in Pantelho “he was returning home on public transport with his son, when seven hooded people dressed in military-style clothing and carrying guns ambushed the vehicle in which they were travelling”; the “criminals told the rest of the passengers to get off and that nothing was going to happen to them, but they grabbed Manuel and pulled him off; Manuel said to the murderers, ‘Do not kill me, do not kill me, I have not done anything wrong!’ and they gave him 3 shots from a firearm, 2 in the head and one in the back.”

They denounced strategies which they already know from the time of the Acteal massacre: “The municipal judge of Pantelhó, arriving at the scene, forbade people to take photos. This strategy is always used by the authorities to alter proofs and evidence.”

Finally they explained the history of Manuel, condemned to exile from his community without a trial, and commented on the situation of other families whose lives are in danger. They demanded justice and punishment for those already known to be responsible.

At the end they announced: “As officials of the organization Las Abejas of Acteal we cannot go to the funeral for security reasons, it is also worth mentioning that several paramilitaries are living in this area who took part in acts before the Acteal massacre, and also some of the perpetrators of that massacre.”

On 26/05 they denounced more death threats against another member of the organization in the same community, for not accepting projects from the bad government and being in resistance and constructing autonomy.

EZLN announces paramilitary attack

On 25/06, Subcomandante Moisés presented, in a communique from the JBG of La Garrucha, the denouncement of a strategy from above. “The Velasco continues to encourage his paramilitaries to attack the Zapatista bases of support.” “The indigenous people there who are party members say that they don’t control these paramilitaries, that the paramilitaries get their orders from the municipal president of Ocosingo and the state government in Tuxtla Gutiérrez. That that’s where they get their weapons, equipment, vehicles, and orders to attack the bases of support.”

The JBG of La Garrucha explained the facts “on 24/06, at 8:05 am, 28 paramilitaries from the Pojkol ejido of the barrio Chiquinbal came to the town of El Rosario in the Autonomous Municipality of San Manuel, 8 of them carrying 22-caliber weapons,” noting that as well as the BAEZLN, ” there are 21 paramilitaries who live in El Rosario.”

These paramilitaries, along with an engineer and the former owner of these lands, met together and at “1:26 pm, they fired their guns 10 times behind the house of one of the compañeros who is a base of support, intimidating the entire community.” A few minutes later “they went into two homes” and destroyed and robbed another.

The communique ended: “We say clearly that we will not stand here with our arms crossed as our bases of support are harassed in whatever way and with whichever means the bad government chooses to use against us. We have said clearly that we will defend our lands whatever the cost; we were born from this land and we will return to her.”

Sup Moisés finished his communique “from above there are only lies, beatings, contempt, and exploitation. From below must come organization.”


CFE harasses and threatens

On 28/05 the Digna Ochoa HRC denounced the “harassment by the Federal Electricity Commission against members of the Civic Front Tonalteco AC and the Regional Autonomous Council of the Coastal Zone of Chiapas from the city of Tonala, Chiapas.” “Several people were called to come to pay their debt at the offices of the CFE, or they would make effective the demand that exists against them.” The HRC announced its concerns and demanded: “an end to threats and intimidation by the CFE against members of the civil resistance in the municipality”


Pilgrimage in El Bosque

On 06/06, the Pueblo Creyente from El Bosque went on a pilgrimage “to bring to light the great injustices and suffering of our people.” They marched against corruption, drug addiction, bars, drug trafficking, prostitution. In demand of their rights to health, water, infrastructure services, in defence of land and territory, and demanded: “No repetition of massacres like Chabajeval, San Pedro Nictal-Ucum and Union Progreso in El Bosque, Acteal and Ayotzinapa; an end to forced disappearance, repression, and imprisonment of human rights defenders.”

Mexico – Land of asylum?

On 20/06, World Refugee Day, the refuge-shelter La 72 released statistics: “According to figures from COMAR, in the period between 01/01 and 30/09 2014, only 16% of applicants were recognized as refugees, 247 people out of 1525. La 72 proposes and demands that: “the Mexican government restores the Mexican policy of protecting asylum seekers; it is essential that COMAR creates the structures necessary to open an office of that agency in Tenosique; that the National Commission for Human Rights (CNDH) monitors, defends and develops a strict respect for the human rights of people seeking refuge.” l

At the same time, the Fray Matias de Cordova HRC remembered the Mexican tradition “of solidarity and welcome to refugees.” It also denounced that in 2014 “the INM deprived 127,149 persons of their freedom on the grounds of immigration control, and deported 107,814 of them, 97% of whom originated in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.”


Ayotzinapa unites in its journey

In its tour of south-eastern Mexico, the committee of the caravan of parents and compañeros of the disappeared students of Ayotzinapa, who have spent more than eight months fighting for justice, on 16/06 visited the community of San Francisco, Teopisca. We highlight the participation in this caravan of doña Bertha Nava and don Tomás Ramírez, parents of Julio César Ramírez Nava, killed on 26/11/14 in Iguala, Guerrero, doña Cristina Bautista Salvador, mother of Benjamín Ascencio Bautista, disappeared, and Omar García, normal school student.

They said that in Ayotzinapa they are experiencing a siege by military forces and arrest warrants against the families of the disappeared.

Attending on this day were [representatives of] the community of Cruztón, Candelaria El Alto, municipality of Venustiano Carranza, the land of El Desengaño, the community of San Isidro El Ocotal, Alcanfores, the Resistance against high Electricity Tariffs from La Grandeza, municipality of Amatenango del Valle, the Network for the Defence of Indigenous Peoples from the Highlands of Tenejapa. “If we do not unite our strength, if we do not speak, what will happen to us tomorrow?”

On 18/06, the commission members joined members of the X’inich organization and ejidatarios from San Sebastian Bachajón in Palenque. Omar García paid tribute to the people of Chiapas: “We the student teachers have been inspired by them in many ways. We have always been inspired by the Zapatista communities, the communities of this region of Chiapas, because they are an example to follow in their struggle, in their organization, the way in which they face the system, the way they defend their territory.” Also he said: “In coming to ask for their support, we also want to say that they have ours […] because Ayotzinapa became a reflection of all the evils of this country”. But he also denounced that some organizations seek to “support us but to use the name of our 43 compañeros to achieve their demands […] but many as well do not do this and are still with us and we are still with them.” He clarified that “more important than walking noisily and breaking glass or burning vans is to take power from the State.”

As well as being in solidarity with the organization Las Abejas, they continue to denounce the government for the massacre in 1997; members of X’inich who were present remembered the 8 massacred and disappeared indigenous brothers from Viejo Velasco on 13/11/06; the struggling people of San Sebastian Bachajón demanded justice for their murdered, disappeared and imprisoned compañeros; and PUDEE supported the demands of San Sebastián Bachajón, also denouncing the government’s strategies and remembering the murder of teacher Galeano in La Realidad on 02.05.14.

Wisdom of the Mayan people read by Las Abejas to the families of Ayotzinapa:

Our Maya grandparents tell us that, a very long time ago in the time of the Ancient Maya, there were two young twins: Hunajpu and Ixbalanque. They were summoned by the lords of Xibalba, or the masters of hell, to play the ballgame. But these masters of hell had long ago killed the parents of these twins. And when these evil beings knew that a pair of boys had been born who played the ballgame very well, they decided to call them to play in a competition. The boys accepted the invitation and began their journey into the underworld.

But the plan of the masters of the underworld was to kill them, because they realized that they were very intelligent and were a nuisance and danger to them. So they started the game, but the masters of hell were cheats, they were always seeking to kill the youngsters during the game, but they failed.

Even though the plan of the lords of Xibalba was to kill the twins as they did to their father, the young people knew very well what was going to happen and yet they still ventured there, because their goal was to find justice for the death of their father and for all the evils and injustices committed by the masters of hell against humanity.

The game lasted a long time, until the time came when the young people managed to defeat the lords of Xibalba and could gain justice for the death of their father and for all the evils they committed.

And how did the twins manage to defeat the masters of the underworld? Our grandparents tell us that the young people always walked and thought together; that any obstacles and difficulties they encountered, they always resolved collectively. Only good organisation could put an end to the evil. And our grandparents say that when the twins did away with the masters of hell, so peace came to the world and justice was done.

Our grandfathers and grandmothers say that because the twins did their job well, one of them became the sun and the other became the moon. And since then, the twins give us their light and heat during the day and give us their light and guidance at night.




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