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July 30, 2015

Cemeí Verdía is accused of committing four murders

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Cemeí Verdía is accused of committing four murders

   Cemeí Verdía, June 2014 Photo: Guillermo Sologuren

Cemeí Verdía, June 2014
Photo: Guillermo Sologuren

Ernesto Martínez Elorriaga

La Jornada, 30th July 2015
Morelia, Michoacán – In the pre-dawn hours of Wednesday morning, as he was leaving the federal maximum security prison in Tepic, Nayarit, Cemeí Verdía Zepeda, commander of Community Police in Ostula, municipality of Aquila, was again arrested by ministerial police

Ignacio Mendoza Jiménez, the Nahua leader’s lawyer, announced that Cemeí Verdía Zeped, was arrested for the alleged crimes of homicide, injuries and aggravated robbery. Mendoza Jiménez stated that at 4:00 a.m. yesterday, Verdía Zepeda was informed of the new arrest and his transfer to the David Franco Rodríguez Prison, known as Mil Cumbres, located 12 kilometres from Morelia.

Cemeí Verdía had left the federal prison in Nayarit after the Third District Court, seated in Morelia, issued a release order on the grounds that there was no evidence to assume his responsibility in the crime of violating the federal firearms and explosives law.

Criminal Charges

The [Michoacán] State Attorney General reported that two arrest warrants, issued by two different state courts, against Verdía Zepeda as allegedly responsible for the crimes mentioned above were carried out.

Regarding the charge of theft, Semeí Verdía would have committed it on May 30 by seizing coils of wire owned by the municipality of Aquila and stored in a building. According to testimonies collected by the ministerial authority, the indigenous leader arrived with others who made use of the material.

During the investigation, evidence was found to prove Verdía Zepeda’s probable participation in the May 26 murder of four men, outside the village of Barranca del Seco, municipality of Aquila.

Verdía Zepeda is also charged with firing against and injuring three members of a family on December 16, 2014, near the Ostula intersection. Additionally, the family accused Verdía Zepeda of trying to strip them of a property.
Governor Weighs In

Michoacán Governor Salvador Jara Guerrero asserted that Verdía Zepeda will receive a fair judicial proceeding, and he called that the issue not be politicized. Maintaining that “there is no political persecution by the state government” against the Nahua leader, the Governor indicated that the reports against Cemeí go back more than two months, so it’s not anything invented. The Governor declared: “We are not interested in having any innocent person, if and when [innocence] is proved, remain in prison.”

Translated by Jane Brundage



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