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August 30, 2015

Universities, organizations and groups present the EZLN book “Critical Thought versus the Capitalist Hydra.”

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Universities, organizations and groups present the EZLN book “Critical Thought versus the Capitalist Hydra.”


Chiapas, Mexico. August 22nd. “We are not making a party or an organization, we are making an observation. For this view we need concepts and not wishful thinking; we need practice with theory and theory with practice; we need critical and not qualitative analysis,” affirm the EZLN, in the text “Critical Thought versus the Capitalist Hydra.”

The book, which collects together the participation of the Sixth Committee of the EZLN in the seminar of the same name last May in San Cristobal de las Casas, will be presented both nationally and internationally, by collectives and individuals adherents to and supporters of the Sixth, and students from the Zapatista escuelita.

In this first volume the Chiapas insurgents share their word through the voices of Comandantas Miriam, Rosalinda and Dalia and the Support Base Lisbeth and the Listener Selena, under the heading “Towards a genealogy of the Zapatista struggle.”

Subcomandantes  Moisés and Galeano also expressed their word in the text, explaining about the Resistance and Rebellion of the Zapatistas; their Political Economy; their view over the capitalist hydra; the coming storm; and words in memory of the Zapatista teacher Galeano and the Zapatista philosopher Luis Villoro Toranzo.

At Nemi Zapata

At Nemi Zapata

The presentations will take place next Tuesday 25th August at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the UNAM and the ENAH in Mexico City; on the 27th in the Cideci Unitierra in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas; on the 29th in the Tlanezi Calli Community Centre at Iztapalapa in Mexico City, and on the 30th in Escobedo Sur # 414, in the city of Monterrey, and on the 31st at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the UANL, in the same city.

“As Zapatistas, our first instinct is to ask questions, but now in the question, you can choose if you seek certainties or more doubts. Like a challenge, as soon as is met, can lead to another. As if the different explanations were the launch pad for further explanations,” they explained in the Rincon Zapatista Zacatecas and the cultural space “Viejo Antonio” last August 18th, reflecting on the text of the Chiapas rebels.

Collectives and individuals have released the text in Colombia and Argentina; as well as Querétaro, Guadalajara and Puebla, according to the collective Pueblos en Camino.


“And if, as is our Zapatista way, the end is also the beginning, we have to have more and better seedbeds; to make a place for practice, but also for self-reflection on this practice; understand the need for theory and the urgency for critical thinking,” point out the Zapatistas in the foreword to the text.

“To look outside, we need to look inside. The consequences of what we see and how we see it, will be an important part of the answer to the question: what next?” add the indigenous Zapatistas of Chiapas.

Times and locations of presentations:




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