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November 20, 2015

Commanders of the EZLN recognise the work of the philosopher Luis Villoro.

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Commanders of the EZLN recognise the work of the philosopher Luis Villoro.

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San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas. November 19. “Luis Villoro was a companero who did not waver, he did not sell out and he did not give up,” emphasized Comandante David of the EZLN, accompanied by Comandantas Yolanda and Florencia, remembering the philosopher of Catalan origin during the presentation, in Cideci Unitierra Chiapas, of his last book, called Alternative: Perspectives and Possibilities for Change, which includes correspondence with the then Subcomandante Marcos.

In his book, Villoro Toranzo explains how to say no to domination, and also describes a new form of social relationship, taking into account the views of the other, thereby creating the conditions to eliminate confrontation, stated the economist Sergio Rodriguez. The political class has lost any real chance to represent the people, so it is necessary to seek new forms of democracy, the social activist added, in allusion to the words of Zapatista philosopher.

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“The book we present today is of a testamentary character,” shared Juan Villoro, the son of Don Luis Villoro. The writer recalled that at 91 years his father never stopped wanting to learn, and was nurtured by contact with the communities, which is why he always called for a society where respect for the other prevails, where ethics and politics are linked.

Meanwhile Fernanda Navarro, compañera of the late Villoro Toranzo, shared that he wrote about the indigenous and became one of them, finding in indigenous communities an alternative to the world that we live in, which is thought or said to be “civilized” .

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