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December 11, 2015

Residents of Simojovel march for their two babies who died through the negligence of the IMSS

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Residents of Simojovel march for their two babies who died through the negligence of the IMSS


In Chiapas they protest about the babies who were affected by vaccinations, and demand healthcare services

Residents of the community of La Pimienta, in the municipality of Simojovel, where, in May, two children died and 29 more were poisoned as a result of vaccinations applied by the IMSS, marched in that city in protest at the failure to fulfil various agreements.

Over a thousand people participated in the demonstration, which ended with a rally outside the Town Hall where they set up an indefinite sit-in, local sources report.

In a letter, the families of the babies affected by the injection revealed that the survivors are exhibiting symptoms as a consequence of what happened and have not yet received the care promised by the government when the incident took place.

The parents of the children demanded lifelong healthcare for their children.


They pointed out that although the authorities undertook to rehabilitate the clinic in the community, supply it with medicines and donate an ambulance, this has not happened.

They stated that people still have to go to private services in the municipal headquarters.


They claimed that, after what happened in their community, there was also a commitment made to finish paving the road from La Pimienta to the municipal headquarters, as well as to the construction of two vehicular bridges and the restoration of two classrooms and recreational areas in different educational institutions.

Seven months after the tragedy, they said, these commitments have not been fulfilled.

“Today we went out to inform the public and to demand that the government comply with the [commitments in] the minutes of government,” they stressed.


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