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December 20, 2015

Chol pueblo expels municipal hall and council from its territory

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Chol pueblo expels municipal hall and council from its territory




“The Assembly of the ejidatarios of Tila agree to demolish the municipal palace which was constructed without the permission of the General Assembly because it is the source of all the injustice, discrimination and harassment and the steady takeover of the 130 hectares of our ancestral land for the legal fund, seeking to destroy our communality,” said the communiqué posted today by Radio Pozol.

It is a decision that has been well thought out. After 72 years of the “bad government” violating their rights and after 6 years of legal struggle. They recalled the struggles of “our grandparents who walked from Tila to Tuxyla Gutierrez (the state capital), their ancestors who resisted the “slavery of the colonisers and suffered the dispossession of their lands by the foreign Pennsylvania plantation company.”

“The knowledge and the wisdom left to us by our grandparents has taught us to defend our history and our culture, because we belong to Mother Earth”

The indigenous denounce that the authority is trying to buy them so they can reverse the decision taken. “The ownership of the land for common use is inalienable, imprescribable and indefeasible.”

“As indigenous people, the Chol are covered by ILO Convention 169 and Article 21 of the Inter-American Court: “We only acknowledge our own authority and self-determination, and therefore, our autonomy.” They also have the capacity to solve their own internal conflicts and to maintain their own forms of government.

“If they violate our right as an indigenous Chol people, they would be against their own nation because the national territory is multicultural,” they conclude.




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