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December 21, 2015

Indigenous National Congress (CNI): Facing the gathering storm

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Indigenous National Congress (CNI): Facing the gathering storm




To the Peoples, Nations, Tribes And Neighbourhoods that make up the Indigenous National Congress,
To the Sexta National and International
To the peoples of Mexico and the World

Facing the gathering storm

This December 16th our sisters and brothers of the Ch’ol people from the Ejido Tila, in the Northern Zone of Chiapas, by agreement of their general assembly decided to regain their ejidal autonomy and expel the Municipal Council of Tila from their territory. The reason is the damage it [the Council] has caused to the ejido in its attempt to dispossess the people of Tila in order to control and privatize it, to take from them what is theirs by lawful, ancestral and ejidal right; the Ch’ol men, women, old people, young people, and children who live there, work there and defend it.

The Ch’ol sisters and brothers of the Ejido Tila have been persistent in denouncing and describing the history of contempt, repression and dispossession which they have faced from the municipality and the state government. They seek to change the collective nature of the land in the town of Tila, which is the heart of the ejidal territory, in order to impose the capitalist and paramilitary way of life, because it is controlled by the paramilitary group Paz y Justicia.

The Tila Municipal Council is controlled by paramilitaries, and in addition the bad state and federal governments have a large outstanding debt of Justice due not only to the ejido, but to the Ch’ol people and to humanity, for the death which they have caused through the paramilitary counterinsurgency in this region, which is to be added to the great debt that these bad governments owe to the people of Mexico.

The Ch’ol people of Ejido Tila, as other peoples are also doing, took their own decision to recover what is theirs by right. Therefore we call on all the compañeros and compañeras to show solidarity with this action carried out by our Ch’ol brothers and sisters to regain their ejidal autonomy.

We ask you to be vigilant as regards the response of the bad governments and their repressive forces who in this region are composed of military, police and paramilitaries, and who have been mobilizing publicly in recent months, as our brothers and sisters from the Ejido Tila have previously denounced.

We demand respect for the autonomy of the Ch’ol people of Tila, as we continue to demand respect for the territory and autonomy of the peoples of Mexico, which the Capitalist Hydra wants to take away from us.







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