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December 23, 2015

Communiqué from the CCRI-CG of the EZLN following the Acteal Massacre, released 23rd December 1997.

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Communiqué from the CCRI-CG of the EZLN following the Acteal Massacre, released 23rd December 1997.




 December 23, 1997

To the people of Mexico
To the peoples and governments of the world
To the national and international press

In relation to the massacre of indigenous people in the community of Acteal, municipality of San Pedro of Chenalho, Chiapas realized yesterday, December 22 of 1997 the EZLN points out:

FIRST.- According to information compiled until today, about 60 paramilitaries of the institutional revolutionary party (sponsored by the federal and state governments) were the ones who attacked the indigenous with high caliber weapons. Among them were refugees of Acteal.

SECOND.- As a result of this attack which lasted up to four hours, at least 45 indigenous people were assassinated, among them 9 men, 21 women and 15 children (one of them an infant less than a year old). In addition to the dead the wounded counted among them 7 men (4 children) and 10 women (4 of them are little girls). Acteal.

THIRD.- According to radio transmissions of the government of Chiapas (intercepted by the EZLN) in the immediate surrounding of Acteal at the time at which the massacre was being carried out, public security police of the state of Chiapas backed up the attack and during the afternoon and evening dedicated themselves to picking up cadavers in order to hide the magnitude of the massacre. Misters Homero Tovilla Cristinani and Uriel Jarquin (Secretary and Subsecretary of the government of Chiapas respectively) commissioned the police to back up this crime. Mister Julio Cesar Ruiz Ferro was constantly informed of the development of the “operation” (at least since noon of the 22nd day of December, when the massacre was an hour old). Approved by the federal and state government, the attack was fine-tuned on the 21st of December in a meeting of paramilitaries (led by Mister Jacinto Arias, PRI municipal president) of the communities of Los Chorros, Puebla, Esperanza and Quextic, all of them municipalities of Chenalho.

FOURTH.- The direct responsibility for these bloody events fall upon Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon and the Justice Ministry, who, two days ago, gave a green light to the counterinsurgency project presented by the Federal Army.

The aim of this project is to displace the Zapatista war and make it appear to be a war among the indigenous, motivated by religious, political and ethnic differences.

In order to carry this out, they have dedicated themselves to financing equipment and weaponry (through funds of the Social Development Ministry) and giving military training (led by officials of the federal army) to the indigenous recruited by the Revolutionary Institutional Party [PRI].

In order to allow time for these death squads to get ready, the Mexican Federal Government designed a parallel strategy of simulated dialogue, which consists of carrying out negotiations without any intention of carrying out what had already been agreed to, and by increasing military presence in Zapatista zones.

The government of the state of Chiapas was put in charge of guaranteeing the impunity of paramilitary groups and facilitating their operation in the principal rebel zones of the North, the jungle and the highlands of Chiapas.



FIFTH.- In this way the federal and state governments, the institutional revolutionary party and the Federal Army joined forces. Their objective is synthesized by the “war cry” of the paramilitaries called the “Red Mask”. “We are going to put an end to the Zapatista seed”, in other words “We are going to wipe out the indigenous communities.”

SIXTH.- As part of the style of government and demonstration of his “will for peace” through diverse channels, Mister Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon has sent threats to the general command of the EZLN with the following message “I prefer to go into history as a repressor before implementing the agreements with the EZLN”. He has carried out his word. Zedillo has gone into history as an assassin of the indigenous and has the blood of Acteal on his hands.

SEVENTH.- The prompt attention of the media in Chiapas and the just indignation of national and international public opinion in response to these events, has made the mastermind of the crime scramble to the forefront in order to wash their hands of it and promise “in-depth” investigations. They will not punish those who are responsible, impunity is guaranteed because those who investigate the crime are the same ones who planned it. For these reasons, the declarations of Mister Zedillo and his subordinates are nothing more than demagogy.

EIGHTH.- Using the motive of the massacre of Acteal, the government and its spokespeople call once again to dialogue without mentioning the fact they have no intention of fulfilling any agreements but rather advancing their counterinsurgency strategy. In this sense, the recent and ridiculous declaration of the COCOPA (which decided to go on vacation instead of working for peace) in regards to Acteal. The legislators forget that it is the government which is assassinating children, women and men, that it is the government which is using weapons, that it is the government which refuses a serious dialogue. It is to the government that they should direct themselves when they talk about not resorting to violence, and about the necessity of dialogue.

NINTH.- Once again the EZLN calls upon national and international civil society and upon independent organizations to not be deceived, to demand true justice and not pretensions.

TENTH.- The Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee, General Command of the EZLN is at these moments completing its investigation and analyzing what has occurred in order to make the pertinent necessary decisions.

Democracy !

Liberty !

Justice !

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.
Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee
– General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation
Mexico, December of 1997





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