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December 31, 2015

Communiqué from the Ejido San Sebastián Bachajón in solidarity with the struggle of the compañeros and compañeras of the Ejido Tila

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Communiqué from the Ejido San Sebastián Bachajón in solidarity with the struggle of the compañeros and compañeras of the Ejido Tila




Compañeras and compañeros

We ask for your support in circulating this communiqué in solidarity with the ejido Tila. At the moment our organization is operating a roadblock to demand respect for our rights as Tseltal people from San Sebastián Bachajón and respect for the Chol compañeros and compañeras from the ejido Tila.

combative greetings



To the Clandestine Indigenous Revolutionary Committee – General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation

To the Good Government Juntas

To the Indigenous National Congress

To the compañer@s adherents to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandón Jungle in Mexico and the world

To the mass and alternative media

To the Network for Solidarity and against Repression

To Movement for Justice in El Barrio from New York

To national and international human rights defenders

To the people of Mexico and the world


Compañeros and compañeras, through this communication we would like to say to our compañeros from the ejido Tila that they are not alone because we join their struggle; our community raises its voice in solidarity with the ejido Tila, which is now experiencing a time of repression and harassment from the bad government which has a habit of attacking, killing and disappearing those who defend the land; the women and men of San Sebastián Bachajón raise their hands to support our compañeros from the ejido Tila, we call upon them to unite their strength and finish with this injustice; we as humble people of good heart defend and support those who defend the natural resources of our territory, we fight every day for the good of our children and grandchildren in the future; this is why the bad government pays paramilitaries to seek to divide us, and sends them to assassinate, disappear or take the land defenders to prison in order to intimidate us so they can take away our lands; we will say that we are ready to fight against the politics of the bad government, so the ejido Tila can hear in our voice that they are not alone, their fight is our fight and we stand ready to support our compañeros, that our organization is ready to support and defend the struggle, because that way they will not be afraid of the bad government and its repression, its imprisonment and its death, because the Mother Earth is all our people and we are ready to defend her at any cost.

We greet the indigenous community of Ostula and celebrate the freedom of compañero commander Semei Verdia. We demand the immediate release of Esteban Gómez Jiménez, prisoner in Cintalapa de Figueroa, Chiapas (amate #14) Santiago Moreno Pérez and Emilio Jiménez Gómez, prisoners in Playas de Catazajá, Chiapas (cereso #17) who were imprisoned for having the commitment to fight and defend the mother earth, as we also demand the freedom of other political prisoners of Mexico and the world.

From the northern zone of the state of Chiapas the women and men of San Sebastián send militant greetings to all the compañeros and compañeras, communities and peoples of Mexico and the world who are in resistance.

Never again a Mexico without us

Land and Freedom

Zapata Vive!

Hasta la victoria siempre!

Freedom for political prisoners!

Juan Vázquez Guzmán Lives, the Bachajón struggle continues!

Juan Carlos Gómez Silvano Lives, the Bachajón struggle continues!

No dispossession of indigenous territories!

The state police out of our indigenous territory!

Immediate presentation of the disappeared and assassinated compañeros from the Normal School Raúl Isidro Burgos in Ayotzinapa!

Long live the dignified struggle of our Chol compañeros y compañeras from the ejido Tila!

Long live the dignified struggle of our compañeros and compañeras from San Francisco Xochicuautla!

Long live the peoples who struggle for their autonomy and freedom!


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