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January 24, 2016

Ejidatarios of Simojovel demand better medical care and warn of possible “more radical actions”

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Ejidatarios of Simojovel demand better medical care and warn of possible “more radical actions”




Enough of so many lies, deception and mockery from the state and federal government and the institution the IMSS.

Enough now of deaths due to lack of medical care.

Enough now of despotic treatment from the doctors in the hospitals.

Community La Pimienta, Simojovel.

Chiapas, Mexico

January 18, 2016.

To public opinion.

To the free media.

To the local, state, national and international press.

To the defenders of human rights.

To the various religious denominations.

To the different social, state and national organizations.

To the United Nations (UN)

To the World Health Organization (WHO)

To the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR)

To the diocese of San Cristóbal de las Casas.

To the native peoples of Mexico.

To all the men and women of goodwill who have tirelessly defended life.

To the teaching establishment in general.

In the ejido La Pimienta, Simojovel, Chiapas, Mexico, the government continues not to fulfil its commitments.

On 8th May,2015, 31 babies were vaccinated by the IMSS, of whom 2 died and 29 are still suffering the consequences of that negligence by the Mexican state.

Following this negligence, the community of La Pimienta demanded that the federal and state government clarify what happened; the government proposed a dialogue with the community, we agreed, with the desire to find a better alternative form of care. In the early days the government tried to give attention and even offered personal benefits to parents to allay public discontent; We interpret this as the government’s attempt to divide the community. Today we go out to inform the public and to demand the government fulfil what is written in the minutes.
As a continuation of this struggle, on June 5, at a table of dialogue we signed a minute with the following commitments.

  1. Construction of a hospital equipped with trained staff to provide medical care in La Pimienta.
  2.  Completion of the paving of the road from Simojovel to La Pimienta and the construction of 2 road bridges suitable for vehicles.
  3. Construction of classrooms for the primary school “JOSE GOROZTIZA” and the COBACH.
  4. Donation of a new ambulance equipped by the IMSS.
    After the signing of this minute we believed there would be time to wait for the execution of the works, so we were waiting for what was agreed in this first minute.

Again last October 14, we met to raise the situation that prevailed in the face of the agreements signed earlier, so likewise another minute was signed with the following agreements:

  1. Installation of EMSAD in the community.
  2. The health sector and the City Council agreed to give a date for the construction of the clinic and donation of an ambulance to the community.

As the community of La Pimienta gathered together in general assembly we analysed what in reality we see and what is happening in our community and in many other parts of the state. That the minutes signed are only paper commitments because eight months after the two babies died and the 29 who continue to suffer consequences, the government does not intend to fulfil these commitments.

In the meetings we have attended with the government they only sign minutes and execution of the work is minimal which serves to control the community, the evidence is as follows:

1. In the completion of the paving of the road from Simojovel to La Pimienta and the construction of two vehicular bridges, there is no progress, they have only postponed the starting date.

2. as regards health, they have only painted the facade of the clinic; currently it does not have basic medicines and supplies, for healthcare we have to turn to private medical care services in the county seat because the health centre in Simojovel is still in the same conditions [as it was when the babies fell ill.]

The babies affected by the vaccine are now no longer offered the same attention as at the beginning, now they receive poor care and abuse offending our dignity as indigenous today, the costs generated are borne by the parents, when we had raised the topic of “lifelong care for the 29 babies.”

On Friday January 15, 2016, the federal, state, and local government and the authorities of the IMSS made ​​a ceremony of handing over a very out-of-date model of ambulance, the community strongly rejected it for being in a poor condition, and repudiated the bad attitude of the government. When the staff of the IMSS were told that we were demanding a new ambulance, they simply replied that the government has no money. How is it possible for them to say that they have no money when they are buying the world’s most expensive personal aircraft?

Given the above, we reject the television and media images manipulating the social reality in which we live, trespassing, assaulting, threatening and damaging our human dignity.

Therefore, we demand that the government comply with the following:
1. – Completion of the road from Simojovel to La Pimienta
2. – Construction of the 2 road bridges
3. – Construction of a hospital
4. – Provision of a supply of medicines and medical equipment and the delivery of a new ambulance of premier quality
5. – Construction of classrooms for the primary school “JOSE GOROZTIZA”
6. – Lifelong healthcare for the 29 babies
7. – Reparation of damages.
8. – That the government ensure it does not repeat what happened on 8 May 2015.


We warn: if governments continue with their lies and deceptions, we will take more radical actions. And we will hold responsible Peña Nieto, Manuel Velasco and the IMSS institution.


For the dignity of the indigenous peoples

Mexican Peoples wake up now, Mexico is enslaved by so much corruption of the bad governments

Ejido La Pimienta.




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