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April 14, 2016

Statement about the Aggression against the Otomí Community of Xochicuautla

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Statement about the Aggression against the Otomí Community of Xochicuautla




To national and international society

To the independent media

The undersigned organizations and collectives strongly protest about the acts of aggression against the Otomí community of San Francisco Xochicuautla in the State of Mexico, carried out by the narco-state, represented by the Higa consortium.

After ten years of political and legal struggle, the Otomí community achieved the definitive suspension of the construction of the highway Toluca-Naucalpan; this suspension opposed the decree of expropriation arbitrarily imposed by the presidency of Enrique Peña Nieto in 2015, with the intention of expropriating 37 hectares of the community.

The highway project is one of many business affairs that benefit the company in charge of the construction of the road, Autopistas de Vanguardia S.A. de C.V. belonging to the Grupo Higa, linked to the White House (Casa Blanca) of the wife of the current president of the republic.

Despite the resolution that orders the cancellation of the project, today on April 11, 2016 a group of approximately 800 riot police and representatives of the company entered the community, destroying the house of Sr. Armando García Salazar and violently evicting the people who were there. These actions violate the constitutionality of the Mexican State. The state police in the service of Grupo Higa violated the resolution of the court and also violated the rights of the individuals and collectives of the community of San Francisco Xochicuautla.

This is another attempt to plunder the forest of the Otomí community, which not only threatens the rights of the community members, but also threatens the environment and life in general because it is a project of death; this in turn is part of a larger web of megaprojects which benefit capital and the few.

We demand:

An end to the aggressions that the community of San Francisco Xochicuautla is experiencing!

Immediate cancellation of the highway project Toluca-Naucalpan!

That all types of contracts are ended with Grupo Higa, for violating the rights of individuals and communities, as well as their contempt for a court order!

That the state, federal, and municipal authorities comply with the suspension of the project and immediately withdraw from the community!


Seminario Mundos Rurales, Tierra, Territorio y Territorialidades

Circulo de lectura Política Mundos Rurales

Proyecto de Siembra y Círculo de Saberes (UACMilpa)

Grupo Latinoamericano de Estudios, Formación y Acción Feminista (GLEFAS)

Centro de Derechos Humanos Toaltepeyolo A.C. (Orizaba, Veracruz)

XVII generación de la Maestría en Desarrollo Rural (UAM-X)

Tonelhuayotzin Nuestra Raíz A.C.

Proyecto Sierra Santa Marta A.C.

Asociación de Profesionistas Indígenas (API) Chiapas A.C.

Cholula Viva y Digna

Colectivo Campamento Intercultural UACM-América Latina

Colectivo Más de 131

Red de Humedales de la Bahía Adair

Red del Alto Golfo DRC A.C.

Grupo Lobos

Colectivo mujeres Trabajando

Red Manglar México

Asociación Latinoamericana de Medicina Social-México

Centro de Investigación y Capacitación Rural (Cedicar) A.C.

Colectivo Lumantik-  UACM

Centro de Estudios Ecuménicos A.C.

Frente de Pueblos en Defensa de la Tierra-Atenco

Colectivo hormiguero UAM-A

Colectivo Enrique Dussel- UACM

Brigada Humanitaria de Paz Marabunta

Espacio Libre Independiente Marabunta A.C.

Fundación Don Sergio Méndez Arceo

Cooperativa de Café Nakumähetsi (UACM)

Colectivo Radio Zapote


From a translation by Palabras Rebeldes



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