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April 25, 2016

Ejido Tila Chiapas denounces attempt of attack and solidarity with Xochicuautla and Ostula

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Ejido Tila Chiapas denounces attempt of attack and solidarity with Xochicuautla and Ostula


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Public denouncement

Ejido Tila, Chiapas, Mexico 14 April 2016

To the general public,

To national and international adherents of the Sixth,

To the mass media nationally and internationally,

To non-governmental organisations fighting for justice and dignity,

To the Network against Repression and for Solidarity,

To non-governmental human rights defenders,

To the National Indigenous Congress (CNI),

To resistance in Mexico and worldwide,


A cordial greeting to you from the comrades of Ejido Tila, Chiapas, Mexico. We want to tell you we remain as firm as ever in our resistance against the Bad Government’s efforts of dispossession.

We publicly denounce the cowardly and treasonous behaviour committed against our comrades, the Ñatho indigenous community of San Fransisco Xochicuatla, on Monday 11 April 2016. They resist the construction of a motorway between Toluca and Naucalpan and despite the fact they won an injunction against the expropriation of their lands, their peace camp was destroyed and their dignified resistance assaulted. We condemn this aggression against our comrades and now clearly see that the Bad Government’s laws only serve to dispossess and repress people. On 18 February 2016 a protection order, number 1123/2015 and 771/2015, was granted to our indigenous brothers and sisters of the community San Francisco Xochicuautla and most of the authorities notified. The marauding behaviour of the Bad Government and businesses violates this injunction.

We also condemn the 10 April 2016 assault on our comrades in the community of Santa Maria Ostula, in the vicinity of San Juan de Alima, Michoacan. One community member, Francisco Grajeda was murdered and another, Abraham Giron, was injured. This cowardly attack clearly shows that the Mexican Government’s laws only serve the powerful.

We publicly denounce Arturo Sanchez Sanchez, brother of Samuel Sanchez Sanchez, the ‘Paz y Justicia’ paramilitary leader currently incarcerated in Amate Prison. The family is made up of murderers. Arturo Sanchez Sanchez’s son, the teacher Francisco Arturo Sanchez Martinez is another one of these agitators seeking to disrupt the peace of Ejido Tila. The disruptions go back to when the grandparents, from Jolsibaquil, burned Doctora Adelaida Martinez Parcero and Evaristo Gutierrez Martinez goods in 1980 and five orders of apprehension were made, but today remains a community leader. Domingo Gutierrez Ramirez, Mariano Gutierrez Lopez, Dizque Profesor Caralampio Lopez Sanchez, Juan Lopez Lopez, Martin Decelis Guillen, Delmar Avenamar Hernandez Trujillo, brother of ‘Paz y Justicia’ paramilitary member Raymundo HernandezTtrujillo, teacher Jose Ramirez Jimenez,  from  El Limar and the teacher Florentina Jimenez Vazquez, and Mercedes Bonifaz Gutierrez, whose grandparents are from Amatan, Chiapas. All of these people mentioned here are the new paramilitaries who with high caliber weapons blocked access to Ejido Tila, Chiapas during the contentious elections of 19 July 2015, and who up until today disrupt the peace, and want to continue doing so.

We want it known that for the security of the inhabitants of Ejido Tila, and as agreed by the ejido general assembly, two entrances were blocked, and two were left open for access. This was owing to the terrible conditions the local government allowed – a growing number of ‘cantinas’, bars, and shops selling wine and spirits which was leading our young people to drink, join gangs, and become addicted to drugs.  But these agitators are bothered by this same government project and they arrived to unblock access to the ejido. The truck drivers, people with money from Tila and Yajalon, Chiapas came on 13 April 2016, but they have no reason to be here as no one is being bothered. It is the truck drivers as well as these agitators who are disturbing the peace of the ejido, for example shooting high calibre weapons into the air at 17.00 (5 o’clock in the afternoon). They are also the same ones who organised a march on 10 April, all dressed in white and saying we are people of peace but in reality they are the ones destabilising the community. They said 900 people participated in the march, but in reality it was less than 200.

In this atmosphere of anomalies and provocation by these people, we will continue to govern using our traditions and customs and the same community members are witness that no one is bothering these people. In fact it is those provoking us who encourage other community members to join their movement, threatening them otherwise to burn their houses. We also want to unveil the truth to the lies Doctor Adelaida Martinez Parcero is making about us blocking roads and charging tolls for passage. This is totally false, the ejido residents do not do this, but these people use lies even to trick the Supreme Court of the Nation, which is what they are accusing us of now. This indicates these people are prepared only to trample on and exploit our indigenous brothers and sisters.

We are immensely grateful to the townspeople and neighbours who have supported us and our struggle with food and supplies, and who did not join the troublemakers’ march on 10 April. They know that Ejido Tila is acting within it legal framework.

We alert the diverse social and non-governmental organisations who fight for justice and in defense of Mother Earth and land rights that they keep watch on what might happen to Ejido Tila. The situation is very tense. The above mentioned people have hired people with weapons to murder and upset the peace, and we put the responsibility on them about whatever might happen here. We know these people are capable of murder. Further it should be noted that strategy of provocation has been organised by the mayor Edgar Leopoldo Gomez Gutierrez who meets in the party hall ‘Delyben’ with Moises Alberto Cornelio Trujillo, who is the current municipal secretary.


Yours sincerely,

The Representative Body of the Ejido

Never again a Mexico without us




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