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April 16, 2016

Fly-overs and gun shots around recovered land in Chiapas

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Fly-overs and gun shots around recovered land in Chiapas


san isidro


Public Denouncement 

9 April 2016

San Isidro Los Laureles, municipality of Venustiano Carranza, Chiapas. Members of the “Semilla Digna”(*) and the National Indigenous Congress (CNI as known by its acronym in Spanish) and adherents to the EZLN’s Sixth Declaration of the Lancandon Jungle.

We want to publicly denounce that yesterday, the 8th of April 2016, at approximately 12pm, a helicopter flew over the land that we recovered on the 20th of December 2015. For about 10 minutes the helicopter, flying at about 80 metres off the ground, circled over the main house of the hacienda. They took our photographs and videoed us. Later, between 2 and 3pm, a red, double cabin, Chevrolet pick-up truck drove past the recovered land and two guards. Seven 9mm shots were fired towards the trees in order to intimidate.

We ask the public, human rights bodies, the CNI, the alternative media and the Councils of Good Government to stand in solidarity with our just struggle for a place to live and work in order to sustain our families. We will keep you up-dated on this situation and the violation of our rights, because our decision is and will be to resist and defend what legitimately is ours. In advance, we put the responsiblity on the State if anything should happen to us.

Yours sincerely,

San Isidro Los Laureles, municipality of Venustiano Carranza, Chiapas, adherents to the EZLN’s Sixth Declaration of the Lancandon Jungle.


Long live the EZLN!

If a revolutionary does not act with dignity, she/he is not a revolutionary.

(*) The group “Semilla Digna” is made up of communities adherent to the Sixth in Chiapas to defend land and territory.




Translated by the UK Zapatista Translation Service




Launch of National Campaign in Defense of Mother Earth and Territory

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Launch of National Campaign in Defence of Mother Earth and Territory

EarthNational Campaign in Defence of Mother earth and Territory. @defensamadretierra


On April 10, the National Campaign in Defence of Mother Earth and Territory was launched in Mexico City to defend territory and combat the disinformation that exists in the country as regards dispossession. This campaign, made up of 179 organizations, collectives and associations, has three objectives for November 20 of this year: share struggles and stories of defence of Mother Earth to show how it is being destroyed and the importance of defending it; denounce how the destruction “is giving profits to the men of money, Mexican and foreign, and they call this predatory profit development and progress”; and also to make known alternative ways of life and government to show that “another way of life in society respecting Mother earth and our brothers” is possible.

The members of the campaign call on all towns, communities, neighborhoods and suburbs that suffer dispossession, destruction of Mother Earth caused by mining, petrol, and forestry projects, or that make water a merchandise; that struggle against agrochemicals, mono-cultivation, and preserve native seeds; that are being affected by pollution; that struggle against the privatization of beaches, mangrove swamps, lakes, forests and protected natural areas, to carry out actions as part of this campaign.




Dissident Teachers Demonstrate Against Education Reform in 28 states; Confrontations in Chiapas

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 Dissident Teachers Demonstrate Against Education Reform in 28 states; Confrontations in Chiapas


Demonstrators in Chiapas burn car
Photo: Jacob Garcia Cuartoscuro/ via Aristegui Noticias


EDUCA.Oaxaca: On Friday, dissident teachers began a day of demonstrations throughout the country as part of the beginning of a new set of days of struggle against the education reform, in defence of public education and job stability. From the early hours of Friday, they began blocking roads, ports and border crossings. Teachers belonging to Section 22 of the National Coordinating Committee of Education Workers (CNTE), in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, created two roadblocks as part of its action against the education reform, the new education law in Oaxaca and to demand freedom of political prisoners.

In Chiapas, thousands of federal police arrived on Thursday to confront the CNTE movement. Members of the Federal Police clashed on Friday morning with teachers in Tuxtla Gutierrez [state capital] and San Cristobal de Las Casas, where several teachers were detained or arrested.





April 15, 2016

Army Invades the Ejidal Lands of San Salvador Atenco

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Army Invades the Ejidal Lands of San Salvador Atenco


atenco invade


In the morning of April 12, while the police forces of the State of Mexico continued advancing at the other end of the state, in San Francisco Xochicuautla, a convoy of military entered the ejidal lands of the community of San Salvador Atenco to escort a gang of workers from one of the private companies in charge of the construction of the new airport in Mexico City.

Community members who have resisted the expropriation of their lands for more than ten years told Desinformémonos that the day before, April 11, an official of the company had already arrived in the communal lands, at the base of Cerro Huatepec, with the intention to “carry our measurements.” Facing the intrusion, villagers moved in and responded.

“The compañerxs told them that they could not be on communal lands because we are in litigation, which does not allow them to enter the land. They said that we must understand that they are workers and have nothing to do with the conflict, but I order to stay out of the conflict, we asked them to leave, and they did.”

When they returned at noon on Tuesday, April 12, army personnel escorted them.

Does this intrusion have anything to do with the advance of the resistance in Xochicuautla?

“Yes, that is how we understand it. The highway project is part of the communication link that they expect will lead to the airport that they want to build here. They know that in Atenco we will always give a response, to this intrusion like we did to the attack in Xochicuautla. The reaction of the people here was that they were troubled by the imposition of one of the most unpopular projects of Enrique Peña Nieto. We do not want them here.”

Like the Otomí community, the Peoples Front in Defence of the Earth (FPDT) that Atenco gave birth to at the beginning of the struggle, are participating in the Campaign in Defence of Mother Earth that was launched last Sunday and are a key part of the group Fire of Dignified Resistance (Fuego de la Digna Resistencia) which coordinates the struggles in the state of Mexico that are resisting the recently approved “Eruviel Law” that “regulates” the use of lethal force in public demonstrations. It furthermore allows other elements that until now were prohibited (such as appliances to give an electric shock) whose use will depend solely on the police hierarchies carrying out the operation, leaving political power in the shadows, which always has a to pay cost when ordering repression against a public demonstration.

In the case of Atenco, they have also won an injunction (amparo) that stops the construction on the disputed lands. But neither are they ignoring what is happening at the moment in Xochicuautla: the Otomí community has spent two days resisting the police attack, led by the department of highway systems of the State of Mexico and members of the business HIGA, that entered into the communal lands, violating the judgment of protection (amparo) filed by the indigenous community against the presidential decree of July 2015. The judgment won in March of this year ordered the retraction of the expropriation of the lands to construct part of the route of the highway between Toluca and Naucalpan, “until the underlying conflict is solved” between the community and the government.

With that violation in mind, the community of Atenco this afternoon began daily patrols, to prevent further intrusions into the ejido lands. “We call for solidarity organizations to join the actions like this and others that we will communicate later.”

The Centre of Human Rights Zeferino Ladrillero is already present in both towns, where they are analysing the situations, “it is no coincidence that these events occurred on successive days. The military presence in Atenco demonstrates that the federal government is also participating in the coordination of the repression. This is an attempt to legitimize by means of force, the imposition of the Eruviel Law in the State of Mexico.”

The Mexican Commission for the Promotion and Defence of Human Rights brought the “incident” that took place in Xochicuautla before a judge who ruled a suspension of the project in order to seek resolution of the matter.

Meanwhile, the Zeferino Ladrillero sent an urgent communication to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights asking them to issue precautionary measures in favour of the indigenous population of San Francisco Xochicuautla and also sent them a reminder note that this had already been requested for San Salvador Atenco.

“From Zeferino Ladrillero we estimate that these attacks are a shift in the strategy of the government of the state of Mexico to bring about the imposition of the “Eruviel Law”, within the 90 days they have a legal deadline to do so. What they are looking for is a physical confrontation between the people and the organizations of the state in order to gain favourable arguments for the need for a law like this that violates human rights, that allows an attack with live ammunition on an unarmed civil population. We warn that, just like Xochicuautla and Atenco they will target the communities of Tecámex, Coyotepec and San Francisco Magú. We remain alert.”



 Photos: FPDT

From a translation by Palabras Rebeldes



Disturbances in Indigenous Territories over the Implementation of Megaprojects: San Francisco Xochicuautla and Atenco

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Disturbances in Indigenous Territories over the Implementation of Megaprojects: San Francisco Xochicuautla and Atenco


Unrest.pngDemolition of one of the homes in Xochicuautla protected by the riot police. Photo: @FJXochicuautla.


In recent days there have been at least two major disturbances in indigenous territories to allow the entrance of megaprojects.

In one case, some 700 members of the police forced entrance into the Otomi-Ñatho community of San Francisco Xochicuautla, in the municipality of Lerma, Mexico State, to permit the entrance of bulldozers of a construction company. This community has been resisting the construction of the Toluca-Naucalpan highway and through popular mobilization and the granting of two legal decisions won the definitive suspension of a presidential decree to expropriate almost 38 hectares of their lands. Despite this, the police force entered the community offering protection to the company, which demolished the Peace and Dignified Resistance Camp and a number of houses which were on the planned highway route. According to statements from the spokesperson of the community, Jose Luis Fernandez, 25 people were evicted and beaten, among them a woman who is almost 80 years old.

As Proceso pointed out, the work “is carried out by Autovan-Teya, a subsidiary of Grupo Higa, which belongs to Juan Armando Hinojosa Cantu, one of the main contractors of the Federal Government and whose financial dealings in tax havens were uncovered through the investigation of the Panama Papers.” Furthermore, the corporate group has been identified by various media sources as the main contractor of Mexico State since it was governed by the current President of the Republic, Enrique Peña Nieto, and as the “supplier of the luxury residences of the leader’s wife and of Luis Videgaray Caso, Minister of Finance and Public Credit”, according to La Jornada.

In another case, the Peoples’ Front in Defence of the Land (Frente de Pueblos en Defensa de la Tierra – FPDT) reported the forced entrance of an army tank into the communally owned lands of Atenco, Mexico State, escorting a group of workers “from a private company that carried out studies for the construction of the new airport. This was all done illegally and intimidating the inhabitants who had met on becoming aware of the incursion. Nevertheless, we managed to expel them pacifically.”

Due to this, Jose Antonio Lara Duque, general director of Zeferino Ladrillero Centre for Human Rights (Centro de Derechos Humanos Zeferino Ladrillero – CDHZL) stated: “We believe that, given the facts, the local government is trying to justify the Eruviel Law. That is to say, provoke the peoples who have been defending their land, territory and natural resources. If anybody falls into [the trap of] provocation, it would legitimize the use of lethal force to control the people who are defending themselves.” It should be remembered that the struggle of the people of Atenco against the construction of an airport on their lands was violently repressed. In the protests, two youths lost their lives, more than 200 were arrested, and at least 26 women were sexually tortured by the police.



April 14, 2016

Statement about the Aggression against the Otomí Community of Xochicuautla

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Statement about the Aggression against the Otomí Community of Xochicuautla




To national and international society

To the independent media

The undersigned organizations and collectives strongly protest about the acts of aggression against the Otomí community of San Francisco Xochicuautla in the State of Mexico, carried out by the narco-state, represented by the Higa consortium.

After ten years of political and legal struggle, the Otomí community achieved the definitive suspension of the construction of the highway Toluca-Naucalpan; this suspension opposed the decree of expropriation arbitrarily imposed by the presidency of Enrique Peña Nieto in 2015, with the intention of expropriating 37 hectares of the community.

The highway project is one of many business affairs that benefit the company in charge of the construction of the road, Autopistas de Vanguardia S.A. de C.V. belonging to the Grupo Higa, linked to the White House (Casa Blanca) of the wife of the current president of the republic.

Despite the resolution that orders the cancellation of the project, today on April 11, 2016 a group of approximately 800 riot police and representatives of the company entered the community, destroying the house of Sr. Armando García Salazar and violently evicting the people who were there. These actions violate the constitutionality of the Mexican State. The state police in the service of Grupo Higa violated the resolution of the court and also violated the rights of the individuals and collectives of the community of San Francisco Xochicuautla.

This is another attempt to plunder the forest of the Otomí community, which not only threatens the rights of the community members, but also threatens the environment and life in general because it is a project of death; this in turn is part of a larger web of megaprojects which benefit capital and the few.

We demand:

An end to the aggressions that the community of San Francisco Xochicuautla is experiencing!

Immediate cancellation of the highway project Toluca-Naucalpan!

That all types of contracts are ended with Grupo Higa, for violating the rights of individuals and communities, as well as their contempt for a court order!

That the state, federal, and municipal authorities comply with the suspension of the project and immediately withdraw from the community!


Seminario Mundos Rurales, Tierra, Territorio y Territorialidades

Circulo de lectura Política Mundos Rurales

Proyecto de Siembra y Círculo de Saberes (UACMilpa)

Grupo Latinoamericano de Estudios, Formación y Acción Feminista (GLEFAS)

Centro de Derechos Humanos Toaltepeyolo A.C. (Orizaba, Veracruz)

XVII generación de la Maestría en Desarrollo Rural (UAM-X)

Tonelhuayotzin Nuestra Raíz A.C.

Proyecto Sierra Santa Marta A.C.

Asociación de Profesionistas Indígenas (API) Chiapas A.C.

Cholula Viva y Digna

Colectivo Campamento Intercultural UACM-América Latina

Colectivo Más de 131

Red de Humedales de la Bahía Adair

Red del Alto Golfo DRC A.C.

Grupo Lobos

Colectivo mujeres Trabajando

Red Manglar México

Asociación Latinoamericana de Medicina Social-México

Centro de Investigación y Capacitación Rural (Cedicar) A.C.

Colectivo Lumantik-  UACM

Centro de Estudios Ecuménicos A.C.

Frente de Pueblos en Defensa de la Tierra-Atenco

Colectivo hormiguero UAM-A

Colectivo Enrique Dussel- UACM

Brigada Humanitaria de Paz Marabunta

Espacio Libre Independiente Marabunta A.C.

Fundación Don Sergio Méndez Arceo

Cooperativa de Café Nakumähetsi (UACM)

Colectivo Radio Zapote


From a translation by Palabras Rebeldes



Rule of Law and Indigenous Rights: In Xochicuautla, State of Mexico, an Affront to Legality

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 Rule of Law and Indigenous Rights: In Xochicuautla, State of Mexico, an Affront to Legality

 San Francisco Xochicuautla

San Francisco Xochicuautla (red marker)
State of Mexico, west of Mexico City

La Jornada: Editorial

13th April, 2016

On Monday, the Autovan company, which is building the Toluca-Naucalpan expressway, demolished several houses in San Francisco Xochicuautla in the municipality of Lerma [in the State of Mexico, just west of Mexico City], with the support of hundreds of members of the State of Mexico police. These demolitions were carried out even though the Otomí are protected by two provisional injunctions issued by district judges. Moreover, the demolition was executed in the presence of members of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, which monitors compliance of such injunctions, and in spite of the precautionary measures issued by the National Human Rights Commission on behalf of the locals. The contractor continued the work yesterday using heavy machinery.

The conflict dates back to 2013 when the community received news of plans for an expressway project affecting their land. In July of last year, a presidential decree [by Peña Nieto, former governor of the State of Mexico] ordered the expropriation of almost 38 hectares [94 acres] for the purpose of building the expressway. Since then, federal and state authorities have launched a campaign against the community, which involves the criminalization of its leaders as well as the demolition of several homes.

However, given said judicial injunctions, prior to a definitive injunction, Autovan’s most recent actions, which should have been stopped immediately by the authorities, constitute a clear violation of the legal system. These authorities however, became complicit in the violation by providing police protection for the demolition work carried out by the company.

Beyond the strictly legal aspect, the context in which the attack on San Francisco Xochicuautla occurred must not be forgotten: it is pertinent to recall that Autovan is a subsidiary of The Higa Group, owned by Juan Armando Hinojosa, who faces various accusations as main contractor of the State of Mexico since being governed by the current president, Enrique Peña Nieto. The group also faces accusations as provider of the luxury residences of the president’s wife and Luis Videgaray Caso, head of the Secretariat of the Treasury.

In addition, the businessman’s name was included in the documents of Panama-based firm, Mossack Fonseca, among those who have moved money offshore through shell companies. According to the revelations, which have come to light recently, Hinojosa Cantú moved more than 100 million dollars into opaque institutions in the Caribbean and New Zealand at the precise moments when his real estate transactions were being reviewed by the Secretariat of Public Administration.

Against such a background, the official protection of the atrocities committed by a company which belongs to the contractor is particularly inadmissible. The suspicions amongst society as well as the breakdown of credibility suffered by the federal and State of Mexico institutions, already acute, are reinforced.

The destruction of homes and other properties in San Francisco Xochicuautla must cease immediately and it is important to demand that those who violated the provisional injunctions in support of the members of the indigenous community be investigated and punished, as well as the officials who covered up such an affront, not only to the villagers but also to the national legal system.



Translated by Angela Quick




April 13, 2016

179 peoples, communities, barrios and organizations say: ¡State police out of Xochicuautla! ¡Stop the destruction of forest and homes!





Published on April 12, 2016 in State of Mexico 


179 peoples, communities, barrios and organizations say: ¡State police out of Xochicuautla! ¡Stop the destruction of forest and homes!



On Monday, April 11, 2016, around 800 State of Mexico riot police at the service of Grupo Higa laid siege to the Otomí community of San Francisco Xochicuautla, destroyed the camp set up in defence of the forest, used heavy machinery to illegally tear down the house of Dr. Armando García Salazar, and violently dragged out at least 25 men, women and children who were inside the house, including 64-year-old Isabel Hernández, a member of the Supreme Indigenous Council of Xochicuautla.

During the past decade, the Xochicuautla community has struggled against the destruction of this forest–– one of the country’s most important lungs –– a forest threatened by the construction of the Toluca-Naucalpan Toll Highway by the Autovan company, affiliated with shady businessman Juan Armando Hinojosa.

Community people finally achieved the suspension of the highway construction and were granted a writ by a federal judge that protected them against an expropriation decree for 37 hectares issued in 2015 by Hinojosa’s intimate friend Enrique Peña Nieto.

The violent eviction took place just after the approval of state legislation dubbed “The Atenco Law,” promoted by Governor Eruviel Ávila, which gives the police almost unlimited powers to trample on human rights in their drive to eliminate resistance movements. It’s not surprising, therefore, that the federal protection granted to the Xochicuautla community has been scorned by Grupo Higa and its shock troops, which have indicated that they will be committing even more atrocities in the days to come.

Nevertheless, this new attack against the Otomí community and its forest has already aroused widespread repudiation. It comes only two days after the founding of the National Campaign in Defence of Mother Earth and the Territory, made up of 179 peoples, communities, barrios and organizations in an effort to confront the massive plunder of their territories and the destruction of land, water, air and life itself. In the following statement, the Campaign responds to this new offensive against the Xochicuautla community.

Statement on San Francisco Xochicuautla

April 11, 2016, Editorial Committee

To the federal government of Enrique Peña Nieto,
To the state government of Eruviel Ávila Villegas,
To all peoples, barrios and communities,
To the organized and non-organized civil society,
To the news media,
To all who defend life and struggle against injustice:

The 179 peoples, communities, barrios and organizations that make up the National Campaign in Defense of Mother Earth and the Territory, raise our voices against the actions taken today in the San Francisco Xochicuautla community.

At around 10 o’clock in the morning, April 11, more than 800 state police forces laid siege to the community, blocking the entrance or exit of any person whatsoever. They then began to attack the community members by tearing down the encampment set up in 2015 to protect and defend the forest. Once the camp was dismantled, the police went for the houses located within Grupo Higa’s Toluca– Naucalpan highway project area.

Without presenting valid documentation, Luis Enrique García, head of the State of Mexico highway system, informed Dr. Armando García and his family that a valuation of their home would be conducted. Dr. García cited the existence of a protective writ that grants the provisional suspension of the project and invalidates the eviction of his family and the destruction of his home.

Comrades who were inside the house to prevent its destruction were beaten and dragged out. Among them was 64-year-old Isabel Hernández, who was knocked down along with her baby granddaughter, only to be kicked and beaten by the police. It’s important to note that Isabel is a member of the Supreme Indigenous Council of Xochicuautla. All of the family’s belongings were taken away by state agents, and a bulldozer began to destroy the house.

These actions taken by the government of the State of Mexico are an example of the politics of plunder being carried out nationally against peoples, communities and barrios in order to implement any number of megaprojects without consulting the people who live in the coveted territories. Such projects systematically violate the rights of indigenous peoples to self-determination and are clearly projects of destruction and ecocide.

This morning’s actions of the government of the State of Mexico are not only an attack on the will of the people of San Francisco Xochicuautla, but also violate the state’s own laws. They fail to respect protective order #1123/2015- V issued by the Second District Judge and Federal Courts in the State of Mexico, which grants the provisional suspension of the highway project. These actions also reveal the absence of access to justice and the politics of terror and criminalization against indigenous peoples in the State of Mexico.

Despite the fact that the community has been granted legal measures to stop further construction of the highway, and precautionary measures by the National Human Rights Commission to protect the population, the government of the State of Mexico is using the state police to impose the highway project, destroy homes and provoke the imminent devastation of the ancestral forest.

The peoples, communities, barrios and organizations that make up the National Campaign in Defence of Mother Earth and the Territory emphatically reject the abuses and acts of violence employed against San Francisco Xochicuautla, which violate their collective rights as an indigenous Otomí people and the individual guarantees of women and men, through the plunder of their forest and their homes.

We hold the federal government of Enrique Peña Nieto and the state government of Eruviel Ávila Villegas responsible for any and all damages to the physical and psychological integrity of the comrades in the community of San Francisco Xochicuautla. We condemn the criminalization and repression of the legitimate defence of the forest of San Francisco Xochicuautla.

¡We demand that they respect their own laws and the protective orders issued in favour of the people of Xochicuautla and that they suspend the highway project!
¡We demand an end to repression and the immediate exit of the armed forces of the State!
¡We demand reparations for the damages suffered by the affected families!
¡We demand respect for the self-determination of the people of San Francisco Xochicuautla!

WE are the ones who live on these lands, waters, mountains and hills. We are the guardians of our Mother Earth, and we will not permit her destruction.


National Campaign in Defence of Mother Earth and the Territory
Centre [Estado de México, Hidalgo, Morelos, Puebla, Tlaxcala]: Asamblea Permanente de los Pueblos de Morelos (Defensa del río Cuautla), Asamblea Permanente en Defensa de los Pueblos Unidos de Morelos, Comité Ciudadano Xinantécatl, Comunidad Agraria Indígena Tezontepec, Comunicadores Populares e Indígenas, Consejo de Defensa del Territorio Tiyat Tlalli, Cholula Viva y Digna, Defensa del Patrimonio de San Andrés Cholula; Fuego de la Digna Resistencia: (Administración Autónoma de Agua Potable de Coyotepec, Alianza Única del Valle, Apaxco Comunidades por la Vida, Centro de Derechos Humanos Zeferino Ladrillero, Coordinación de Pueblos Unidos en Defensa de la Energía Eléctrica, Comités de Usuarios de Energía Eléctrica En Resistencia Civil de Nezahualcóyotl, Delegación Indígena Otomí San Francisco Magú, Frente Popular 9 de Junio en Defensa de los Recursos Naturales, Frente de Pueblos en Defensa de la Tierra, (San Salvador Atenco), Frente de los Pueblos en Defensa de la Madre Tierra. [San Lorenzo Huitzizilapan, Santa Cruz Ayotuxco, San Francisco Xochicuautla-Frente de Pueblos Indígenas en Defensa de la Madre Tierra. Lucha contra la construcción de la Autopista Toluca-Naucalpan.] Magisterio Mexiquense Contra la Reforma Educativa, Sistema de Agua Potable de Tecámac, Temascalapa,Vecinos Unidos del Poniente). Frente de Pueblos en Defensa de la Tierra y el Agua. Puebla, Morelos y Tlaxcala, Frentes Unidos en Defensa de Tepoztlán, Lucha por la recategorización del Xinantécatl,Makxtum Kalaw Chuchutsipi-Organización de los Pueblos Totonacos para la Defensa del Territorio, Movimiento Juvenil Huitzizilapan; Mexico City: Centro Cultural La Calaca, Centro de Estudios Ecuménicos,Colectivos Ajusco Medio (Tlalpan, Magdalena Contreras), Comité Estudiantil Metropolitano, Comunidad Pedregales por Ayotzinapa, Habitat International Coalition América Latina (HIC AL), Frente de Pueblos del Anáhuac (Tláhuac), GeoComunes,jóvenes en resistencia alternativa-comunidad, autonomía y libertad (COMUNAL), Laboratorio Multimedia para la Investigación UNAM, Lucha por el hábitat y la cultura (Álvaro Obregón), Movimiento de Aspirantes Excluidos de la Educación Superior (MAES),Movimiento Popular de Pueblos y Colonias del Sur,Observatorio Latinoamericano de Geopolítica (OLAG),Organización Popular Francisco Villa de la Izquierda Independiente, Perspectivas Críticas, Tejiendo Organización Revolucionaria (TOR), Unión Popular José María Morelos y Pavón (Edo.mex.), Vecinos y Vecinas de las Colonias Carrasco (Isidro Favela, Cantera Puente de Piedra y Pueblo Quieto y Periódico Cacomixtle (Tlalpan), Tonelhuayotzin Nuestra Raíz A.C., Red Nacional de Organismos Civiles de Derechos Humanos Todos los Derechos para Todas y todos, Servicios y Asesoría para la Paz, Telar de Raíces; Chiapas: Asociación Rural de Interés Colectivo A.C ARIC, Asociación Rural de Interés Colectivo de la Coalición de Organizaciones Autónomas de Ocosingo, Asociación Rural de Interés Colectivo Histórica, Barrios y sectores de los Altos de San Cristóbal, Bienes Comunales de la Zona Lacandona (Palestina Frontera corozal Mayas), Casa dela Mujer Ixim, Centro de Derechos Humanos Digna Ochoa, Comités Eclesiales de Base, Centro de Derechos de la Mujer de Chiapas. Cedemech, Centro de Derechos Humanos Fray Bartolomé de las Casas, Colectivo de Educación para la Paz y los Derechos Humanos (CEPAZDH), Comité Ciudadano para Defensa Popular (Cocidep), Comité de derechos Humanos “Fray Pedro Lorenzo de la Nada” AC, Comunidad 20 de junio, Comunidad Banavil, Comunidad Barrio Agua Azul, Comunidad Barrio Guadalupe, Comunidad Barrio San Jacinto, Comunidad Candelaria, Comunidad Carranza, Comunidad Colonia Virginia, Comunidad Chicosen, Comunidad Ejido Naranjo 2, Comunidad Jerusalén, Comunidad Poblado Victoria, Comunidad Quiniches, Comunidad San Rafael, Comunidad Sibacá, Consejo Autónomo Regional de la Zona Costa de Chiapas, Coordinación Diocesana de Mujeres Codimuj AC, Defensores de los Humedales de los Altos, Desarrollo Económico Social de los Mexicanos Indígenas, A.C. (Desmi), Ejido patiwits, Enlace Comunicación y Capacitación AC, Frente Campesino y Popular 10 de Abril (FCP-10Abril), Frente Cívico Ejido Nicolás Popular y las anexo Emiliano Zapata, Tonalteco y Ciudadanos de Tonalá, Juventudes indígenas de Jitotol, Tenejapa, Margaritas, Coco Sur, La Voz del Pueblo, Movimiento de la Vida Tierra y Territorio, Movite., Movimiento en Defensa de la Vida y del Territorio, Otra campaña de Ocosingo, Pastoral de la Tierra, Pastoral JRFP Tuxtla Gtz. 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Photo: Frente Juvenil Xochicuautla




Mexico: Indigenous Land Defenders Attacked by State Police in San Francisco Xochicuautla

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Mexico: Indigenous Land Defenders Attacked by State Police in San Francisco Xochicuautla






Today Mexican state police forcefully entered the village of San Francisco Xochicuatla, attacked indigenous land defenders and destroyed their encampment in order to allow construction of a highway project by Grupo Higa. The owner of Grupo Higa, Juan Armando Hinojosa Cantú, is implicated in the panama papers scandal. The project will cut down much of the Otomí forest which belongs to the indigenous people of the area.

Conflict in the community of San Francisco Xochicuatla began in 2007 when, together with the Huitzizilapan and Ayotuxco communities, members of the Indigenous Peoples’ Front in Defence of Mother Earth opposed the construction of the Naucalpan-Toluca highway, which would affect 138 hectares of the forest that belongs to the three communities.

In 2013 an assembly of commoners illegally approved a change in land use of the Xochicuautla lands. It was revoked by an injunction in 2014. Despite this, construction work continued, which has led to various clashes in the community, the arrest of 11 people in 2013 and 8 people in 2014.

On July 9, 2015, President Peña Nieto published a decree expropriating several hectares which belong to San Francisco Xochicuautla for the construction of the Toluca-Naucalpan highway.

The residents obtained a suspension (file #771/2015) ordering the construction stopped and forcing the authorities to respect the lands. The Indigenous Peoples’ Front in Defence of Mother Earth and the community of San Francisco Xochicuautla have maintained an encampment since July 2015 to defend the Otomí forest.

Today the police burst into the village, destroyed the camp and several homes, assaulted indigenous people and permitted workers to continue with the highway project.


Photo: @droncita


At 10am today, April 11, 2016, around 600 state police officers in 2 vans and 6 pickup trucks entered the community of San Francisco Xochicuautla in Mexico state. They surrounded the encampment that the community has maintained since July 2015 to defend the forest. At 11:30 am, they closed in on the camp. Land defenders, Antonio Reyes, Mauricio Reyes, Lucas Hernández and Andrés Hernández, members of Consejo Supremo Indígena Otomí, resisted the police advances. Antonio Reyes and Lucas Hernández are indigenous peoples, belonging to the Mecanismo Federal de Protección a Personas Defensoras (Federal Protection Mechanism of Defenders.) Lucas Hernández was verbally attacked and threatened with death by an unidentified member of the State Security Forces.


At 13:00 the police entered the area known as El Castillo, owned by Armando García Salazar and beat 64 year old land defender, Isabel Fernández García. Both of them are also members of the Mecanismo Federal de Protección a Personas Defensoras.

Activists were able to deploy a drone to record the police entering San Francisco Xochicuautla and the destruction afterwards.

4 observers from the National Commission on Human Rights arrived after the police attack began and documented the attacks and destruction.

Unfortunately construction equipment was able to pass regardless.

The indigenous communities of San Francisco Xochicuautla will continue to resist. The Human Rights Centre of Zeferino Ladrillero is calling on government officials to respect Articles 1, 2, 6, 7 and 8 of the Mexican Constitution, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Convention 160 of the International Labour Organization, the American Convention on Human Rights and the Law for Protection of Defenders and Journalists and provide the highest protections for life and territory of the Otomí indigenous people of San Francisco Xochicuautla.

Somos El Medio
La Droncita
El Universal



Chiapas meeting vows to stop 5 dam projects

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Chiapas meeting vows to stop 5 dam projects

Megaprojects seen as offering few benefits to indigenous communities



Dam protesters hold a ritual to safeguard the river.


Mexico News Daily | Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The indigenous people of Chiapas continue to speak out against the construction of hydroelectric power generation plants on the Usumacinta River.

A Mexico-Guatemala bilateral project, the Boca del Cerro dam is the first of five that the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) plans to build on the river in the next four years.

The dam at Boca del Cerro will raise water levels by 55.5 meters and create a reservoir that extends over a 1,799-hectare area in the municipalities of Tenosique and Palenque on the Mexican side.

Social advocacy and indigenous groups met in San Cristóbal de las Casas on the weekend to form a common front against the project and denouncing what they claim are abuses by government authorities.

Citizens fear that the Tenosique town of San Carlos Boca del Cerro will “immediately disappear” after it is taken over by the offices and camp of the company in charge of building the dam.

In addition to concerns over ecological damage residents are worried that “the government won’t compensate [for the loss of] our lands, the cost of living will increase and the Chole and Tzetzal people will disappear from the region.”

In a communiqué issued after the meeting, the organizations stated that the Boca del Cerro dam was being imposed by the federal government “in clear violation of the second article of the constitution,” which grants indigenous people autonomy and the right to be consulted before any major public works project takes places on their lands.

The more than 300 people at the meeting concluded that they will stop, by all available means, the construction of all five dams because of their effect on the customs and traditions of residents and the area’s geography.

“The [existing] dams at Chicoasén, La Angostura, Malpaso and Peñitas have brought development and well-being, but not locally. In all of those cases, broad arable lands, dwellings, and even complete villages were sacrificed, sunk, all to guarantee the country’s power supply . . . why should we believe it will be different this time?”

The imposition of dams and other large projects is seen as a reality throughout the country, according to the social organization Serapaz, or Services and Consultancy for Peace.

“Each year,” said Serapaz executive director Alberto Solís Castro, “we advise about 25 cases on average, all about indigenous people defending their territory from megaprojects, be it natural gas pipelines, thermoelectric power plants, dams, highways or mines.”

“[The promoters of these developments] act much like organized crime. They impose themselves in the villages, buying off local authorities, particularly those in charge of the land . . . a dynamic of harassment and pressure then begins, forcing the communities to yield and accept the project.”

“Once these projects get the go-ahead, indigenous communities are displaced and their lands subjected to pressures that inevitably have negative consequences for the environment and strategic natural resources, like water,” said Claudia Campero of the Mexican Alliance Against Fracking.

Serapaz and indigenous groups in Sonora have halted the first of six planned mining projects in the northern state.

“Energy reform makes these impositions easier for projects that involve power generation or extraction of hydrocarbons; they’re trying to overhaul the legal system to favor these kinds of projects,” said Campero.

Source: La Jornada (sp),  El Sie7e (sp), Reforma (sp)




April 12, 2016

Maximum Alert: Indigenous Community of San Francisco Xochicuautla

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Maximum Alert: Indigenous Community of San Francisco Xochicuautla

Grupo Higa and Eruviel Ávila besiege and violate the people and community of  Xochicuautla in the State of Mexico




To the media

To the Indigenous National Congress

To national and international civil society

To Centres of Human Rights

To students and academics

To the National Commission of Human Rights

and to Amnesty International Mexico


13010799_601633180000915_2430123146005846135_nWe hereby inform you that Grupo Higa, staff of Governor Eruviel and his corrupt ally, Angel Valdez Ramírez (representative of the communal property of the indigenous community of San Francisco Xochicuautla), have illegally entered with machinery of Grupo Higa, and are now besieging our community with riot police which they have placed on the main ways of access to the community.

The machines are beginning to work ILLEGALLY in the two main ends of the Otomí Forest, for which a protection order (amparo) was recently won.
We hold Ángel Valdez Ramírez and Eruviel responsible for any act of repression that is carried out, and also for the harassment they are committing against our indigenous community.

We beg you to remain alert as they seek to continue with the dispossession of the lands for the construction of the private highway from Toluca to Naucalpan. We will keep you informed through this media.






April 11, 2016

More than 60 Mexican and Guatemalan communities reject hydroelectric project

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More than 60 Mexican and Guatemalan communities reject hydroelectric project



dams usumacinta


Almost 300 people from 60 communities in Chiapas and from the Peten Front Against Dams of Guatemala rejected the construction of a hydroelectric dam on the Usumacinta River, which would represent an invasion and therefore an eviction from their lands.

During the Forum of resistances and alternatives of the peoples of the north of Chiapas, attendees reported that work on the binational hydroelectric dam Boca del Cerro has already started with the construction of embankments on both sides of the river.

Boca del Cerro is one of five planned dams in the watershed that divides Mexico from Guatemala. The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) said that the works are planned to last for four years and will have a limit of 55.5 metres maximum height.

Of the 1,799 hectares which will make up the total area of ​​the reservoir, 707 belong to the municipality of Tenosique, Tabasco, and 1,092 to Palenque.

The work will lead to “the disappearance of the community of San Carlos Boca del Cerro, Tenosique, which will become the offices and camp of the company building the dam,” said the representatives.

They are also sure that “the government will not compensate us for our lands, the cost of living will increase and we, the Chol and Tzeltal indigenous peoples of the region, will disappear.”

The representatives of the communities know that the imposition of the dam by the government violates Article 2 of the Constitution and Convention 169 of the International Labour Organization (ILO), which deals with the autonomy of indigenous peoples and their right to consultation.

Given this, they pledged to implement a work plan to stop the construction of the hydroelectric project which will pollute their land and river, besides the effect of the weight, and expressed their solidarity “with the actions of sister organizations struggling to stop mining projects, highways, hydroelectric schemes and to expel from our lands the large companies who want to deprive us of our lands “.

Finally, they demanded justice for the murder of the coordinator of the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH), Berta Caceres, “and respect for the human rights and the lives of those who fight against megaprojects and against dams in Mexico, Central America and other parts of the world.”

With information from La Jornada


Translated by the UK Zapatista Translation Service





Pilgrimage in defence of Mother Earth denounces dispossession in Chiapas

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 Pilgrimage in defence of Mother Earth denounces dispossession in Chiapas



The pilgrimage in defence of Mother Earth and in Memory of the Massacre at Viejo Velasco, arrived on 5th April at Pamalhá, Chiapas, as part of its aim to denounce the territorial dispossession suffered by communities and indigenous peoples.

During the pilgrimage they witnessed deforestation “caused by the ambition of the chiefs and the government” which destroys the hills, for the past three years they have been dedicated to selling off all the natural resources in the region.

One of the objectives of the pilgrimage is to set a precedent for the defence of and struggle for our Mother Earth, which is constantly being threatened by already-planned megaprojects which will affect the peoples of the area, as in the case of the 30 communities around the Usumacinta river, who have not been consulted about the construction of the Boca del Cerro hydroelectric dam.

Neverthless, the pilgrimage is moved forward with solidarity, joy and motivation, looking to win the struggle in favour of all forms of life in this country.




Dam Threatens to Displace 60 Communities in Mexico and Guatemala

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Dam Threatens to Displace 60 Communities in Mexico and Guatemala


chiapas.jpg_1718483346The Boca del Cerro dam threatens communities in Mexico and Guatemala. | Photo: EFE


Communities from both sides of the Mexico-Guatemala border are saying “No” to the mega-project that violates their Indigenous land rights.

More than 60 communities spanning across the southern Mexican state of Chiapas and Guatemala have voiced outrage over a hydroelectric project that threatens to displace them, the Mexican daily La Jornada reported Saturday.

The Boca del Cerro dam is one of five hydroelectric projects planned for the waterway that straddles the border between Mexico and Guatemala. Leaders from community organizations, including groups in Chiapas aligned with the Zapatista army, have spoken out against the dam that is already under construction on the Usumacinta River.

At a forum for resistance and community alternatives in Chiapas on Saturday, community leaders warned that the dam threatens to “immediately disappear the community of San Carlos Boca del Cerro,” La Jornada reported.

“The government will not compensate us for our land, it will increase the cost of living, and it will disappear us as Chol and Tzeltal Indigenous people of the region,” movement representatives added in a statement about their concerns over the impending but unwanted development.

Without the approval of local affected communities, the Boca del Cerro project violates the International Convention on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples, known as ILO 169, which enshrined the right of Indigenous peoples to free prior and informed consent for all development on their traditional territories.

Representatives said that their communities will fight to stop the construction of the dam, to halt a possible eviction from their land and to protect their right to self-determination against the whims of corporate interests.

The groups gathered also expressed solidarity with Honduran movements in mourning over the assassination of environmental activist Berta Caceres, renowned for her resistance against unwanted hydroelectric projects on Indigenous land, and reiterated demands for her murderers to be brought to justice.

According to researchers, some 200,000 people have been displaced by the construction of dams across Mexico, while advocacy groups warn that the country’s new water law will only continue to make the situation worse. Many of Mexico’s 4,462 dams registered in official records are in Indigenous and campesino communities.

Resistance against dam projects also takes a heavy toll. Since 2005, over 40 activists fighting to defend rivers have been killed in Mexico, Central America and Colombia, according to GeoComunes.

Among those killed in connection with dam projects in the past decade, at least eight were killed in Mexico and 13 in Guatemala.






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