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May 12, 2016

Ejido Guadalupe Victoria Denounces Threats from Members of CIOAC

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Ejido Guadalupe Victoria Denounces Threats from Members of CIOAC




Ejido Guadalupe Victoria, Municipality of Altamirano, Chiapas

May 9, 2016

To the council of good government Whirlwind of our [Words] Caracol IV Morelia

To the Indigenous people

To the pueblo creyente

To the independent social organizations

To the independent civil society

To the independent centres of human rights

To the independent media

Brothers and Sisters,

We are indigenous Tojolabales, campesinos and campesinas who work the land, ejiditarios, men, women, and children of the ejido Guadalupe Victoria municipality of Altamirano Chiapas.

To you we denounce the following:

On the 2nd May, we publicly denounced what happened on 26th April, when ex-ejiditarios took possession [of land] in our ejido.

On 4th May, at 8 in the morning, all of the ejiditarios and their children went to tell the ex-ejiditarios to leave in a peaceful manner, without aggression, where they were in possession of the land. They said to us that they weren’t there to stay, just to press the government and at five in the afternoon of that same day, they left. However, we heard them say that when we leave to go the city any of our ejiditarios they find would be attacked. They also said they are greatly supported by the government along with the organization CIOAC that belongs to C. Gerardo Perez Agueda.



Om 3rd May, 1994, the ex-ejiditarios decided to voluntarily abandon the ejido in fear of the armed conflict of the EZLN because they were very close with the caciques who commanded in the ejido.

For the above reasons we demand:

  1. Respect for our autonomy and self-determination as indigenous Tojolabal peoples as well as respect for our internal rules of procedure as an ejido.
  2. That the ex-ejiditarios of 1994, led by PRIISTA caciques, no longer invade our ejido
  3. We demand that the government does not support those ex-ejiditarios so as to avoid confrontation

The land is worked and defended!

Armando Jimenez Aguilar Fernando Cruz Vazquez

Ejidal Commissioner Supervisory Board


Based on a translation by Palabras Rebeldes



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