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May 21, 2016

Mining companies are continuing to threaten projects in Chicomuselo

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Mining companies are continuing to threaten projects in Chicomuselo





Faced with the intention of several mining companies to install their projects in the communities of the municipality of Chicomuselo, Chiapas, residents have requested urgent intervention by the state and federal authorities to prevent the corporations getting their work projects accepted in exchange for money and by means of deception and division of the peoples.

On May 17th, residents of the communities of Chicomuselo arrested four people who identified themselves as being from mining companies and who came to the region to promote one of their projects in the ejido Grecia.

The four detainees are being guarded by the communities, who have been in resistance since the murder of Mariano Abarca Roblero, who defended their natural resources against mining exploitation by the Canadian company BlackFire.

Similarly, since 2014 several agreements have been signed with representatives of the state government and environmental authorities, where the position of non-exploitation of mineral resources in Chicomuselo and the Sierra de Chiapas region was ratified. Moreover, several “minutes of work” were agreed between communities and the current city council and government delegation of Frontera Comalapa.

Despite this, mining companies continue to offer large amounts of money to convince the people and governments to enable them to set up their projects in the region, leading to the destruction of nature and of the resources for the livelihood of the communities.

The people of Chicomuselo have asked the government to intervene urgently to solve the problem, in order to prevent possible action by the companies in communities which have been in resistance for many years.






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