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June 11, 2016

Chiapas: Police wound an ejidatario of Tila for “expelling the town council.”

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Chiapas: Police wound an ejidatario of Tila for “expelling the town council.”




Ejido Tila Chiapas. June 6th. Brief report from our ejidal autonomy and self-government.

From outside [the ejido,] the expelled town council is still looking to finish us off and return to bad government. This Saturday a member of the municipal police cut an ejidatario with a razor in another community, saying to him while he was attacking that he was one of the damned ejidatarios who expelled the town council.

Another issue is that they cut the supplies of gasoline to the ambulance in the hospital at Tila, in order to mess up the services, so now as an ejido we put in the gasoline and here we are supporting a brother from another community, who requested support from our authorities to transport his dead relative.

Also the threats continue and the town council gave money to the caciques to pay thugs to kill our authorities and destroy our self-government. But here we continue resisting and slowly building our autonomy and the self-government of the ejido.

Land and Freedom.



Chiapas: Policía hiere a ejidatario de Tila por “expulsar al ayuntamiento”.



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