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August 4, 2016

“Comparte for Humanity” Festival in CIDECI-Unitierra comes to an end. It continues now in the Zapatista Caracoles.

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“Comparte for Humanity” Festival in CIDECI-Unitierra comes to an end. It continues now in the Zapatista Caracoles.




Saturday 30 July The Festival “Comparte for Humanity” in CIDECI-Unitierra, finishes today with great joy, celebration, colours and flavours. The Comparte festival comes to an end in CIDECI, and the party, creativity, art and life that the Zapatusta compañeros and compañeros share with us will continue in the caracoles of La Realidad, La Garrucha, Morelia and Roberto Barrios.




Without doubt this week of art and sharing was full of life, hope and creativity, wherever we are, we can feel it, and it touches our hearts and thoughts. From the different geographies we were celebrating and building what the Zapatista compañeros have taught us, “a world where many worlds fit.”

With this happiness of the experience we lived during this week, we share the materials for this day to be heard by your hearts and thoughts and to be shared, used and transformed freely.

All these efforts are bearing true fruits which can be heard by closing your eyes and opening up to the experience of listening to those who have made every effort to bring light and life in the midst of the storm.




From Sakamchen de los Pobres, México City, Tijuana, Guatemala, Ciudad Juárez, Torreón, Guerrero, Veracruz, Chile, Monterrey y Perú; Óscar Chavez, Makila 69, Lengualerta, Yerbabuena, Roco, Pedro Mo, Psiquesónimas, Sonidero Sabotaje, Panteón Rococo, Chintete, Manik B, Banda La Mixanteña de Santa Cecilia, La Orquesta Juvenil de San Cristóbal, Maix Xel Ha, Moyenei y others who shared together…



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