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August 4, 2016

“We have learned to organize ourselves, to lose our fear,” – displaced Tojolabal families in Chiapas

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“We have learned to organize ourselves, to lose our fear,” – displaced Tojolabal families in Chiapas



Chiapas, Mexico. 1st of August. “We have learned to organize ourselves better, we have learned not to be afraid,” said members of the 17 Tojolabal families, from the municipality of Las Margaritas, who on Monday commemorated the 3rd anniversary of the founding of their community Primero de Agosto, from which they were displaced on August 23, 2014, by an armed group of the Independent Central of Agricultural Workers and Campesinos – Historical (CIOAC-H).

primeroagosto“We are tired, but tired of the neglect and impunity of the Mexican state,” said the indigenous from the jungle-border area. “Now we know how to raise our voices, to shout collectively so nobody silences us,” they added at a meeting attended by communities in solidarity in the region, as well as national and international human rights agencies.

“As a result of the displacement and the failure of the Mexican state to respond we are getting sick,” denounced the displaced families, among whom are elderly people, women, children and new-born babies. “The bad government has not been part of the solution but rather it is part of the problem”, they stated.

primeroagosto2Similarly the Tojolabal indigenous thanked for their solidarity the different communities in the region who have donated food and supplies to mitigate their suffering, and reiterated their intention to seek new alternative ways to continue fighting and resisting the constant attacks of the members of the CIOAC-H.


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