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August 20, 2016

Community of Cruztón denounces invasion of its territory and aggression

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Community of Cruztón denounces invasion of its territory and aggression


Photo: The Community of Cruztón in defence of the land. (Frayba)

Community of Cruzton, municipality of Venustiano Carranza, August 15th, 2016

We would like to inform all our brothers and sisters, such as

the Good Government Juntas (JBG)

adherents to the Sixth Declaration

compañeros from Semilla Digna

human rights centre

to the free media

to the media

to the Indigenous National Congress “CNI”

To all independent organizations


we are Adherents to the Sixth Declaration and we make you aware of everything that is happening in our community. We ask for your support to stay alert to what might happen.

1) We demand the right to our territory and within this our holy field, which we have reclaimed since 1920, by right of our forefathers, we demand and we know that no one can privatize it as today an invading group from Guadalupe Victoria are doing.

2) On 5 March 2013 an invading group from Guadalupe Victoria put flags on the twelve small landholdings identified, so that they could soon take possession of them.

3) On 16 April 2015 they seized 3 small properties of Manuel Huel Cruz, Fernando Lopez Bautista and Mario Perez Nucamendi.

4) On May 8, 2015 at 6.00 pm they blocked the path leading to Venustiano Carranza, stopping our compañeros from transporting a sick person, privatising the path, and they detained them for two hours, threatened them with high-calibre weapons, telling them that they still wanted to know where they were.

5) On February 1, 2016 they privatized our path which leads to our field holy sealing it off with a heavy chain and saying that none of the community is to enter their land and that once the government had given them a solution, the land of the holy field would be taken for land for cultivation

6) On May 10, 2016 a decision was taken by own community to rise up up to open the path that leads us to our holy field so we could go there to leave flowers for our dead which we have the right to do.

As 7 am on the same day, our compañero, Agusto de la Cruz Pérez, was heading to Guadalupe Victoria to leave his wife at the house of her mother, on his return he was taken hostage without having committed any crime. The attacking group from Guadalupe Victoria who kidnapped him were heavily armed with high calibre weapons, they beat him, hung him for an hour, and after five hours he was released but they threatened him telling him that those who had kidnapped him “no one messes with us, or it will be worse for them.”

Given all this, we demand from the state government of MANUEL VELASCO COELLO, and all its departments, that they respect our rights to land and territory, since until now the harassment from the aggressor group has continued and we hold them liable for any confrontation that may happen.




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