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August 22, 2016

Communiqué from the FPDT against Provocation by Companies and a Shock Group in the Ejido of Tocuila

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Communiqué from the FPDT against Provocation by Companies and a Shock Group in the Ejido of Tocuila




To organizations in solidarity

To the people of Mexico

We denounce the federal government for insisting on invading and plundering the lands of our peoples. Today they returned in violation of the suspension order resulting from the judgement of amparo no. 349/2016- III dated July 26th, 2016. As the ejido members of Tocuila we oppose, as do many of the dignified campesinxs, the sale and plundering of our land. We denounce the following:

Since a very early hour we were aware of the presence of heavy machinery in the ejidos of Tocuila which remained inactive until a few hours ago. Around four in the afternoon our compañerxs alerted us to the advance of the machinery along with a microbus full of unknown people, in the majority young, and to our surprise led by the ejido commissioner of Tocuila, Humberto Elizalde.

The compañerxs who were in the encampment from a considerable distance away tried to explain to them that they could not advance since the land is not for sale and because it is protected by an injunction (amparo) (349/2016-III). However, the explanation didn’t have any effect, and the group advanced further and further. When they arrived at the encampment, the ejidal commissioner, Humberto Elizalde, gave the order for the compañerxs to abandon the place showing some papers that they presumed were the cheques paid for the sale of the land which he himself had promoted. The youth who made up the shock group got off the microbus (as well as being violent, they were also under the influence of drugs) and immediately destroyed and took down the tarps and the truck cab that has served as refuge and the point of resistance since April 11 intensifying the threat of dispossession. The machine also advanced and began to tear into the earth as if they were leaving a warning in the eyes of our compañerxs who until the last moment remained cautious. It is obvious that the federal government would have liked a provocation to take place to give justification for repression, but the whole time the people that were defending the land remained contained.

It should be noted that after more than two hours of provocation, the shock group and the machinery were removed and positioned in the highway Peñon-Texcoco. As such, the compañerxs could return to and rebuild the encampment.

In addition to this act, we add two notes that are important to consider:

  • On Sunday August 14, an ejidal assembly took place in the community of Tocuila. This was imposed on the community similarly to what occurred in Atenco on June 1, 2014. As on that occasion, the commissioner Humberto Elizalde, manipulated the participants, transporting people in, not permitting the compañerxs who defend the land to talk. In these conditions of heavy tension and pressure, he approved the sale of the communal land (roads and bridges) for 1000 pesos per square metre.
  • On Wednesday August 17th, the Grupo Aeroportuario de la Ciudad de México (GACM) and the Cámara Mexicana de la Industria de la Construcción (CMIC) announced an agreement to create jobs in the construction phase of the airport, addressed to the inhabitants of the municipalities of Atenco and Texcoco.

Faced with this emergency situation and the government threat through the escalating provocative actions and repression:

We call on all our brother peoples, solidarity organizations, collectives and media, to come to the press conference that will take place in the reconstructed encampment. The date will be Friday August 19th to begin at 9 in the morning in the Plaza of Tocuila, to go to the camp and begin at 10am.

The land is not for sale, it is loved and defended!

Peoples Front in Defence of the Land -Tocuila

From a translation by Palabras Rebeldes

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