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September 13, 2016

Ejido Tila, Chiapas, denounces violent murder of two young men in ejido territory

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Ejido Tila, Chiapas, denounces violent murder of two young men in ejido territory





Ejido Tila, Chiapas, Mexico, 6 September 2016
To public opinion

To the National Indigenous Congress (CNI)

To national and international adherents to the sixth

To the network against repression and for solidarity

To national and international mass media

To organisations struggling for justice and dignity

To non-governmental defenders of human rights

To the struggle of Mexico and the World.

Sisters and brothers of different geographies who struggle for justice and dignity, we express our great appreciation on behalf of the ejidatarios and ejidatarias of Ejido Tila, because you have shown solidarity with us; because your words mean a lot to us and empower us to continue fighting without giving in.

Unfortunately, it is sad to have to tell you that on the afternoon of Saturday, 27 August 2016 it appears that two siblings who answered to the names of Carmita Lopez Pérez aged 19 and Rafael Lopez Perez aged 20 were killed. They were from the community of Corta Flor in Ejido Tiontiepa Benito Juarez but their grandparents are originally from the Ejido Tila, Chiapas state. They were both killed with machetes and the young woman was raped. Therefore we condemn this lamentable fact.

Members of the ejido Tila rushed to the scene at the request of the relatives and because the crime took place within our ejidal territory ruled by self-government they carried out the removal of the bodies with the assistance of the Ejido judge and ejidatarios, completing all the necessary records because the relatives of the deceased stated of their own free will that they did not want the intervention of other authorities because they never investigate anything and everything remains unpunished, especially if you do not have money, because in the courts justice is bought and sold. So they asked the autonomous Ejido to do their work. We should point out that the crime occurred at the height of Barrio Chijtieja and the path that leads to the Corta Flor community about three (3) kilometres away. This made it impossible for the ejido guard to know what was happening or give any assistance.

The ejido is investigating to find out who is responsible and there are already some people who have been identified and information about their background. For now we know that there is a group of gang members who have been using drugs that has been prevalent before the authorization when was the town hall. There was also violence taking place and killings by the local police or even the mayor, all with total impunity. We have denounced this for many years, pointing out that during the time of the municipal council there was an increase in gang members, drug use, drug dealing and alcoholism. All these problems were left by the town hall and the Ejido now have to clean all the mess that they left.

So an extraordinary assembly was held on 31 August, convened urgently to discuss issues on drug addiction and alcoholism, which have no place in our autonomous Ejido. The same assembly has determined to resolve and eradicate the growing of drugs, because our grandparents requested the lands to cultivate crops of basic necessity for everyday life, and not to plant drugs which poison young people and turn our children into gangsters, robbers, or even murderers. The promoters of the planting and sale of drugs are those people who were hired to wear hoods to maintain power during the electoral campaign of the current mayor c. Prof. Edgar Leopoldo Gomez Gutierrez and his followers.

We publicly pointed out a small group of troublemakers who want to destabilise and blame our self-government ejido for violence that was sown by the bad government of which they were part: the president c. Arturo Sanchez Sanchez and his son c. francisco Arturo Martinez Sanchez and the so-called turkeys, Dona Mercedes Bonifaz, Dr. Adelaida Martinez Parcero and her brother Rodrigo. They spend their time deceitfully calling for the intervention of the security forces and for the renewed government invasion of our territory. They are a tiny group of people who want to impose their way of life on the Ejido Tila and they have made their living from government, plundering and exploiting our people, and they are racists who are responsible for misinformation and criticise our autonomous ejido autonomy. But in spite of this we will carry on because nobody can stop us; many have opened their eyes and only a few are still being manipulated.

We note that it is these same people who are creating a conflict between the parents in the high school of Chiapas number 14, always relying on violence in coordination with operators of the Green Party. We condemn these acts that are happening at the school because there could be outbreaks of violence which they then try to blame on the Ejido. The school was peacefully closed by members of the CNTE Section 7 Chiapas and parents of that campus who are fighting against the education reform, which is one of many reforms the government has been implementing, putting at risk the rights of all Mexicans, and affecting above all our indigenous cultures, which for the rich are just rubbish.

Our autonomy carries on without discrimination; however, individuals or small groups in opposition are moving away. We report that the c. Vicente Ramirez Jimenez took his own decision to bury elsewhere his wife who died on September 4, because he declared himself to be against the ejidatarios and ejidatarias as a result of being manipulated by people dedicated to selling Ejido lands as if they were commodities.

Our people remain on alert because the threats are always present from people who want to destroy our autonomous Ejido. We will continue to keep you informed and at the same time we call on you to be alert and keep your eyes on the people who suffer harassment in their communities.




EJIDAL COUNCIL                                                                    COMMITTEE OF VIGILANCE







Translated by the UK Zapatista Translation Service for Dorset Chiapas Solidarity


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