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September 18, 2016

Communiqué from the ejido San Sebastián Bachajón September 15, 2016.

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Communiqué from the ejido San Sebastián Bachajón September 15, 2016.





To the Good Government Juntas (JBG)

To the Indigenous National Congress

To adherents to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandón Jungle in Mexico and the world

To the mass and alternative media

To the Network against Repression and for Solidarity

To Movement for Justice in El Barrio from New York

To national and international human rights defenders

To the people of Mexico and the world


Jmololabex ants winiketik icha spatil a wotanik ta pisilik machatik nokol skoltabel te lum kinalik te yuun ta skuenta te nokol spojbel te chopol ajwalil.

Compañeros and compañeras we wish you all a good day, receive a warm greeting from the adherents to the Sixth Declaration from the ejido San Sebastián Bachajón.

In this meeting which is taking place in the municipal headquarters of Chilón, Chiapas against the acts of the bad government, here with our presence and our voice we want to share the struggle and resistance against all the acts of the bad governors who seek to finish off our people, who want to impose their reforms to the constitution, privatizing oil, education, raising taxes, taking away labour rights and benefiting national and foreign companies so they can exploit our natural resources, forgetting our past and our history.

We want you to know that in this struggle we will continue with dignity and autonomy, we will continue standing in struggle and in expectation of victory, the struggle and the memory of our fallen compañero Juan Vázquez Guzmán still lives and his blood was not shed in vain, our compañero gave his life to transform this world held hostage by the capitalist mentality.




For the bad government is truly responsible for all the daily injustices being committed in our pueblo, buying consciences, intending to gain control of territory in every pueblo and community, to manage society at their will.

San Sebastián Bachajón is a very dignified pueblo, where struggle and memory are not for sale, our customs and traditions come from our ancestors, the belief of our Maya grandparents in worship and respect for our mother earth.

In this same communiqué, we mention the struggle of the teachers in defence of public education, the teachers’ movement of the National Coordinator of Education Workers [CNTE] to support them against the misnamed education reform that the Mexican state wants to impose, enough of so much injustice, now no more attacks against society, no more kidnappings, assassinations, forced disappearances, evictions, human rights violations. Once again the bad government ordered the eviction of the teachers in Oaxaca, who kept their tents in the zócalo, on 11 September this year, the bad government is solely responsible for the repression against society.

Now that there are laws there is a lot of insecurity in the pueblos and communities because the law is not made for us, the poor, but for those with money, the rich landowners from the political parties who are transforming this, eventually disintegrating the pueblos day by day, the invasion and the ambition of the politicians who want to take control of our culture and our peoples and their cities, politicians who are clinging on violently in order to get what they want regardless of the human costs that they leave during their passage in the elections, this is how the system of the bad government operates.




We will continue struggling in order to breathe peace and harmony, the revolution of our ancestors is not for sale, because it was as a result of their struggles and their work that they achieved what belongs to us for our future generations. We denounce the bad government which continues with the dispossession of our lands for their tourism megaprojects and exploitation of natural resources, we reject with scorn their policy of death and submission through government projects which put to sleep the conscience of our communities.

We send a combative greeting to our Chol compañeros and compañeras from the Ejido Tila in Chiapas who have taken control of the administration which the bad government of Juan Sabines illegally stole from them many decades ago. We embrace their struggle, their tireless efforts by to construct autonomy and government for the indigenous and non-indigenous people living in the pueblo of Tila. We say to them that they are not alone and if they touch one of you, they touch all of us. We regret the death of the two young people killed cruelly in ejido lands, called Carmita Lopez Perez, 19 years old, and Rafael López Pérez, aged 20, all this violence is generated and promoted by groups linked
to the municipal council of Tila that seeks to sow division and hatred among the organized people of Tila.

No more unjust imprisonments. We demand the immediate release of our unjustly imprisoned compañeros Esteban Gómez Jiménez imprisoned in Cintalapa de Figueroa,
Chiapas (amate No 14,) and Santiago Moreno Pérez and Emilio Jiménez Gómez, prisoners in Playas de Catazajá, Chiapas (ceress No 17.)They were all imprisoned for being committed to fight and defend mother earth and also the freedom of other political prisoners of Mexico and the world, who are being repressed and criminalized for the defence of the mother earth and natural resources.

From the Northern Zone of the state of Chiapas, the women and men of San Sebastián send combative greetings to all the compañeros and compañeras and to the communities and people in Mexico and the world who are in resistance.


Never again a Mexico without us

Land and freedom

Zapata lives!

¡Hasta la victoria siempre!

Freedom for political prisoners!

Juan Vázquez Guzmán Lives, the Bachajón struggle continues!

Juan Carlos Gómez Silvano Lives, the Bachajón struggle continues!

No to the dispossession of indigenous territory!

State police out of our indigenous territory!

Immediate return of the disappeared and murdered compañeros from the Normal School Raúl Isidro Burgos of Ayotzinapa!

Long live the dignified struggle of the Chol compañeros and compañeras from the ejido Tila!

Long live the communities who struggle for their autonomy and freedom!

Justice for Ayotzinapa, Acteal, ABC, Atenco!






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