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September 24, 2016

Report of beatings and harassment of political prisoner from Bachajón

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Report of beatings and harassment of political prisoner from Bachajón




Compañeros and compañeras we wish you all a good day; through this letter we are sending some urgent information from our compañero prisoner Esteban Gómez Jiménez and ask you to please circulate it.

Today, 21st September, 2016, we received the following information by telephone from compañero Esteban Gómez Jiménez from CERSS number 14 el Amate. Here is his word:

“Compañeros and compañeras, my name is Esteban Gómez Jiménez, I send a cordial greeting to my compañeros from San Sebastian Bachajón, the Indigenous National Congress (CNI) and social activists; I have been imprisoned since 2012, I was arrested in the ranchería Pamalha in the municipality of Chilon, when I was chopping wood, where the state police came to arrest me accompanied by a paramilitary; I was taken to playas de catazaja, cersso number 17 where they fabricated crimes against me. I am unjustly imprisoned in jail, they arrested me for organising and for defending mother earth.

This is why I am sending this message to help me get my freedom, because here in prison they treat us badly, so I request my freedom because I am innocent, I am imprisoned unjustly they charged me with a crime in which I was  never involved as well as with assault, murder, carrying a firearm, organized crime; my crime was to get organized and defend our mother earth, so I ask all the compañeros and organizations to help me get my freedom, because here in jail they treat us badly; yesterday afternoon 20th September, 2016 I was attacked by a person at about 5.30 pm, when I was talking normally to my compañeros and suddenly that person arrived, his name is José Guzmán Hernández, he started to to criticize and attack me verbally, saying that I am in an organization which is good for nothing, then he started to attack me physically, he hit me in the face, my nose started to bleed and my face was swollen, those who were in charge of the prisoner did not proceed to do anything when he was hitting me; I was not given medical attention, on the contrary I was charged  500 pesos for what happened, and it was not me who started the fight, I was the one they came to provoke and attack; the person who hit me gets along well with those in charge of those who are imprisoned, which is why they did not say anything; if I had not paid the 500 pesos they were going take me out of the place where I sleep, so a compañero lent me the 500 pesos and he watched so they would not throw me out; some people who know José Guzmán Hernández tell us that he was a prisoner in “Ocosingo” and then for his bad behaviour he was sent here to el “amate.” He was the one who physically attacked me, so for this reason I ask you to help me to demand my freedom because I’m afraid they could attack me again or they could kill me here in prison.”

We ask you all compañeros y compañeros, according to your customs and abilities, to offer what solidarity you can to compañero Esteban to protect his integrity and obtain his release as soon as possible.

combative greetings


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