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October 8, 2016

“Stop the Casas Viejas mining project ” demand families from Soconusco, from two encampments

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“Stop the Casas Viejas mining project ” demand families from Soconusco, from two encampments

“We demand: healthy communities, free rivers, land for planting and a future for our children…”




We, the Popular Front in Defence of Soconusco 20th June, are maintaining two camps to stop mining in our territory. 

Acacoyagua, Chiapas, Mexico

October 4th, 2016

The families that make up the Popular Front in Defence of the Soconusco 20 of June (FPDF) exercise our right to a healthy environment and to water, to protect our land and the patrimony of our sons and daughters.

On September 26th, we decided to guard the roads where the excavation and transport machinery passes for the mining project “Casas Viejas”. As we are the proprietors of the road that the mines use as transportation, in a collective manner we decided it necessary to take care of the reserve of El Triunfo, the rivers of Cacaluta, Cintalapa, and Doña Maria, as well as the coastal mangroves, and guard them against the mining of titanium. In a peaceful manner, with the feeling of unity and solidarity, we organized ourselves to maintain two encampments to stop the looting and polluting of our nature.

The mining project “Casas Viejas” (in the ejidos of Cacoas, Magnolia, and Satélite Morelia) is part of five projects that have been established in the last 15 years. Just in the year of 2009, 49,000 tons were exploited by the “Christina” project and, during the last five years, they have concessioned 21 titles in the municipalities of Escuintla and Acacoyagua. The companies Male S.A. od C.V, Puntal S.A. of C.V., Tristán Canales Reyna y Socios, Honour Up Tranding S.A of C.V., Sociedad Cooperativa Unidad Piedritas y Servicios S.C.L. of C.V. have taken over our territory and put our future at risk.

The families of the FDPS make effective the Declaration of Municipality Free of Mining signed by the municipal president and aldermen of the town of Acacoyagua and the commitment that we established at that time: as the representatives of the ejidos and communities of Acacoyagua, we declare that: we will not allow any resumption of mining projects, no hidden jobs (of exploration or exploitation), no machines on the roads, no visits by Chinese entrepreneurs, and no promises of sustainable mining. Because our territory deserves to have healthy rivers, people without disease, decent work and land for future generations.


The members demand: clean communities, free rivers, land for planting and a future for our children.

Water yes, mining no!

Water for life, not for mining!


Frente Popular en Defensa del Socunusco 20 de Junio (FPDS)

Red Mexicana de Afectados por la Minería (REMA)

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