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October 15, 2016

The CNI and the EZLN convoke “the awakening of a great force,” after the fifth National Indigenous Congress.

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The CNI and the EZLN convoke “the awakening of a great force,” after the fifth National Indigenous Congress.



San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas. October 13. “The CNI showed us that we are not alone. They have taught us to listen to each other, to recognize each other,” said the peoples, tribes and nations of the National Indigenous Congress (CNI), at the close of their fifth national congress and the celebration of their twentieth anniversary in the facilities of Cideci Unitierra.

For four days the original peoples of the CNI shared not only the different problems they face in their territories, but also how they have organized to resist the dispossession and repression, coming as much from the government as from private, national and international companies.

The congress was attended by the General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), who today recalled the background to the founding of the CNI, when the indigenous peoples began to dialogue during the San Andres Accords, in 1995. “Since then we have been thinking of you,” said the Zapatistas to their indigenous brothers and sisters.

Communities in northern, central and southern Mexico, listed in detail the discrimination, dispossession and repression that they are subjected to every day, either through the design and implementation of megaprojects such as mining, dams or highways without their consent; or through the damages suffered by their crops due to the planting of GMOs, deforestation or fracking. Similarly, they denounced the threats and attacks suffered from organized crime, under the complacency of the three levels of government.

In the same way, original peoples shared their experiences of struggle and resistance in the areas of health, education, food, security and communication, among others; all this by making use of their free determination, according to their customs and traditions.

The event was also attended by a delegation of parents of the disappeared normalistas of Ayotzinapa, who continue their relentless pursuit, this despite the fact that “the government is accustomed to disappearing people,” they said. “Our children are priceless. We are not powerful, but we do not forget,” they said about the presidential message which they already knew about.

“We must listen to those who we have not heard,” agreed the attendees at the indigenous gathering in San Cristobal, in the sense of strengthening and growing the CNI, which is why they will consider their next steps to be taken by consulting the bases, in order to “awaken a great force” nationally, because “it is the time of the peoples” they shared, “so that the centres of the earth will tremble.”


Photo: Radio Zapatista

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