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December 12, 2016

From Italy: Asociación Ya Basta Milan declares support for the Sexta Bachajón

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From Italy:  Asociación Ya Basta Milan declares support for the Sexta Bachajón


 Week of Worldwide Action in Solidarity with the Ejidatarios of San Sebastián Bachajón, from 4th to 10th December 2016

logoThe Hydra with its thousands of heads wants to dominate the world. The Hydra is capitalism, and the Hydra cannot bear that in this world there are rebellious men and women who do not want to serve capitalism as consumers. The Hydra cannot bear that there are indigenous communities defending their lands from the greed of the business developers with plans for mega-tourist projects. The Hydra cannot bear that dignified men and women love and care for nature, nor the fact that organised communities stand in solidarity with compañeros who have been kidnapped by the bad government because they defend their land and their culture.

Kidnapping, killing, threatening, sowing fear, corruption, theft and displacement, that’s how the Hydra responds to rebellious people.

zapatista-mx-la-hidra-capitalistaWe, members of Asociación Ya Basta Milan, Italy, stand in solidarity with the compañero Domingo Pérez Álvaro who has been threatened, kidnapped, and beaten by agents from the bad government, as well as by people from the corrupt parties that the Hydra uses like puppets.

We stand in solidarity with Domingo’s family and we stand in solidarity with each and every man and woman from San Sebastian Bachajon. These men and women have for many years stood fighting, resisting and defending their land, and defending the forests and the water which gives life and happiness to the ejido residents. They fight with the dignity of those from below, against the arrogance of those from above.


Respect all human rights for indigenous communities!

Stop militarising Chiapas and end protection for paramilitaries working for business interests!

A militant hug of solidarity for Domingo!

Punishment for Domingo’s attackers!

Justice for Juan Vázquez Guzmán!

Justice for Juan Carlos Gómez Silvano!

Solidarity with the organised community of San Sebastián Bachajón!


Asociación Ya Basta Milan, Italy




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