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Further Information – Links


Websites and information sources about the Zapatistas and Chiapas

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A small selection of the sites available:

Zapatista sites (in Spanish) Official website of the EZLN Letters and communiqués of the EZLN 1994-2005  Communiqués and activities of the EZLN 2005-2009 (includes the Other Campaign) National situation in Mexico as regards conflicts and organising processes. Launched September 2015 Zapatista Language School (English)



UK sites   UK Zapatista Solidarity Network  Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group London Mexico Solidarity Group  Bristol-based group Publishes the latest news from Chiapas in English. The base for the UK Zapatista Translation Service.


Europazapatista News from the European solidarity groups. Has an English page.



News and information in English

Some information is available on these sites:   US fundraising and education organisation supporting Zapatista schools   US-based blog on the Zapatistas and Mexico  Blog in English of the International Service for Peace  Activism and politics in Latin America The Americas Program – action and communication for social change The Mexican page of the Amnesty International Site English page of the site of the ejido San Sebastián Bachajón. Look for Insumisión – what is going down in Mexico Excellent English news source for Mexico



Translations English translations can be found under many of the major entries e.g. communiqués English translations of EZLN communiqués  English translations of the Escuelita textbooks Report on Acts of Aggression against Zapatista Support Bases: 2006-2012 
News and Information in Spanish Fray Bartolomé de las Casas Human Rights Centre (Frayba) Info about human rights in Chiapas. The organisation to approach about doing Human Rights Observation. Mexican daily newspaper Chiapas press



Independent Media 

The Zapatistas work with “the free, independent and autonomous media, or however you call it.” There are many independent sites providing news in Spanish about Chiapas and the Zapatistas. New ones are appearing all the time. This is a selection:  Journalism from below Frayba enables peoples and organisations to share their word.   Centre for free and independent media  Civil Society Las Abejas, Acteal  The ejido San Sebastián Bachajón  The ejido Tila French site with much current news from Chiapas



Historical info in English

These sites contain useful historical information. Most are no longer being updated. Ceased publication May 2011  Documents, communiques and images from 1994 to 2004/5  Detailed historical source 2000 – 2010 Information on attacks on Zapatista communities 2012 – 2014 Some alternative translations

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