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October 25, 2016

RvsR Following the attack on a member of the Sixth from San Sebastián Bachajón

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RvsR Following the attack on a member of the Sixth from San Sebastián Bachajón



Yesterday, October 17th, our comrade Domingo Pérez Álvaro, a member of the Adherents to the Sixth from San Sebastián Bachajón, was stopped by a gang of thugs led by the official commissioner of San Sebastián Bachajón, Manuel Guzmán Álvaro. He was beaten up after having visited the political prisioners in Playas de Catazaja. Our comrade is seriously injured.

Since May of this year, our comrades, women and men of San Sebastián Bachajón, have denounced the bad administration of the official commissioner, how his administration has collaborated in the destabilization of the area, provoking clashes with the partisans and accusing the men and women who are adherents to the Sixth of holding road blocks and other actions in which they have never participated. The official commissioner has also allowed the Preventative State Police to estabish itself in the area, in spite of promises not to allow its presence in Bachajón. It is clearly a strategy that intends to slow down the process of autonomy being undertaken by our comrades; this is the real threat to those on ‘top’, since we know the area’s juicy economic potential for ecological tourism and big hotel businesses. The dispossession strategy is also evident.

Sadly, police repression, the incarceration of political prisoners and murders have accompanied the autonomous process of our comrades, women and men, of San Sebastián Bachajón. It pains us once more to hear the news of this attack on Domingo, our comrade Domingo. It fills us with indignation and anger towards those responsible: the official commissioner MANUEL GUZMÁN ÁLVARO, the municipal president of Chilón, the governor of the State of Chiapas MANUEL VELASCO COELLO, the president of Mexico ENRIQUE PEÑA NIETO, all of them puppets in the hands of corporate interests in the area, those interested in building a new Cancun in Agua Azul, with dispossession, repression and death.
Let us remain vigilant, spread the word, demonstrate our solidarity with the Tzeltal dignity being constructed in San Sebastián Bachajón.





Against dispossession and repression: Solidarity!

Network for Solidarity and against Repression (RvSR)


Translated by Ruby Zajac for the UK Zapatista Solidarity Network

Posted by Dorset Chiapas Solidarity



July 3, 2015

Risks to the lives of Zapatista support-bases (BAEZLN)

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Risks to the lives of Zapatista support-bases (BAEZLN)


In an Urgent Action published by the Fray Bartolomé de Las Casa Center for Human Rights (Frayba) on 30 June, the Center expressed its concern “for the new attacks and death-threats against support-bases that comprise the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (BAEZLN) in the communities of El Rosario, belonging to the Rebel Zapatista Autonomous Municipality (MAREZ) of San Manuel; and Nuevo Paraíso, MAREZ Francisco Villa (official municipality of Ocosingo), who pertain to the ‘Path of the Future’ Good-Government Council (JBG), located in the ‘Toward a New Dawn’ Caracol III of La Garrucha in the Tseltal Jungle Zone of Chiapas. Due to the omission of the municipal and state governments to attend to the problem and to take up their responsibilities, there exist risks to the life, integrity, and personal security of BAEZLN.”

On 10 May, according to information published by the “Path of the Future” JBG, a group of 28 persons from the Pojcol ejido, Chiquinival neighborhood (official municipality of Chilón), together with another group of 21 people from El Rosario harassed and attacked BAEZLN from this same Zapatista Autonomous Community. That same afternoon, Andrés López Vázquez fired four times at a child of 13 years of age, being the daughter of a BAEZLN. On 14 May 2015, Frayba responded by sending notice to the governments of Chiapas regarding the armed attacks.

On 24 June, members of the Pojcol and El Rosario groups who were carrying firearms and accompanied by Guadalupe Flores, the presumed ex-owner of recovered lands, and an engineer went to measure lands belonging to the BAEZLN. They fired ten times into the air, forcibly entered two BAEZLN homes, and robbed belongings as well roof of one of the domiciles, according to an EZLN communique published on 25 June.

Frayba calls for national and international solidarity to express support for the threatened BAEZLN.



June 30, 2015

EZLN Denunciation of Paramilitary Attack.

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EZLN Denunciation of Paramilitary Attack

New Paramilitary Attack. Caracol Resistance Towards a New Dawn, La Garrucha


Zapatista Army for National Liberation


June 25, 2015

To the National and International Sixth:

As we already know, the bad government mixes fraud with violence. It doesn’t matter which political party they’re from, those who rule always seek to stay above on the backs of those below. The Ruler himself feigns deafness; these denunciations don’t matter to him because he pays the press well to say nice things him.

Before, it was Juan Sabines Guerrero, the one everyone insisted was very much a leftist politician. The progressive politicians came to receive awards from him, and even “the legitimate one”[i] came to shout enthusiastically, “long live Juan Sabines!” It is the very same Juan Sabines Guerrero who set it up so that his successor in government would be that ‘famous blonde’ Manuel Velasco Coello, because they are both from the families who, along with a few others, divvy up the political posts in Chiapas among themselves. Juan Sabines stole, committed fraud, and spread violence.

Now Velasco does the same. If just a few days ago they carried out an enormous fraud in the elections, violating their own laws above, now they are preparing for the upcoming local elections with the blood of those below.

Mere lies are not enough for the governments above; they also want to repress, incarcerate, and kill.

Now they are repressing the democratic teachers movement for merely insisting that this cursed educational reform is a lie, that it’s a reform by the boss against the workers. It isn’t to improve education, it’s to worsen it. And the reformers don’t know anything about the schools, they don’t even know how to teach. Because the government doesn’t like the truth to come out, it lies. But since now nobody believes the government, it resorts to repression.

How shameless they must be to make the head of state education an alcoholic murderer that says one thing one day and the opposite the next. How is somebody who can’t even speak properly going to create educational reform? The person I speak of is named Emilio Chuayffet, and he is one of the murderers of Acteal, the one who would get drunk and say idiotic things. He’s doing the same now.

This isn’t only happening in Chiapas, but also in Oaxaca, Guerrero, and other states, where the bad governments want to cover up the truth with beatings, gas, bullets, and threats.

It’s clear that they aren’t satisfied unless their “democratic” elections result in people being beaten, imprisoned, and murdered. And then all the parties fight over the scraps; they don’t even remember who was killed—his name was Antonio Vivar Díaz and he was a teacher—nor who was beaten and imprisoned.

The governments above are built on deceit and repression.

But the blood of the teachers isn’t enough for Manuel Velasco in Chiapas. He also wants to drink the indigenous blood of the communities.

Despite the fact that human rights organizations have denounced it, Velasco continues to encourage his paramilitaries to attack Zapatista bases of support.

That’s what is happening in the municipality of Ocosingo, Chiapas, where the three [levels of] government agree among themselves to incite provocations: Enrique Peña Nieto, Manuel Velasco and Octavio Albores. These governments are behind the paramilitaries from Pojkol.

Even though the community they are from has disowned them, they continue to attack. The indigenous people there who are party members say that they don’t control these paramilitaries, that the paramilitaries get their orders form the municipal president of Ocosingo and the state government in Tuxtla Gutiérrez. That that’s where they get their weapons, equipment, vehicles, and orders to attack the bases of support.

This just happened a few hours ago:

Caracol Resistance Towards a New Dawn

Junta de Buen Gobierno[ii] Path to the Future

La Garrucha, Chiapas, Mexico

June 24, 2015

Public Denunciation

To the general public:

To the autonomous alternative, or whatever-you-call-them media:

To the honest human rights organizations:

Sisters and brothers of Mexico and the world:


We once again denounce attacks against us by the paramilitaries from the ejido Pojkol, barrio Chiquinibal, municipality of Chilón, and 21 persons from the same paramilitary group from Rosario, official municipality of Ocosingo, Chiapas.


Today, Wednesday, June 25, 2015, at 8:05 am, 28 paramilitaries from the Pojkol ejido of the barrio Chiquinbal came to the town of Rosario in the Autonomous Municipality of San Manuel, where our EZLN bases of support live. They came on 8 motorcycles and with a Nissan without license plates. Of the 28 paramilitaries, 8 carried 22-caliber weapons.

In Rosario there are 21 paramilitaries who are trying to invade our recuperated lands, and they are supported by this group of 28 paramilitaries from the Pojkol ejido of the barrio Chikinibal.

At 10:05 am, a white RAM truck without license plates arrived with two people inside: and engineer and a rancher, Guadalupe Flores, who lives in Ocosingo, Chiapas, and was the owner of these lands before 1994. The 28 paramilitaries from Pojkcol and the 21 paramilitaries from Rosario met with the engineer and the rancher. After they finished their meeting they began to measure the land, supposedly to construct a temple, and they also measured sites for house construction. Then the rancher gave the paramilitary group some documents, apparently the blueprint plans for the recuperated lands. 

At 1:26 pm, they fired their guns 10 times behind the house of one of the compañeros who is a base of support, intimidating the entire community.

At 1:27 pm, 8 paramilitaries from Pojkol entered the house of a base of support, but didn’t find anyone because the owner of that house had already left in order to avoid conflict. After 23 minutes, they went to another compañero’s house; at 1:50 pm they destroyed the house of a compañero base of support, stealing all of his possessions, including the roof of the house, which consists of 12 sheets of 3.5 wide tin, two chickens, 4 picks, 20 eggs, 2 axes, 2 solar energy cells, $2000 pesos in cash, 2 hoes, one tape recorder, one 100 meter hose, and 150 kilos of beans. They put all of the compañero base of support’s things into the truck that belonged to the supposed engineer, and the truck and the 28 people from Pojkol headed off toward Pojkol with all of the stolen goods.

As authorities of the Junta de Buen Gobierno, we are clear that these acts demonstrate that this person pretending to be an engineer along with the ex-owner of the ranch are the advisors of these paramilitary groups.

We also see clearly that the bad government is acting in many forms and ways to attack us. These same paramilitaries are the ones who killed one of our bulls, destroyed houses, destroyed our collective store, stole our belongings, and used herbicide to fumigate our pasture where we keep our collectively owned livestock of the San Manuel municipality. They shot off their weapons there, drawing letters in the dirt saying “pojkol territory,” and leaving burnt bullet casings around; this was in August of 2014. 

These are the same paramilitaries who came on May 10, 2015, when one of them, named Andrés, shot at a little girl base of support.

This is our third denunciation; the first and second detail the previous acts.

These groups of people are trained and financed by the federal, state, and municipal governments. They have tried to provoke us multiple times with their counterinsurgency strategy, because the bad governments think that we are going to fall into their traps and stain ourselves with the blood of our indigenous brothers who are messed up in the head because they are paid for this activity and their conscience has been sullied by the bad capitalist system.

We want to say clearly that we will not stand here with our arms crossed as our bases of support are harassed in whatever way and with whichever means the bad government chooses to use against us. We have said clearly that we will defend our lands at whatever cost; we were born from this land and we will return to her.

Brothers and sisters, we will continue to denounce what is happening and we hope that you will be alert to what might happen to our compañeros and compañeras bases of support.

We hold the federal, state, and municipal governments directly responsible for whatever might happen, as they hold direct responsibility for these actions, and this is not the first time we have denounced what these groups of people are doing.


Authorities of the current Junta de Buen Gobierno

Jacinto Gómez Pérez                                            Colosio Pérez Lorenzo

 Nely Núñez Sánchez                                             Alex López Álvarez

So there you have it, compañeros and compañeras of the Sixth.

As we see it, it isn’t that the bad government simply isn’t paying attention because it is busy with its propaganda and lies, but rather that it is precisely the bad government who is giving the orders. What else could explain the fact that the names of these criminals are already known and yet they walk around with their weapons in front of the government authorities and nobody says anything? Because these people are the government’s employees. The paramilitaries state it clearly, that nobody can do anything to them because Velasco’s government protects and pays them.

That’s what we have to tell you for now, compañer@s. It’s all the same: from above there are only lies, beatings, contempt, and exploitation.

From below must come organization. For life, not the bloodbath that the system’s foremen, supervisors, and overseers want on the orders of their master, neoliberal capitalism.

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.

Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés


June 2015

[i] Refers to Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, former PRD presidential candidate self-designated “the legitimate president” after the 2006 elections, which were widely denounced as fraudulent.

[ii] Good Government Council



June 26, 2015

EZLN denounce an attack by paramilitaries on indigenous in Ocosingo

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EZLN denounce an attack by paramilitaries on indigenous in Ocosingo


Elio Henriquez

La Jornada, June 26, 2015

San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas. The Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) denounced that a group of “paramilitaries” attacked indigenous Zapatista support bases from the village of El Rosario, located in the autonomous municipality of San Manuel (official municipality of Ocosingo.)

In a communique signed by Subcomandante Moisés they added that the “paramilitaries” were “invading” land “recuperated” after the armed uprising of 1994.

Moisés added to the denunciation that the Good Government Council (JBG) the Path of the Future, based in the community of La Garrucha (Ocosingo) sent last night, in which they stated that on June 24 at 8:05 pm “28 paramilitaries from the barrio Chiquinibal, belonging to the ejido Pojkol, 8 of them carrying .22 calibre firearms, arrived in El Rosario” to attack the Zapatistas.

“In El Rosario also live the 21 paramilitaries, who are supported by that group of 28 paramilitaries from Pojkol who are invading our recuperated land,” said the JBG.

They explained that an hour later “a white Ram truck, without license plates arrived, with two people: an engineer and the rancher Guadalupe Flores who is living in the city of Ocosingo, and who was the owner of the land before 1994; the 28 paramilitaries from Pojkol and the 21 paramilitaries from El Rosario met together with the rancher and the engineer; after the meeting they began measuring the ground, apparently to build a temple and also they measured sites to build houses.”

After this, they added, “the rancher handed over some documents to the paramilitary group, supposedly a plan of the ‘recuperated land’.”

The JBG said that at 13:26 hours “they fired 10 shots from a firearm behind the house of a fellow support base compañero intimidating the population,” and “at 13:27 hours the paramilitaries from Pojkol went into the house of a support base compañero but did not find anyone there because the owner had already withdrawn to avoid conflict; after 23 minutes they came to the house of another compañero.”

They stated that later “they destroyed the house of a support base compañero and stole all his belongings: 12 3.5 metre laminate sheets from the roof, 2 hens, 4 eggs, 20 picks, 2 axes, 2 solar cells, 2000 pesos in cash, 2 hoes, a tape recorder, a roll of wire 100 metres long and 150 kilograms of beans”.

They said that “they put all the stolen belongings in the truck of the alleged engineer and went off in the direction of Pojkol, where the 28 paramilitaries returned.”

Given these facts, they stressed: “As authorities of the JBG we see very clearly that these two people, the engineer and the former owner of the ranch, are the advisors of these paramilitaries” and “we are also clear that the bad government is seeing many ways and means they can attack us.”

They said that this same “paramilitary” group has carried out several actions against the Zapatista support bases, as in August last year when “they killed a stud bull, destroyed houses and our collective store, stole our belongings and sprayed with herbicides the pasture where the collective cattle of the municipality of San Manuel were being kept, they fired guns and left signs on the ground that said ‘territory of Pojkol’.”

They said that these “are the same paramilitaries who arrived on 10th May last (at El Rosario) and one of them named Andrew shot at a young girl Zapatista support base.”

The JBG remarked that “these groups, prepared and financed by the bad federal, state and municipal governments have been provoking us several times with their strategy of counterinsurgency, thinking we will fall into their traps and stain our hands with the blood of our indigenous brothers. This is sick in the head because they are paid and have a guilty conscience, they are soiled by the bad capitalist system.”

They warned: “We say clearly that we will not stand with our arms folded when our support bases are attacked by any means or measures the bad government may use against us; we have said clearly that we will defend our land because we were born in it, we live in it and die in it, whatever the cost.”

Finally, they held all three levels of the government responsible for “anything that may happen, because it is not the first time we have denounced what this group of people have done.”



May 17, 2015

La Garrucha Good-Government Council (JBG) denounces two paramilitary attacks

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La Garrucha Good-Government Council (JBG) denounces two paramilitary attacks 

(@Centro de Medios Libres)

(@Centro de Medios Libres)

On 11 May, the La Garrucha Good-Government Council (JBG) from Caracol III publicly denounced two attacks: one in the El Rosario community, on recovered lands belonging to the autonomous municipality of San Manuel, and the other in the Nuevo Paraíso community, which pertains to the Francisco Villa autonomous municipality.  According to the JBG, there are two paramilitary groups in the region: one made up of 21 people from El Rosario, and the other comprised of 28 individuals from the Chikinival neighborhood, which pertains to the Pojkol ejido, in the Chilón municipality of Chiapas state.

The acts described in the denunciation took place on 10 May, when the Chikinival group arrived at El Rosario and began to measure the recovered lands of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), where Zapatista support-bases (BAEZLN) also live.  Two paramilitaries entered the house of one Zapatista, and another fired on the Zapatista daughter when she tried to escape the home.  The father of the child then threw a stone at the aggressor, causing him head injuries.  The next day, the family of the injured attacker came to demand 7,000 pesos from the BAEZLN as compensation.  The JBG assures that this amount will not be provided, given that the Zapatista did not seek or initiate the violence.

It bears noting that in 2014, residents of the Pojkol ejido killed a stud bull belonging to a Zapatista, destroyed homes and a cooperative, robbed possessions, fumigated land with herbicides, opened fire intermittently, and left a written note among the burned domiciles: “Pojkol territory.”

Also on 10 May 2015, 16 people from Chikinival entered the Nuevo Paraíso community, armed with two pistols and a rifle.  “They came to leave a letter in the street which blames the Zapatista support-base comrades for having provoked these conflicts,” says the JBG.  Beyond this, the JBG adds that in this case it has initiated mediation, deciding to transfer 21 hectares to put an end to the threats, though this has not yet resolved the problem.  The authorities from the Pojkol ejido claim to oppose this group from Chikinival, given its lack of respect and obedience for the ejidal authorities.

These two incidents took place the day after the close of the seminar on “Critical Thought amidst the Capitalist Hydra,” which was organized by the EZLN and held from 3 to 9 May in CIDECI-Unitierra Las Casas, where academics and activists shared their thoughts and reflections regarding the present context and alternatives to the capitalist system.




May 15, 2015

JBG Path of the Future Caracol III La Garrucha denounces attack by paramilitary group

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JBG Path of the Future Caracol III La Garrucha denounces attack by paramilitary group


Path of the Future Good Government Junta,* 

La Garrucha, Chiapas, Mexico

Mural on front of former offices of Good Government Junta in La Garrucha carries the name of the Caracol in both Spanish and Tseltal.

Mural on front of former offices of Good Government Junta in La Garrucha carries the name of the Caracol in both Spanish and Tseltal.

May 11, 2015


To public opinion:

To the communications media, alternative, autonomous or whatever you call them:

To the national and international adherents of the Sixth:

To the honest human rights organisations:

Sisters and brothers of the people of Mexico and of the world:

We energetically denounce what the paramilitary groups of Rosario are doing to us. There are 21 paramilitaries in Rosario and 28 paramilitaries from the Chikinival barrio of the Pojkol ejido in the municipio of Chilón, Chiapas.

Our compañero support bases live there in Rosario, because it is recuperated land, belonging to San Manuel autonomous municipio of Caracol III La Garrucha.

There are 21 paramilitaries living in Rosario and they are supported by the 28 paramilitaries from barrio Chikinival who are invading our recuperated land.

It has been the same problem since August 2014, when they killed a stud bull of ours, when they destroyed homes and destroyed our collective cooperative, stole our belongings, when they fumigated a hectare of pasture land with herbicide, when they were shooting and leaving letters in the ground with spent shells that said: “Pojkol territory.” [1]


On May 10, 2015, at 9:35 in the morning, 28 people arrived who belong to the Chikinival barrio of the Pojkol ejido in the official municipio of Chilón, some 40 minutes away by car from the town of Rosario. They arrived aboard eight motorcycles, in the recuperated town of ROSARIO where the compañero support bases live, because they want to take our land away by force.

These paramilitaries of Rosario, accompanied by the paramilitaries from the Chikinival barrio of the Pojkol ejido, started to measure the sites where the compañero support bases are already living, during the day while they were working there.

At 15:15 pm, a group of them withdrew from working, another group stayed in the same place, but 5 minutes later three of them headed to the home of a support base compañero, and the majority of them stayed on the highway 30 metres from the compañero’s house.  They found only the 13-year old daughter of the support base compañero at home sweeping her room, not the father. The mother was outside on one side of the house.

Two of these paramilitary aggressors belong to the Chikinival barrio of the Pojkol ejido and one belongs to Rosario. His name is ANDRES LOPEZ VAZQUEZ.  The 2 from Chikinival entered inside of the house, while Andrés, the Rosario paramilitary, stood guard at the door of the house. Upon seeing that the compa’s young daughter went out running for the door, ANDRES shot at her 4 times with a 22-calibre pistol. Her father arrived at the moment of the shots and the compañero defended his daughter, throwing a stone at the attacker that hit him in the head. None of the bullets hit the young woman. His compañeros that were at 30 metres carried the injured man away.

Yesterday afternoon, May 11, the injured man returned the family members of the aggressor went to the compañero’s house, in other words, the wife and 3 sons to say that they have to pay him 7,000 pesos for his care.

It’s clear that the compañero will not pay, because he is not the one who sought and provoked what happened.

On May 10 at 6:50 pm, 16 people arrived in village of Nuevo Paraíso in Francisco Villa the autonomous municipio. Three of them were armed with two 22-caliber pistols in hand and one 22-caliber long arm. They were aboard 8 motorcycles. These people belong to the Chikinival barrio of the Pojkol ejido. They came to throw a letter in the street, wherein they blame the support base compañeros for provoking these problems first.

But in reality we are not the ones provoking any problem, because we have been seeking peaceful alternatives for trying to resolve this matter, but they have never understood us. We have even delivered one hectare to each one of the 21 persons that are provoking, even so they have been threatening us. From February until today, May 11, those from Chikinival in the Pojkol ejido are threatening us daily because they ask those of Rosario to patrol armed. Those from Pojkol are always armed every day.

Therefore, we contradict what they are doing and blaming. It’s clear who provokes first.

We have cited (sent a notice to appear) the Pojkol ejido’s authorities and they came and said that they cannot do anything, because that group is not recognized now in the ejido, because they are totally some hoodlums, they do not respect or obey in the ejido. He also advised that the State of Manuel Velasco Coello also does nothing because it is his paramilitary.

Compañeros and compañeras, brothers and sisters of the world, these are the strategies with which the three levels of bad federal, state and municipal government are provoking us, when they use people that don’t understand our just cause so that that way we fall into their traps; but we are clear about what this bad government is doing: organizing, preparing and financing organizations and people that let themselves be bought off or that sell out.

We say to those without brains up there above: we are never going to stop resisting, nor are we going to fall into their traps; we will continue resisting here, working our lands and constructing our autonomy.

Whatever may come to pass, we place responsibility directly on the federal, state and municipal governments and on the paramilitaries from Chikinival barrio of the Pojkol ejido and from Rosario.

Sisters and brothers, we will continue reporting what may happen with our peoples and we want you to remain attentive to what may happen.


Good Government Junta

Jacobo Silvano Hernández                                            Lucio Ruiz Pérez


* We have translated the name of the Good Government Junta as “Path of the Future” because in that region of the Jungle the word camino is used to refer to one’s current path in life.

[1] For background  on what happened last August 2014, see:


Originally Published in Spanish by Enlace Zapatista

Translation: Chiapas Support Committee

Monday, May 11, 2015



August 18, 2014

Denouncement from the Caracol Resistance Towards a New Dawn of attacks by ORCAO in several communities of BAZ in La Garrucha

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Denouncement from the Caracol Resistance Towards a New Dawn of attacks by ORCAO in several communities of BAZ in La Garrucha




Caracol of Resistance Towards a New Dawn

Good Government Junta

The way of the future

La Garrucha Chiapas


Mexico, August 14, 2014.


To all the compañeras of the National and international sixth

To the national and international alternative media of the sixth

To the people of Mexico and the world


These events started on Friday, July 25, 2014. We did not want to make them public, because of the exchange which took place in the Caracol of La Realidad from 4 to 9 August, so as not to disrupt the great exchange between the original peoples of this country.

We just informed the Fray Bartolome de las Casas human rights, Chiapas.

But the provocations continued and these are the facts.

1.-A group of 19 people, from the community of Pojkol in the municipality of Chilón, from the organization ORCAO, of the Chiquinaval neighbourhood. We mention some names of these people, they are Andres Gutierrez Guillen, Andres Gutierrez de Meza, Eliceo Ruiz Gutierrez, Guillermo Perez Guillen, Vidal Gutierrez Gomez and Juan Ruiz Gutierrez, the last two names are of those who have vans which transport people; they arrived in the San Jacinto community, which is a community of Zapatista support bases, in the Municipality of San Manuel in the autonomous caracol of La Garrucha.

At 6 am, on the 25th of July, they arrived armed and took the reclaimed land, firing into the air.

They destroyed the sign which we put up about the assassination of Compañero Galeano.

They installed their roofs making out that they would be staying there. At all times they were verbally threatening our compañero support bases with shouts. As there are other communities of compañero Zapatista support bases close by, the villages of Egypt and El Rosario, there were threatening with cries that they were going to displace them and return to where their roofs are. On the morning of July 26, at 1:30 am, they left.

2.-On 30th July, they entered again at 6 am, spraying the paddock of 3 hectares with a substance which we do not know, and this is where the collective livestock of the municipality of San Manuel are located, they herded the other animals to take them where they sprayed so the animals would eat the sprayed grass.

They wounded a young bull with a knife, near the horn which is the place for killing. They left the legend “Pojkol Territory” written in the earth, in the middle of this area they left the bushes burned in the form of a cross, of a 22 gauge cartridge and 20 gauge shotgun.

At 4 pm they left.

3.-On the 1st August, at 11.30 pm, the same people from Pojkol, barrio santiago, entered again, armed as usual; we mention some names of those people they are Bersain Gutierrez Gomez, Victor Gutierrez Gomez, Valdemar Gutierrez Gomez, Romeo Gutierrez Gomez, they went back into the same place; Which is to San Jacinto. These paramilitaries killed a young bull, while the others fired shots in the air and headed towards the Zapatista community of Egipto, all with lamps in their hand, for this reason the compañeros organized and the women and children left at 12.30 am, to go to another Zapatista village where they still are now

Those who killed the young bull, arrived on 2 motorcycles, 4 people and they just took away the meat, leaving the bones.

4.-On 6 August, at 7.30 am, the same people from Pojkol arrived with 2 nissan vans, with 15 people with a chainsaw, they arrived firing shots and cut down a large tree, as the tree was falling they began firing into the air, threatening in this way so that no one would come to see them and on leaving they started shooting again in the afternoon.

On passing the community of support base compañeros of El Rosario, they fired 5 shots. Again passing the community of support bases of Kexil, 2 shots were fired on the roof of the home of one of base of support compañeros, fired from inside the Nissan vehicle which was heading towards the village of Pojkol.

5.-On Thursday14th August, at 4:50 am, the same 18 people, armed members of ORCAO, came from Pojkol and surrounded the community of compañeros of San Jacinto.

They fired guns of different calibres, firing bullets into the walls of the houses, and on to the roofs of the houses, where the compañer@s were sleeping and at the same time the compañer@s had to leave in the early hours of the morning to seek refuge in another Zapatista community, leaving everything, they just took what they were wearing.

This was how they avoided being massacred, murdered like in Acteal.

When they were leaving the compañeros were hearing the damage that these paramilitaries were doing.

To date we know that:

5 houses are cut down, the sheets of laminated metal are cut to pieces with machetes, 50 sheets of laminate.

7 zontes of corn and 130 kilos of corn grains have been stolen.


Where is the peace which Peña Nieto speaks so much of? Is this the peace Manuel Velasco talks about? If this happened to the Municipal President of Ocosingo, Octavio Albores, what they are doing to the compañero Zapatista support bases, would he believe that this is peace?

They should think if they want peace. Because they are responsible for everything that may happen or will happen.

If they are governments as they say, why do they not control those paramilitaries from Pojkol from the barrio of Chiquinival in the Municipality of Chilón?

They do not control them because they are the ones who fund, organize and execute these attacks against us.

We say to the government and the paramilitaries, who are made of blood, bones and flesh, like us, that we are not drug addicts, like these paramilitaries and yourselves. We say do not manipulate people, do not pay thugs, do not spend money to worsen the lives of the poor which are already bad enough.

We truly want peace, if there is no peace we will struggle until there is peace.

We do not sell out, we do not give up, we do not surrender.

We are organized for a just and dignified peace. You the 3 levels of bad government do not want peace, we know that you do not repent, but you will be condemned by the poor people of Mexico and we are with them.

So, compañeras and compañeros from Mexico and the world, we must be vigilant, these savages will come against us and we will be watching.

This is our denuncia.


Authorities of the Council of Good Government of La Garrucha

Jacobo Silvano Hernandez
Rudy Luna Lopez
Fredy Moreno Rominguez
Elizabeth Ruiz Camera
Yornely Lopez Alvarez






August 6, 2014

32 people from the Autonomous Community Egipto, belonging to the Caracol of La Garrucha, are forcibly displaced

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32 people from the Autonomous Community Egipto, belonging to the Caracol of La Garrucha, are forcibly displaced




San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, 4 August, 2014

Press Release No. 22

Displacement of Zapatista Bases due to the risk of attack

  • 32 people from the Autonomous Community Egipto (Egypt), belonging to the Caracol of La Garrucha, have been forcibly displaced
  • Residents of the Ejido Pojcol invaded the recuperated lands of the Bases of Support of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (BAEZLN)

The Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human Rights Centre (Frayba) documented the forced displacement of 32 people from Egipto Community, Rebel Autonomous Municipality Zapatista (MAREZ) San Manuel, belonging to the Good Government Junta “Path of the Future,” Caracol III, La Garrucha, Tseltal Jungle Zone, in Chiapas, (official municipality of Ocosingo).

The incident occurred on August 1, at 11.30 pm, when a group of armed people, coming from the Ejido Pojcol, municipality of Chilón, went into the land for regional collective work in the San Manuel Autonomous Municipality, which was recuperated by the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN). In this territory, adjacent to the Autonomous Communities El Rosario and Egipto, the armed individuals killed a bullock and fired gunshots.

While the group from Ejido Pojcol were carrying out acts of occupation and armed harassment, members of the Egipto Autonomous Community realised that several individuals, with lamps in their hands, were heading towards their village. For this reason, and to avoid a possible attack, on 2nd August, at 12.30 am, 32 people (women, children, and old people) were forcibly displaced, walking throughout the early hours of the morning to reach another Zapatista village where they are currently taking refuge.

These new acts of harassment, territorial dispossession and aggressions are taking place in the context of the meeting of the Indigenous National Congress the First Exchange of the Zapatista Peoples and the Original Peoples of Mexico “Compañero David Ruiz García”, which began on Monday, 4th August in the Autonomous Community of La Realidad.

Faced with the imminent risk and the severity of the acts which occurred in the MAREZ of San Manuel, belonging to the JBG “Path of the Future,” Caracol III of La Garrucha, we ask National and International Civil Society to remain alert so that the acts of violence against the Zapatista support bases do not continue to escalate.


On Friday, 25th July, at 6 am, 19 armed people entered the land for regional collective work of the San Manuel Autonomous Municipality for the first time. They constructed roofs; they destroyed, burned and used as firewood signs that the BAEZLN had installed in protest after the murder of Teacher Galeano. At the same time, during the morning and afternoon, the aggressors fired 3 gunshots into the air with .22-calibre weapons; they left the community at 1.30 am on 26th July. During the time they were there, they threatened to dispossess the BAEZLN from El Rosario and Egipto autonomous communities of their lands.

On Wednesday, 30th July, the aggressor group again entered to clear one part of the land, they sprayed 3 hectares of pasture, wounded a young zebu bull with a knife, and wrote the words “Pojcol Territory” on the land. (1)

Because of these incidents, this Human Rights Centre conducted specific interventions, addressing documents to the Chiapas state government so that the necessary measures can be taken to avoid consequences difficult or impossible to repair.

Frayba has documented other aggressions against the BAEZLN, among the recent ones: the murder of Señor José Luis Solís López “Teacher Galeano” and the destruction of the autonomous Zapatista clinic and school on 2nd May in the Autonomous Community of La Realidad, official municipality of Las Margaritas. These acts were perpetrated by Members of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM), the National Action Party (PAN) and the Independent Central of Agricultural Workers and Campesinos-Historic (CIOAC-H), prior to the announced meeting of the National Indigenous Congress and the Homage that the EZLN was going to hold in memory of Don Luis Villoro. (2)



Originally published in Spanish by Frayba at:




May 11, 2014

Denunciation from the Good Government Council at La Realidad, Chiapas

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Denunciation from the Good Government Council at La Realidad, Chiapas








MAY 5, 2014












Compañeros and compañeras, brothers and sisters, we vehemently denounce the CIOAC paramilitaries organized by the three levels of the bad government against our bases of support of the Zapatista Army for National Liberation – EZLN.

On March 16 of this year, as we were carrying out an autonomous health drive with our Zapatista communities in the autonomous municipality of General Emiliano Zapata, headquartered in Amador Hernández, the CIOAC paramilitaries from La Realidad detained the Junta de Buen Gobierno’s [Good Government Council] truck which was transporting medications for our campaign. They used the pretext of objecting to the two loads of gravel that ourcompañero bases of support in la Realidad were supplying for the construction of a dormitory for the health promoters working in the autonomous municipal health clinic in the municipality of San Pedro Michoacana, headquartered in La Realidad.

1. The pretext: before, there had been an agreement about how the gravel could be used. But the paramilitaries of La Realidad have been using it to construct the chicken coops and pigpens that the bad government gives them as part of the dignified housing program, so now the paramilitaries do not allow our compañeros to use this gravel; this was their pretext.

The paramilitaries, organized by the three levels of bad government in preparation for a counterinsurgency campaign, tried to provoke our Zapatista compañeros by acting against the Junta de Buen Gobierno, because instead of detaining the truck that transported the gravel, they detained the vehicle that was working in the service of the health of thousands of Zapatistas. They never intended to understand or resolve the situation. The leaders of the CIOAC paramilitaries are the comisariado ejidal Javier López Rodríguezparamilitary agente Carmelino Rodriguez JiménezJaime Rodríguez Gómez, Eduardo Santiz Santiz, Álvaro Santiz Rodríguez, and Oscar Rodríguez Gómez.

This was just a pretext for provocation, because there is a community agreement that the gravel is communal. The CIOAC paramilitaries of La Realidad are using that gravel to build the pigpens that the bad government calls dignified housing.

And so the compañeros thought that they also had the right to use it.

The paramilitaries of La Realidad are paid, organized, led, and trained by the three levels of bad government to divide and provoke the Zapatista people and the Zapatista autonomous government; this time they distorted the issue at hand and went after the Junta de Buen Gobierno.

As the Junta, we wanted to resolve the situation, but they never wanted to come to an understanding, because it was the leaders of the CIOAC paramilitaries of la Realidad that brought their people against the Junta de Buen Gobierno, and as such the situation could not be resolved. They dragged the Junta de Buen Gobierno’s truck to their ejidal house and it is still in their hands today.

2. As the Junta de Buen Gobierno, we believed that we had an understanding with the other paramilitary leaders from the CIOAC-Histórico, which is to say the paramilitary leaders Luis Hernández, José Antonio Vázquez Hernández, Roberto Alfaro Velasco, Alfredo Cruz Calvo, Juan Carlos López Calvo, Romeo Jiménez Rodríguez, Víctor García López, Conrado Hernández Pérez, Gustavo Morales López, and Roberto Méndez Vázquez, and accompanied by some of their militants such as Adrián López Velásquez, Cesar Hernández Santiz from the community Victoria la paz; Bernardo Román Méndez, Enrique Méndez Méndez, who are from the Ejido Miguel Hidalgo; Misael Jiménez Pérez, Vidal Jiménez Pérez, Marconi Jiménez Pérez from Guadalupe Tepeyac; and Ismael Garcia Perez from San José la esperanza. And there are other accomplices who work from another site, including Gilberto Jiménez Hernández, Delmar Jiménez Jiménez, and Gerardo Hernandez Perez, the three paramilitary bosses who operate in Guadalupe Tepeyac.

There are others from Guadalupe los Altos including Julio Rodriguez Aguilar, Carmellino Rodriguez Aguilar, Ranulfo Hernandez Aguilar and Alejandro Vazquez; from San Carlos Veracruz including Gaudencio Jimenez jimenez who works in the municipal presidency of Las Margaritas; and Gabriel Grene Hernandez, Isauro Mendez Santiz, Ivan Mendez Dominguez, Fidel Mendez Zantiz, and Alfredo Mendez Rodriguez, from Veracruz annexed to San Carlos.

3.  Knowing the attitudes of the CIOAC paramilitary leaders, which is to say the Los Luises gang, we first went to the Human Rights Organization Fray Bartolomé de las Casas. We explained the acts of provocation against us, and “Frayba” explained it to Los Luises and gave them a summons with the date of March 31. There was a first summons, and then a second, and a third. The response was that if the summons was for the problems with the CIOAC from Guadalupe los Altos, Santa Rosa el Copan, Diez de Abril, San Francisco or San Jose el Puente, then that isn’t their problem. Frayba explained the situation around the summons and, moreover, the summons itself specifies the problem with the CIOAC paramilitaries in la Realidad, but they didn’t present themselves.

4. We again sent a second summons through Frayba and the response was that they were going to come, but they never did.

Seeing this with concern, we had to go to the Frayba offices to explain more fully the reason for the call and that they should go directly to tell the Luises, the paramilitary leaders. Not until the third citation was sent did they come. We asked for Frayba’s presence as a witness for a peaceful solution and they set the date of the meeting for May 1 of this year.

5. The first to arrive were Roberto Alfaro Velasco, secretary of the CIOAC, and Alfredo Cruz Calvo, their secretary of transportation. One of them, Alfredo Cruz Calvo, went to talk to his CIOAC paramilitary compañeros in La Realidad, and he returned to tell us, the members of the Junta de Buen Gobierno, that they hadn’t understood – exactly as they have been taught to act. They proposed to us that they would go and talk to some of the other paramilitary leaders in La Realidad, but that was backbiting trickery because they didn’t go talk to the paramilitaries in La Realidad – they went to speak with the paramilitary boss of the Luises. When Alfredo returned, after supposedly having gone to talk to the paramilitaries in La Realidad, he brought 15 people with him telling us that we had to free Roberto Alfaro. In other words, he didn’t come to address the problem but to tell us that one of them was going to stay to talk to the leaders in La Realidad.

Once the discussion began, it was made clear to them that Roberto Alfaro had neither been kidnapped nor detained. The 15 people they brought were the ones forcing Roberto Alfaro to say that he had been kidnapped and detained, and Frayba was a witness to all of this; they were there the whole time. Roberto Alfaro asked those 15 people to go talk to the paramilitaries in La Realidad but they refused. On May 2 we were about to reach an agreement at about five or six in the evening to establish another dialogue the following day. But those 15 and the paramilitary head of the Luises were already organizing something else outside. On the evening of May 2 the Zapatista compañeros bases of support were arriving to our Caracol to work on other zone projects, and these paramilitaries were planning an ambush at the entrance to the community in order to attack our compañeros.

The paramilitaries in La Realidad already had a plan organized. They had split into two groups – one at the entrance to the community and the other in the middle of the community. They had both long and short weapons – machetes, clubs, and rocks. Before they carried out the murder, they began their provocations by destroying ourcompañeros autonomous school and cut the water piping that supplied water to our Zapatista bases of support and to the center of the caracol. We saw and heard it happen. As this was happening, the compañeros were arriving to work on other zone projects, and immediately the La Realidad paramilitaries ambushed the entrance road to the community and began attacking our compañeros with rocks and clubs, destroying the trucks’ windshields. Our compañeros managed to get out of the trucks however they could and defended themselves. We as Junta de Buen Gobierno were informed immediately that our compañeros were being attacked, and other compañeros who were working in the caracol came out to help, but they were unable to reach them. They were attacked with firearms in the middle of the community, and that is where our compañero José Luís Solís López fell; he was a zone level teacher in our Little School “Freedom According to the Zapatistas.” He was shot in the right leg and the right side of the chest with a .22 caliber bullet, cut across the mouth with a machete, and received a coup de grace to the back of the head with a weapon of the same caliber. He had also been clubbed many times on the back.

Many other compañeros sustained injuries from bullets, machetes, clubs, and rocks:

– Romeo Jimenez López, shot twice: once in the right leg and another in the left leg with a .22 caliber bullet.

– Andulio Gómez López, grazed in the chest with a .22 caliber bullet.

– The compañero Abacuc Jimenez López, struck by a machete blow to the right arm.

– The compañero Yadiel Jimenez López, struck by a machete blow, also to the right arm.

– The compañero Efraín, struck by a rock blow to the head.

– The compañero Gerardo, struck by a rock blow to the mouth.

– The compañero Ignacio, struck by a rock blow to his right hand and to his brow.

– The compañero Esau, struck by a rock blow to his brow.

– The compañero Noe, struck by a rock blow to his head.

– The compañero Saul, struck by a rock blow to his right arm.

– The compañero Elder Darinel, various blows to his neck.

– The compañero Hector, struck by a rock blow to his eye.

– The compañero Marin, struck by a rock blow to his mouth, destroying his teeth.

– The compañero Nacho, struck by a machete blow to his hand and eye.

– The compañero Jairo, struck with blows to his back.

Our compañeros were transported to our hospital-school “La Primera Esperanza Compañero Pedro” for medical attention.

6. We adamantly refute that we were armed. If that had been the case, the outcome would have been different. This took place at 8:30pm on May 2.

That little mob of paramilitary leaders – those 15 who were with us – were told to go outside and control their people, but none of them would go.

7. Today, May 5, we see that the bad government in Chiapas had detained five people. One of them is a CIOAC paramilitary leader, Conrado Hernández Pérez; we don’t know the others. But they know exactly who they are, especially their paramilitary head, Manuel Velasco Cuello, and their supreme paramilitary-in-chief, Peña Nieto. However, those murderous paramilitary criminals who took the life of our compañero José Luís Solís López, and shot him coup de grace style have not been detained. They are still in La Realidad, keeping up their provocations, and they will continue to do so because this is the plan of the supreme paramilitary-in-chief, the top paramilitary in Chiapas, and the paramilitary bosses of CIOAC.

8. As you can see from what we’ve recounted, the Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human Rights Center was present at every moment. This is why we did not put out our own statement on what took place quickly. Out of respect for their mediation role and impartial perspective, we waited for Frayba to issue its neutral account, the way it does with all the issues it handles. In Frayba’s statement you can see directly who is lying and what the truth is, according to those who were present but did not belong to any of the groups involved.

9. Now it can be clearly seen that everything that the paid press reported is a lie. There was never a confrontation. There was an attack against us.

10. In light of this problem and the cowardly murder of our compañero Galeano, the Junta de Buen Gobierno has decided to withdraw its participation and hand the entire issue over to the General Command of the Zapatista Army for National Liberation so that it can take charge of the investigation and help bring about justice. Now we have to wait for what our EZLN compañeros have to say.






Translated by El Kilombo Intergaláctico



February 8, 2014

The Junta de Buen Gobierno, Caracol IV, Denounces the Aggression Suffered by the Support Bases from the 10 de Abril Ejido

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The Junta de Buen Gobierno, Heart of the Rainbow of Hope in Caracol IV, Denounces the Aggression Suffered by the Support Bases from the 10 de Abril Ejido in the 17 de Noviembre Autonomous Municipality in Rebellion, Chiapas, Mexico






Friday, January 31st, 2014

We the junta de buen gobierno, heart of the rainbow of hope in caracol IV, whirlwind of our words; denounce the aggression suffered by our support base compañeros and compañeras from 10 de abril ejido in the 17 de noviembre autonomous municipality in rebellion, Chiapas, Mexico. Provoked by people from the CIOAC democrática and lead by Miguel Vázquez Hernández and Jaime Luna González.

In the year 2007, was when for the first time they provoked us to take from us our land recovered in the year 1994, presenting us a simple sketch and with that, they wanted to become the owner.

On October 18th, 2013, they again tried to provoke us and take from us our recovered land paid for by the blood of our fallen compañeros, from this date they again realize their famous demarcation to plunder us and we saw that it is completely out of line how they arrived to make a street in the year 2007, endorsing themselves with it and a simple sketch.

The most recent provocation suffered by our support base compañeros from the 10 de abril ejido in the 17 de Noviembre autonomous municipality in rebellion, is this past Monday, January 27th, 2014, around 7:30 in the morning 250 people from the organization CIOAC democrática, from the 20 de Noviembre ejido, official municipality of las Margaritas, Chiapas, went in to provoke us.

Arriving at our recovered land, as number one they began to cut our sign which is in the entrance of the 10 de abril ejido, they destroyed only one and left the other burnt.

As a second plan they went in to cut down trees which we have as an ecological reserve and that does not matter to them at all and they began to work with 5 chainsaws chopping down 9 pine trees, 40 oak trees, 35 coffee trees, three banana trees squashing with the trees that they were cutting down and a cluster of bananas eaten by them.

From the downed trees they went removing straight edges, boards, logs, they did not take them for household use, they stole them to sell them, doing business and taking with them a total of 41 pickup trucks.

When they returned to their houses, they left screaming saying the names of 2 compañeros that they were coming back and there what is going to happen will see.

We assessed the cost of what they stole from us it gives a quantity of 40,530 pesos and more from our medicinal costs for our wounded compañeros.

On the date January 30th, 2014, around 6:40 in the morning they again attacked us following through with their threats what they warned about on January 27th, 2014, they came with 18 pickup trucks stakes Nissan which we calculate that about 300 people came all willing to do violence.

They were getting out of their trucks 30 metres from where our compañeros were and the truck that went in front tried to run over them, even though we indicated to them that they not come through, they paid no attention to us.

When our aggressors were getting out it was noticeable that they were completely willing to cut us with machetes because per se they carried in hand, they brought rocks from their houses because they got out of their trucks.

Our compañeros resisted not answering any of the aggressive verbal questions that they asked and the mocking; with difficulty, we’ll tell you here the taunts that our compañeros received and how a good while passed not responding to the questions that they asked they told them that if they are vaginas and penises not to respond to the questions.

Then our support base compañeros tried to tell them to stop bothering them because the land is recovered since 1994 and that’s why they are there taking care of it; with only telling them that the aggressors from the CIOAC Democrática, took a pause of 5 minutes perhaps to remember what action they were taking and this time passing they began to throw elegant rocks.

They began their actions throwing rocks at us, while some did this to us, others looked for robust sticks to hit us with.

Immediately our compañeros began to fall with blunt blows to their eyes, head, nose, and legs. We have 3 seriously wounded compañeros who are: Sebastian 20 years-old wounded and serious, fractured cheek bone, left-side eye trauma, severe retinal haemorrhage, severe retinal inflammation, fractured skull floor, and fractured nasal base, and now in grave health with danger of losing his vision. Under observation for neurological signs.

Ismael 22 years-old, open nose fracture, lip edema, mild brain trauma, left shoulder bruise.

Jhony, 32 years-old, left-side moderate brain trauma wound, left eye trauma, eyelid edema.

In addition 3 compañeros with minor wounds are:

Mateo, 55 years-old, wound behind the head 5 centimetres long and 1 centimetre deep. Rodolfo 26 years-old, left-side head wound, 3 centimetres wide and 1 centimetre deep, Ernesto 37 years-old, left-side head wound, 3 centimetres long and one centimetre deep.

The leaders violators of our rights as humans are these vile people: Arnulfo González Jiménez, who carried a 22-calibre pistol, and Mr Jaime Luna González, they shot said weapons, they began to beat us and their accomplices followed, Mr. Tranquilino González, bilingual teacher, José Lino Álvarez, and Humberto López natives of the 20 de Noviembre ejido.

The people who they took transporting were paid 100 pesos each one for their day’s work of violence that they did to us.

When we saw our compañeros fall we sought emergency help in the San Carlos hospital, in Altamirano, those who work there, went to the place where our wounded were, the CIOAC democrática aggressors did not let them through because they were blocking the Altamirano crossroads which goes from Comitán and to the San Miguel ejido.

While they were beating our compañeros, in that time Mr. Francisco Hernández Aguilar from El Nanze village arrived, before belonging to the OPDDIC and now he is the leader of the ORCAO who currently continues carrying high-power firearms 2 AKA-47s, 1 AR-15, 1 M 1, we have denounced that previously.

They also took the ambulance driver Filomeno Hernández García and the vehicle as prisoner to their ejido, they also took Doctor Edgar Ulises Torres Rodríguez and a sister passenger named Edith Garrido Lozada and arriving at the 20 de noviembre ejido, they began to beat their faces, ribs, and heads. Sister Edith Garrido Lozada was beaten by men.

The ambulance was accompanied by another pickup truck a Chevrolet 6-cyllinder, it took driving another sister named Patricia Moysén Márquez and as copilot went sister Martha Range Martínez; they were also forced to get out of the truck by tojolobal women and for resisting not handing over the vehicle’s key they were beaten and they physically mistreated. They plundered the driver of her purse which carried her personal document.

Before this violence that the evil governments renew, are the good teachers who teach these local leaders to do away with our natural resources.

We know that Enrique Peña Nieto, is the shameless foreman who is selling all of our natural resources and our mother earth. Thus what today his students do to us is what he is teaching them with his projects of death.

Now the butler child of Chiapas, Manuel Velazco Cuello, when he won his butlership he said that he respected our autonomy and the juntas de buen gobierno and in the first days of January 2014, again lied to us saying that he respected the lands recovered from 1994.

The corporal of the official municipality las Margaritas Mr. Manuel Culebro Gordillo is nothing more than another liar and thief, accomplice of the leaders of the CIOAC democrática.

These three busboys to the great transnational businesses, the foreman Enrique Peña Nieto, the butler Manuel Velazco Cuello, and the corporal Manuel Culebro Gordillo have one debt more with us for the blood of our compañeros spilt and that has no price.

It is without a doubt that these characters are genuinely liars, corrupt, thieves who have no shame. A clear example of the butler child when in his campaign he diverted millions of pesos which is the people’s money and when he sat down that there was not so much money. This is how they all are, thieves protected by the law that they make.





Translated from Spanish by Henry Gales

Click here for original Spanish text.

Originally published on February 1st, 2014


 Testimony of San Carlos Hospital Personnel with Respect to the Aggression Against Compañeros from the 10 de Abril Ejido, on January 30th, 2014

From San Carlos Hospital

Altamirano, Chiapas, January 30th, 2014

At approximately 7:30 a.m we received a call to go and help persons wounded from a problem which happened in the community 10 de Abril.

The ambulance left with the driver, a doctor, and a sister whose names are, respectively: Filomeno Hernández García, Dr. Edgar Ulises Torres Rodríguez and Sister Edith Garrido Lozada. A pickup truck also left in case more was needed upon knowing the number of those possibly wounded.

At the San Miguel crossroads we ran into a large number of people from the community 20 de Noviembre, with sticks and machetes. The let us through without any problem, but further on another group stopped us.

The ambulance went forward.

Sister Martha Rangel Martínez and I, Sister Patricia Moysén Márquez, went in the pickup behind the ambulance. They told us that we could not go through.

We identified ourselves as San Carlos Hospital and that we were going because of a call for help due to the fact that there were wounded. Their reaction was then they were going to burn the truck because we are from the government and like this the problem will be solved more quickly. We said that we are not from the government, but rather the church.

They said that, then, we were Zapatistas who are going to help our group. We said that that’s not how it is. That we were going to see wounded from whichever religion or party. The problem that they had was not our affair nor were we going to solve that, only wounded. We took a long time trying to get them to understand that we are going to help whichever group and that we are from the church.

They took the driver from the ambulance and some said that then we could pass but we had to take out wounded from both sides, if it was not so than they were going to take the driver to 20 de Noviembre. I told them that it was much better for the ambulance to go in, and in any case better for us to stay. But another group arrived which said that no one is going to pass, that the government has to solve it and that the ambulance as well as the truck are going to be burned right there, others said that they are going to take both vehicles to the community 20 de Noviembre.

Since I did not want to give them the key nor get out, they said that they were going to tip over the truck. We insisted a great deal about the urgency of saving the life of whoever was injured, that life is worth more than anything, etc., etc., that’s why we were there, because God wants life.

A while later, I saw that the ambulance was turning around to go back. I do not know where the driver was because someone from 20 de Noviembre was driving.

They began to beat the truck with sticks, to try to open the doors. I do not know what they did to open the copilot’s door and drag Sister Martha outside. So I had to turn around, as they wanted, Sister Martha got in along with many of them, they told me to go to the crossroads and there we got out, but I did not want to give them the keys, I stuck them in the pocket of my habit, well also I saw that they went off with the ambulance toward 20 de Noviembre. I did not want them to take us there that’s why I preferred that they take us out of the truck.

So they called the women and they began to insult us, trying to take the keys from me. Since I resisted they began to take both our clothes off. They stuck their hands wherever they wanted and in the end they fastened each of our arms together. They injured us, they tore my jacket, they took the keys and my purse where I have all my documents: IFE, driver’s license, INAPAN, and various cards.

I asked many times for them to give back the documents but they flatly refused.

A little later they took off with the truck and all the vehicles, which were many, full of people the majority men from the community 20 de Noviembre.

Sister Martha and I got a ride back toward Altamirano to provide warning to the leadership and to our authorities.

While I was reporting, two men arrived at the hospital who identified themselves as politicians from the State government working in Altamirano. Their names are: Juan Baldemar Navarro Guillen, subdelegate, and Jorge Alfredo Jiménez, political operator.

At 11:40 the driver, doctor, and sister arrived at the hospital, but the ambulance and truck remained in 20 de Noviembre. They had just got done calling the municipal president telling him to ask for the liberation of the vehicles.

Testimony given by: Sister Patricia Moysén Márquez and Sister Martha Rangel

Translated from Spanish by Henry Gales

Click here for original Spanish text.

Originally published on Feb 1st, 2014



December 4, 2013

Report on Acts of Aggression Against Zapatista Support Bases: 2006-2012

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Report on Acts of Aggression Against Zapatista Support Bases: 2006-2012

 The Network Against Repression and for Solidarity presents this report with the intention of making visible the acts of aggression against Zapatista Support Bases (BAZ) from June 2006, after the date in which the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle was released, to December 2012. This report is based on the denunciations by the Juntas de Buen Gobierno (JBG), published on the “Enlace Zapatista” website.

Each denunciation contains the details of the acts of aggression: imprisonments, murders, displacements, thefts, kidnappings, plunder, repression, places, dates, and persons responsible for said acts of aggression. We take into account the words written by the compañeras and compañeros of the Juntas de Buen Gobierno of the five Zapatista Caracols, they make us see the forms of destruction that are exercised against them and the pain that it causes; nonetheless in the face of this, the Zapatistas bring us closer to understanding their achievements and the magnitude of their resistance.

Due to the strength that the testimonies of our compañeros have, we have incorporated fragments of the denunciations in the words of each Junta de Buen Gobierno. Of course, it was necessary to select the denunciations and their fragments, so we took as criteria for doing so that they articulate different types of aggression and forms of aggression that are realized against them.


Click here to read and download the report:

Red Contra la Represión y por la Solidaridad
Correo electrónico:
Teléfono: 55 78 07 75 y 55 78 47 11
Dirección: Dr. Carmona y Valle # 32, colonia Doctores, Del. Cuauhtémoc, México D. F. C.P. 06720


Compilation of six years of Zapatista denunciations

The denuncias from all five Zapatista Juntas de Buen Gobierno (Good Government Juntas) written between 2006 and 2012 have been compiled by the Network Against Repression and for Solidarity.

Report on Acts of Aggression Against Zapatista Support Bases (pdf in English)

Informe de Agresiones a las Bases de Apoyo Zapatista (pdf in Spanish)


November 16, 2013

The JBG Heart of the Rainbow of Hope Denounces the Invasion of Lands and Aggressions

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The JBG Heart of the Rainbow of Hope Denounces the Invasion of Lands and Aggressions

 ** It accuses members of the CIOAC-Historic from the ejido 20th of November, in Chiapas

** The lands in dispute have been worked by the Zapatistas since 1994, assures the Junta

By: Hermann Bellinghausen


The Good Government Junta, Heart of the Rainbow of Hope, from the Zapatista Caracol of Morelia, Chiapas, denounced land invasions, aggressions and death threats in the ejido 10th of April, in the 17th of November autonomous municipality, by members of the CIOAC-Historical. On October 18th, some 60 people from the ejido 20th of November, who belong to the CIOAC-Historical, “entered to open a path where they want to take our recuperated land away from us.” A commission from the Junta went to ask them: “who they are and why they are interfering.” The invaders claimed the property, and the Junta asked them why they have waited until now, if the Zapatistas have worked those lands since 1994.

The Junta identifies the leaders Antonio Hernández and Luis Hernández as “intellectual authors,” and specifies that the support bases of the Zapatista National Liberation Army have more than 20 hectares of coffee, corn, beans and bananas planted there.

“Another part is assigned as an ecological reserve.” The commission from the Junta set an appointment for the invaders for October 21st, but they did not appear. The Junta sent a new appointment for the day of October 25th. Then 60 people presented themselves, headed by Tranquelino González López, Arnulfo González Jiménez, Arnulfo Luna Vázquez and Gerónimo Álvarez Vázquez. Junta representatives asked: “Is there any document that guarantees that it’s yours?” And they answered that: “they did not bring them because there is a lot of rain.”

The Junta also asked them “if you know how many hectares are supposed to be yours.”  They answered: “that they do not know,” and gave as a pretext “that they are acting to ask for these lands because the ejidatarios of 20th of November have already divided it as the legal reform to Article 27, made by Carlos Salinas, dictates,” and as they are excluded, “they are putting themselves into where we work.” For the Junta, as a consequence of “the bad policy of the bad governments, we are paying with what we fought for with dignity.”

In that talk “nothing happened; they agreed not to work on the land and we agreed to hold a consultation.” The CIOAC members “violated the little agreement” and on November 6 they entered “with threats that they are going to kill one of us.” The invaders had already attempted it in 2007, although the path that they now opened now does not even coincide with the line from then. “It’s clear that is a dispossession,” the Zapatista Junta maintains.

On November 8th, they beat up the cameramen from the Junta and cut the fence around the pasture. On the 9th, they arrived “already with a disposition to confrontation, and they attempted to carry off a compañero.” On Monday, November 11th, “only a truck arrived to spy on us.” On Tuesday the 12th, some 200 people came in three groups, one group “dividing up” (the land), another “extending the wire” (fencing) and a third “cleaning the land.” They were accompanied by Humberto Torres Méndez, from Gabino Barreda community, and Caridad Alcázar López, coming from Altamirano. They said they were coming “on orders from (Governor) Manuel Velasco Coello ‘in search of dialogue,’ and we wonder: what are we going to dialogue about? We don’t speak with liars,” the Junta added. “We realize that they are protected and planned by the government and the municipal president of Altamirano, where the government delegate came from, although those from the CIOAC-Historical come from Comitán; this means that they have planned.” The Junta emphasizes that: “despite the fact that it was a commission from Manuel Velasco, the aggressors of the CIOAC-Historical” damaged the ejido’s sign.

The 10th of April residents “know the history of the land perfectly.” When they lived there “our exploiters worked them hard without salary.” In 1994, “they were grazing Swiss and Zebu cattle there.” In later years no one claimed it for the ejido 20th of November. The Junta points out about the invaders: “it doesn’t give them grief to move a large number of people because there is foul play with money. To the majority who make a bundle, they pay one hundred pesos per day.”


Originally Published in Spanish by La Jornada

Thursday, November 14, 2013

English translation by the Chiapas Support Committee for the International Zapatista Translation Service.


November 12, 2013

The Good Government Junta Denounces Harassment against Independent Truckers in Ocosingo

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The Good Government Junta Denounces Harassment against Independent Truckers in Ocosingo

 ** Managers of the transportation organization and a former deputy take away their vehicles and order arrests, it says

By: Hermann Bellinghausen

The Good Government Junta Path to the Future of the Zapatista Caracol of La Garrucha, Chiapas, denounced that managers of the truckers organization of the city of Ocosingo and the former deputy César Yáñez, supported by government authorities, are impeding independent truckers from working, taking away their vehicles and have obtained warrants for the arrest of eight of them.

“Last April 10, the truck belonging to Compañero Elías, of Ocosingo, was detained. He is an EZLN support base. Those that detained that truck are from the trucking headquarters, because Compañero Elías is collecting a good, just and legal price for carrying gravel or materials,” the Junta points out. They also accuse him of not having “a concession from the bad government, but this compañero does not need it,” because “we all have the right and the freedom to work.”

The authorities of the Junta assure that they have looked for a solution. “We have made an appointment for the 10 secretaries of the truckers’ headquarters, but they did not present themselves at the office. We only want to look for a good solution between the two parties, but they don’t want to present themselves and they continue snatching trucks. Now we demand the release of that dump truck that is detained, and that they pay for the six months of time lost.”

On September 10th, those from the trucking headquarters detained a 1992 black Mercedes Benz dump truck, belonging to Roberto Alejandro Ríos Aguilar, of the independent union of materials truckers at the service of the people. “They have bumper stickers of Che and Zapata,” the Junta specifies.

On November 1, the people from the trucking headquarters detained three more dump trucks, one belonging to Jorge Armando Alcázar Aguilar, from the same independent group, and the others to Enrique Heriberto Penagos Ruiz and Emilio Alcázar. “The one who organizes these provocations is César Yáñez, former federal deputy, together with those from the trucking headquarters in Ocosingo, because he wants to be the owner of everything to get richer. We also know the tricks they play (to) buy off the authorities who do nothing about these provocations because they are accomplices.” Yáñez is the owner of the yard in Ocosingo where the vehicles are held.

Those from the trucking central have obtained arrest warrants against eight independent transporters of the same city: Orlando Matías García, Carlos Jorge Sánchez Guíen, Hugo Alberto Sánchez Guién, Baltasar Eliseo Trejo Vallinas, Octavio García Trujillo, Leonel Esteban Aguilar y Rósember Nájera. The Junta demands the cancellation of the arrest warrants, as well as the liberation and return of the trucks retained.


Originally Published in Spanish by La Jornada

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

En español:

English translation by the Chiapas Support Committee for the International Zapatista Translation Service



November 9, 2013

JBG Path to the Future demands cancellation of arrest warrant for support base compañero

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JBG Path to the Future demands cancellation of arrest warrant for support base compañero





To compañeros and compañeras from the sixth international

To national and international civil society

To compañeros and compañeras from the national and international other campaign

To compañeros from the alternative media

To brothers and sisters in Mexico and the world

To national and international human rights organizations

Consistent and honest



On 23rd September this year Mrs María Socorro Trujillo, and her two daughters, by name Dalia Maribel Cruz Espinoza and Vicente Cruz Espinoza, who live in the city of Ocosingo; these people falsely prefabricated accusations against our compañero José Alianza Cruz Espinoza, who is living in San Antonio Tonina, and is a support base of the EZLN; the lies and false crime that the lady and her 2 daughters fabricated, is the cutting down of a very small tree.

But this tree was used to build a handicraft shop for the autonomous municipality in the area and it was the compañeros Zapatista support bases who cut down that very small tree with the permission of the good government junta and the 4 Zapatista autonomous municipalities.

Therefore we demand the immediate cancellation of the arrest warrant against our compañero Zapatista support base Alfonso Cruz. Because truly our compañero is


Why are these gangs of thieves not in prison, those who are taking away,

stealing and destroying the natural resources in the ejidos of san miquel, ejido nuevo petate, tierra negra, ejido Pamala and other communities which are part of our Zapatista territory; the three levels of the bad government have given permission to Mr Mauricio from the city of Comitan to fell timber, and are now they are taking down tens of thousands of pine trees every day, and are taking them away in pieces and sections on trailers, the federal government is broadcasting every day on the radio and television that we should care for the environment, but it is their lie because every day they are putting an end to and destroying the forests and fine trees  of the world. Those bastards should be in jail, because they are the real criminals, they have committed a crime, they are the ones who are plundering nature. We therefore demand that these gentlemen are incarcerated immediately, those who are taking wood from our communities. For all this we hold directly responsible the three levels of bad government, federal, state and municipal. We as Zapatista peoples will defend what is ours, no matter what happens, no matter what it costs, we will defend it whatever, if it is necessary to shed more blood, as we did in 1994, we will do so.  Because if the government looks for us, it will find us.

That is all for now


The authorities of the Good Government Junta of Caracol III La Garrucha

Chiapas, Mexico, November 8, 2013


Valentin Mendoza

Germán López

Feliciano Corte

Claudio López

Salomón López

Dorset Chiapas Solidarity


JBG Path to the Future demands cancellation of warrants for the arrest of eight people





To compañeros and compañeras from the sixth international

To national and international civil society

To compañeros and compañeras from the national and international other campaign

To compañeros from the alternative media

To brothers and sisters in Mexico and the world

To national and international human rights organizations

Consistent and honest



caracol-3On 10th April this year, the lorry was seized which belongs to our compañero Elías from the city of Ocosingo, Chiapas, who is an EZLN support base; those who detained this lorry are from the central lorry depot in Ocosingo, Chiapas, on the grounds that compañero Elías is charging a fair, just and legal price for hauling gravel or materials, and they also charge that he has no concession from the bad government. But this compañero does not need the concession, because we know well that we all have the right to freedom and to work, we the authorities of the Good Government Junta, we have sought a solution, we have made an appointment at 10 with the secretary of the central lorry depot, but they did not come to the office of the Good Government Junta. We only want to find a good solution between the two sides, but they would not attend, and they are still seizing lorries. At this time we demand the release of that delivery lorry, which belongs to compañero Elias and is detained, we also ask that they pay for the time lost, which is 6 months.

On September 10th at 7.30 pm, those from the central lorry depot detained a black truck, 1992 model, mercedes brand, with a licence plate owned by Roberto Alejandro Rios Aguilar from the city of Ocosingo, Chiapas, from the (union of material independent lorry drivers who serve the people, for the people). They have a sticker of (Che and Zapata).

On Friday, November 1st this year they detained three more delivery trucks one is white and owned by Jorge Armando Alcázar Aguilar, from the same independent union, and two brown lorries, one is owned by Mr Enrique Heriberto Penagos Ruiz and the other is owned by Mr Emilio Alcazar; the one who is organising this provocation is Mr Cesar Yanez former federal deputy for the period 2008, who has organized with the central lorry depot of the city of Ocosingo because he wants to take over everything / to get richer, because we also know the manipulations he is making which is buying the authorities so that they do not do anything about these provocations because they are accomplices because they are already bought and Yanez is also the owner of the yard that exists in Ocosingo and therefore we denounce publicly that he has these groups of the central lorry depot in Ocosingo Chiapas.


Those people from the central concessionary lorry depot of the city of Ocosingo have issued arrest warrants for 8 independent people from the same city of Ocosingo, which are for the following names:

Orlando Matías García

Carlos Jorge Sánchez Guíen

Hugo Alberto Sánchez Guíen

Baltasar Eliseo Trejo vallinas

Octavio García Trujillo

leonel esteban Aguilar

Rósember Nájera


We demand that the 3 levels of bad government immediately cancel the arrest warrants for these names mentioned 

And we demand the immediate release of the detained vehicles.

If such case is to the contrary, we hold directly responsible for any measure or action taken by the independent truckers the three levels of bad government and the central lorry depot of Ocosingo, Chiapas, because we as authorities from the Good Government Junta and 105 independent lorry drivers have tried to reach a good compromise but the people from the central lorry depot of Ocosingo did not appear on the dates they were invited, and we sent 3 officials and they did not even send 1, and people from the independent group have knocked on the door of all the bad government institutions but were not attended to because those from the depot are backed by the authorities of the bad government. And they have bought them especially the owner of the yard CESAR YANES who is the leader of all those actions which have been done against the independents. The crime of the independents is to give a fair price as requested by the people, but from the central depot that price does not suit them.

That is all for now.



Valentin Mendoza

Germán López

Feliciano Corte

Claudio López

Salomón López

Dorset Chiapas Solidarity


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