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April 2, 2017

Chiapas: Launch of Acteal Campaign: Roots, Memory and Hope

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Chiapas: Launch of Acteal Campaign: Roots, Memory and Hope

Acteal.pngLaunch of the Acteal Campaign: Roots, Memory and Hope. Photo@: Sipaz

 On 23 March, the Acteal Campaign: Roots, Memory and Hope was launched from the offices of the Fray Bartolome de las Casas Human Rights Center (CDHFBC) in San Cristobal de Las Casas. The campaign will take place within the framework of the XX anniversary of the Acteal Massacre and the 25th anniversary of the founding of Las Abejas Civil Society to “highlight our path as survivors and victims of the Acteal Massacre and as members of Las Abejas Civil Society of Acteal, […] exchange and share experiences with men and women from towns and cities who also fight for the same cause as us” and to “point out the material and intellectual authors of the Acteal Massacre so that the Mexican State recognizes its responsibility that Acteal is a state crime, a crime against humanity. And denounce that the Mexican State has so far been unable to ensure the non-repetition of events such as that of Acteal” (sic). They affirmed that, “it is the path of the search for truth and true justice. But, it is also memory, because we will be remembering, reporting and denouncing.”

The campaign will last nine months with cultural, political and religious activities. It will culminate with the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the massacre on December 20th, 21st and 22nd, 2017, in Acteal, House of Memory and Hope.

During the launch, Gonzalo Ituarte, Secretary of the Board of Directors of CDHFBC and Vicar of Justice and Peace of the Diocese of San Cristobal de Las Casas, shared his testimony. On the day of the massacre he reported receiving two calls from Chenalho informing him of the approach of an armed group shooting. He indicated that he had twice called the government secretary to address this situation. However, no aid was sent for which Gonzalo Ituarte denounced “the way the government had deceived us and how it had allowed, that is to say, how it had caused that massacre. The government that could stop all this did not do it and I am convinced that it did not because it was part of their plan, they wanted to kill, they wanted to destroy the heart of civil society, which sought just causes and a solution to the problem. They wanted to kill and they killed them consciously and this causes indignation and this is a crime unpunished today.”



March 2, 2017

Acteal, Chiapas: “In the face of threats and aggression, we are alert and united”

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Acteal, Chiapas: “In the face of threats and aggression, we are alert and united”


The Civil Society Organisation Las Abejas from Acteal

The Sacred Ground of the Acteal Martyrs

Chenalho municipality, Chiapas, Mexico


22 February 2017


To Social and Political Organisations

To Human Rights Defenders

To the Alternative Media

To the National and International Press

To National and International Civil Society

To the Councils of Good Government

To the National Indigenous Congress

And to the General Public

Sisters and Brothers:
We thank you from our hearts to all of you who physically or spiritually accompany us on this day, when we hold in memory and justice our 45 sisters and brothers, and the 4 others not yet born, so they never are forgotten.

We, the women and men of the Civil Society Organization Las Abejas from Acteal, together with the survivors and victims of the Acteal massacre, view with great sadness and indignation how the bad government of Mexico, represented by Enríque Peña Nieto, continues to violate Mexicans’ human rights in different ways. We see it all as a way to serve the neoliberal capitalist system, clearly demonstrated by the subordination to the government of the tyrannical and racist Donald Trump.

These days a lot of things are happening, like the violation of human rights in Mexico as well as in the United States, and things like President Trump’s decision to deport immigrants living there. And another one of his decisions is the construction of a wall on the border between Mexico and the United States. We, as a pacifist organisation, condemn these policies which violate human rights, because no one is illegal in this world.

We know that the United States and its racist government are the creators and perpetrators of many crimes committed in many countries throughout the world through their wars of invasion and dispossession in many places on planet earth. The United States is one of the heads of the capitalist monster that kills and destroys humanity and Mother Earth.

We have to be alert and united in the face of the threats and latent aggression that the United States government, or those rich people sick with power and greed, make against us.

The neoliberal capitalist system must be destroyed, because otherwise the greed and venom of this capitalist monster will kill us. It has no scruples and will stop at nothing to grab our lands and territories. We have seen how this killer monster –  in the guise of the Bad Government, paramilitaries, the police, the federal army, the Marines, assassins hired by organised crime – murder women and men social justice fighters, the women and men of Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación (CNTE as its known by its acronym in Spanish), migrants, young people, students, farmers, workers.

This year, the Bad government and organized crime have intensified their harassment and murder of environmental activists, the women and men defenders of life and the territory. We refer to the recent murders of our brothers Juan Ontiveros Ramos and Isidro Baldenegro from the Rarámuri community in Chihuahua. They were killed by assassins with links to organised crime, but we also know that here in Mexico, corrupt politicians collude with the drug traffickers.

Murders of environmental activists and defenders of life and the territory, don’t just happen in Chihuahua state, but in many parts of Mexico. We remember the murders of our compañeros Juan Vázquez Guzmán and Juan Carlos Gómez Silvano, both Adherents to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle from the San Sebastián Bachajón ejido in Chiapas. They gave their lives in defense of the land and territory, keeping it from the clutches of the transnational companies, with the complicity of the Bad Government in Chiapas and Mexico. As well the murder of our  compañero Mariano Abarca in Chicomuselo, Chiapas who was also murdered for defending life and the territory against an Canadian mining company.

And the capitalist monster doesn’t only kill in Mexio, but also kills environmental activists and defenders of the life and the territory in other parts of the Americas, such as the case of our compañera Berta Cáceres, from the Lenca community in Honduras. For opposing the construction of a dam that they were going to build in her community, she was murdered.

And we could continue with an endless list of compañeras and compañeros who have been murdered for fighting against the capitalist system devouring Mother Earth.

So we see the objective of the capitalist system, or whoever is rich and sick with power and greed, is to take over of our lands and territory. Their objective is to plunder Mother Earth’s wealth, such as water, gold, silver, petroleum, wood, animals and other resources.

If we make a brief analysis of the history of the looting and plunder of our lands and territories since the Spanish invasion, we realize that this history is being repeated these days, only that the current invasion and dispossession are more modern, and more cynical. This time they do it “legally” through structural reforms and, with more sophisticated weapons, which they use against those who oppose us this looting and dispossession: spoils.

So, as we confront this barbaric policy, we think that it is urgent to stop this criminal capitalist system. We reinforce our struggles, our organizations, our movements to defend our forests, rivers, lakes, sacred hills, territories and our own lives.

Although the capitalist monster and the rich people sick on power and greed may have a lot of money and weapons, but there are also a lot of communities and while we may not have sophisticated weaponry, we have something much more powerful than the rich will ever have:  dignity, organisation and collectivity. This collectivity and organisation are in a lot of movements, and organisations, such as the National Indigenous Congress, the Pueblo Creyente from the Diocese of  San Cristóbal de Las Casas, the Parish of Simojovel (as Pueblo Creyente), the Movement in Defense of Life and the Territory (MODEVITE as its known by its Spanish acronym), the CNTE (Education Workers Union), student movements, conscious women and men academics, intellectuals, scientists, farmers, workers, religious men and women, feminists and many other sectors of society.

Sisters and brothers, we stress that the struggle and the defense of Mother Earth is indispensable. The earth is the source of our existence on this planet, it gives us everything, so the rich people sick with power and greed want to take possession of it. So between Mother Earth and women and men there must be balance and mutual respect. Let us be clear:  we are the guardians of Mother Earth and we have an obligation to care for and defend it.

Sisters and brothers, the struggle and defense of life and Mother Earth has no timetable or expiration date. It is all the time. Let us always be alert and aware so that we are not distracted by Bad Government with its policies of deception and death.

Fraternity, unity and solidarity are the basis of our strength and ways to do away with the capitalist monster. And one of the paths that can be seen on the horizon is the proposal from the National Indigenous Congress to appoint an independent indigenous candidate for President of our country in 2018. Only then can we live free in harmony with Mother Earth, and together with all the women and men in Mexico and on our planet.

For now, that’s all we have to say, and we anticipate that the compañeras from the Civil Society Organization Las Abejas from Acteal will soon send a call-out for an action which will take place next March 8th. This important event is organised to mark International Women’s Day and will raise awareness and denounce all types of violence suffered by women.

Because for a fair and dignified Mexico, there should be no discrimination, no violence against women and no more femicides.
Stop the femicides in Chiapas and Mexico!

No more murders of men and women environmental activists!
Punishment for the intellectual authors of the Acteal massacre:  Ernesto Zedillo, Emilio Chuayfet, General Enríque Cervantes, General Mario Renán Castillo, Julio César Ruiz Ferro and their accomplices!
Justice for the 43 students from Ayotzinapa!
Total rejection of the rise in petrol prices!

Total rejection of the tyrannical and racist Donald Trump and his wall!

From Acteal, House of Memory and Hope,


The Voice of the Civil Society Organisation Las Abejas from Acteal

The Board of Directors

Desde Acteal, Casa de la Memoria y de la Esperanza.

Vicente Jiménez Sántiz Antonio Ramirez Pérez

Sebastian Pérez Pérez Javier Ruiz Hernández

Reinaldo Arias Ruiz Sebastián Cruz Gómez





October 27, 2016

Statement from Las Abejas on the Monthly Anniversary of the Acteal Massacre

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Statement from Las Abejas on the Monthly Anniversary of the Acteal Massacre



On October 22, to mark the monthly anniversary of the Acteal Massacre (1997), Las Abejas Civil Society released a statement in which they recalled key dates in October: October 2, 1968, the day of a “government crime recorded in the memory of the people,” even while the current government continues “to commit other crimes against young students such as the forced disappearance of 43 students from Ayotzinapa”; and October 12, 1492, “what was the beginning of the pillage of the resources of our continent, a pillage that has not ended. This is what we saw just eight days ago when we were present at the Fifth National Indigenous Congress (CNI) where an endless [list of] testimonies of grievances and dispossessions from a range of peoples throughout Mexico, from Sonora to the Yucatan Peninsula the lands of campesinos have been invaded, to be exploited and destroyed by transnational companies, while the real owners are imprisoned, killed or disappeared “. Las Abejas said that, “a thing that gives us great sadness and indignation is to see that this pillage that foreigners did in the past is now carried out by the same governments that claim to represent Mexicans.”

On this same date, Las Abejas also launched an invitation issued to commemorate the nineteenth anniversary of the Acteal Massacre framework in which they will hold a meeting to be held on December 21 and 22 this year in Acteal, Chenalho municipality.


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September 15, 2016

Injunction and Compensation Denied to Released Defendants of Acteal Massacre

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 Injunction and Compensation Denied to Released Defendants of Acteal Massacre




The second chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) denied an injunction requested by two people implicated in the murder of 45 people in Acteal, municipality of Chenalhó, Chiapas, on 22 September 1997. This occurred although it was the first chamber of the same Supreme Court which ordered their release in November 2014 for violation of due process (having been sentenced based on evidence obtained illegally). 60 others indicted on the same charges were also released for the same reason in different processes.

The ministers considered that the Attorney General of the Republic’s Office (PGR) should not indemnify those accused of homicide, serious injury and criminal association as well as unlawful possession of a firearm for exclusive use by the Army; and originally sentenced to 36 years in prison for participating in the massacre.

The Minister considered that, “regardless of the decisions that federal judges reach, regarding the innocence or guilt of the accused, it cannot be attributed to the PGR that it incurred in an irregular or abnormal administrative activity” as “it is enough that the Federal Public Ministry has fulfilled [its duty] in providing the existence of the corpus delicti and probable criminal responsibility”.

It should be recalled that in December 2016, Las Abejas Civil Society, an organization 45 victims of the massacre belonged to, as part of its 18th anniversary, denounced that “instead of the bad government investigating the intellectual authors of the crime through the misnamed “Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation” or better said “Supreme Court of the rich and criminals”, it ordered the mass release of the paramilitary material authors of the massacre, of which as far as we know there are only two in prison who will be released at any moment. Since then it became clear to us that the bad government is not going to give us justice, because it was the Mexican state that gave the order to massacre and therefore it is a criminal that cannot be judge and jury. The justice system in Mexico, is rotten, it is expired.”



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July 25, 2016

Velasco’s Disregard for the Lives of Indigenous People

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Velasco’s Disregard for the Lives of Indigenous People



Chiapas, Mexico. July 23, 2016

With the violent death of five people after a dispute between members of the Green and PRI political parties, affiliated with the government, in the county seat of San Juan Chamula, once again the state administration of Velasco Coello has demonstrated its disregard for the lives of members of the indigenous communities in Chiapas, whether or not they are their allies. Since the government assumed power, the administration has continually stimulated and incentivised conflicts for the political benefit of itself and its “green Ecology” party.

In the municipality of Chenalhó they also have had deaths in consequence of the party political disputes between the Greens and PRIistas. Last May, a child died from injuries received as the result of a fight between sympathizers and groups opposed to the ex-mayor Rosa Pérez.

And, as a result of the climate of fear present in the region, on June 23, 2015, a member of the civil society organization Las Abejas de Acteal was assassinated. The organization said that Manuel went to the municipal head of Pantelhó. Upon returning and accompanied by his 11 year old son Juan López Guzmán, in the height of the Sibaluk´um bridge about a kilometre from the municipal head of Pantelhó, seven people dressed in military clothing with firearms ambushed the public transport vehicle in which he was travelling, killing him with three shots.

The events in San Juan Chamula also bring to mind the death of Zapatista teacher Galeano, on May 2nd, 2014, after a series of manipulations by the governments of Velasco and Peña Nieto to create tension between other indigenous communities and the Zapatistas.

Another issue is the displaced indigenous families in the region, like the cases of the community Primero de Agosto in Las Margaritas, and Banavil in the municipality of Tenejapa, and the colonia Puebla, in Chenalhó; the government does not see or hear their demands for justice and return to their communities.

Photo: Isain Mandujano.

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From a translation by Palabras Rebeldes



June 17, 2016

Las Abejas de Acteal Request Collection for Displaced Families

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Las Abejas de Acteal Request Collection for Displaced Families


acopioCollection during the displacement of Colonia Puebla in 2013. Photo: @Koman Ilel.


On May 26, a group of 14 families from Las Abejas de Acteal Civil Society, residents of Colonia Puebla, Chenalho municipality, Chiapas, were displaced fleeing the violence caused by the conflict after the elections in that municipality. The displacement happened after violent incidents between sympathizers of the recently dismissed mayor, Rosa Perez Perez of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM), and supporters of the new mayor, Miguel Santiz Alvarez, causing the death of two people, one of them a minor, who died from a bullet wound. The Chenalho Pedrano Movement, opponents of Perez Perez, said in a statement that they were attacked with“firearms, sticks, stones and machetes, in an ambush that was orchestrated by sympathizers of the ex-mayor.” Furthermore, there were“two houses burned, two destroyed, three vehicles destroyed and six people wounded”, according to the statement from Las Abejas.

Las Abejas noted that “until now, there are no conditions to return”, so that the displaced are currently in the headquarters of the organization. In another letter they outlined that, “the displaced from the colony are living through suffering. Therefore we ask you the favour of helping with supplies.”To this end, they have opened two collection centers for clothes in San Cristobal de Las Casas and they ask for financial support to be deposited in a bank account. According to La Jornada, the National Commission for Human Rights (CNDH) “requested the government of Chiapas to apply cautionary measures and guarantee the rights of the people who have been displaced.” The measures are aimed at guaranteeing rights to food, health, a home, physical integrity and the lives of the displaced.

It is worth noting that the disagreement following the result of the municipal elections in Chenalho, with the victory of PVEM, gave rise to the Chenalho Pedrano Movement in rejection of the elected mayor, accusing her of “corruption, abuse of power and diverting resources.” This group organized a takeover of the town hall and a number of government offices, it took over the State Congress for some hours, and it kidnapped three civil servants who were negotiating a solution to the disagreement, among them the President of the State Congress and a deputy. Having put them on public show, one dressed as a woman, Congress accepted the resignation of the mayor.

It is also worth mentioning that 17 families of Colonia Puebla were displaced by in August 2013 in the conflict between Catholics and Evangelicals in dispute over the land where Catholic hermitage was located. Almost 100 displaced people returned after eight months off their lands, denouncing the lack of law enforcement for their aggressors.




June 11, 2016

Beyond Chenalhó

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 Beyond Chenalhó


acteal221214mzs4-copia-600x400                                           Members of Las Abejas of Acteal, 22nd December 2014


By Rafael Landerreche*

What is happening in Chenalhó (I use the present because the fire has not been put out) must be examined beyond the obvious dimension of post-electoral conflicts or of the undeniable but partial component of gender. To get to the bottom of the issue it is necessary to go back in history to something that is not about this moment nor exclusive to Chiapas, but that, nevertheless, is the deep root of what happens here and now.

The big lesson of the last century for the Mexican political class was that in order to maintain themselves in power it was necessary to make concessions to the people; not isolated and circumstantial, but rather, so to speak, of a permanent and structural character. That was the social policy of the “governments that emanated from the revolution,” which permitted the PRI to stay in power for 70 uninterrupted years of relative social stability. We all know of course the vices that accompanied and corrupted this social policy: a lack of democracy, paternalism, corporatism, electoral patronage, application of an economic model that was incompatible with those demands, corruption, etcetera. The system had its clear limits and anyone who would attempt to exceed them would have to put up with the worst consequences (Tlatelolco is not forgotten). However, that social dimension was real and one of the proofs of that is the void that appears now that it is dismantling.

The new generations of the political class formed in the rarified heights of neoliberalism, didn’t know or didn’t want to see the difference between social policy and the vices that were parasitic to it. They placed everything without distinction into the same bag, put the ambiguous label of “populism” on it and threw it in the rubbish. It is like the saying that they threw the baby out with the bathwater, but we could modify the image saying that in this case they threw out the baby and were left with the dirty water, because the social and nationalist policies have gone away, but the corruption, vote buying and lack of democracy continue. For example, the button of the SNTE: what has been combatted is every attempt at political independence –including its independence from the teacher Elba Esther– what has been maintained is the absolute political, bureaucratic and electoral manipulation.

Upon disavowing the great lesson of the 20th Century, to which it owed its stay in power, the new political class was sustained by just three props, rigid but not solid: media manipulation, colossal vote buying but in drips (in the end, vote buying on scales that reduce to insignificance the old practice of a sandwich and a soft drink) and brute force, with, as a last resort, the Army. In places like Chiapas, with high social marginalization and very incipient political awareness (lights that point in the opposite direction, like the work of the Diocese of San Cristóbal and the lightning of Zapatismo, should not prevent from seeing this sad generalized reality), the media manipulation assumes the tragic-comical characteristics of the daily exaltation of a governor in a permanent campaign, the vote buying with government supports and programmes has the subtle efficiency of a steamroller, and the Army and other forms of repression are always around the corner.

One must add to this a fact that is more specific to Chiapas. It turns out that the governor and a sector of the political class that accompanies him, with an incredible blindness which is the product of excessive ambition for power (that hubris about which Javier Sicilia speaks so much, which inevitably brings about its nemesis) decided to jettison not only the social policies of the old PRI, but even the very cover and party name, ignoring the fact that, if there was anywhere it had taken root, and anywhere they had to thank for their stay in power, it was among the indigenous communities of Chiapas. They shook the hand of the Green Party, which was born to be on the stage with others, and they converted it into the centre of their political project. So, nothing more than their pistols imposed the Green candidates on communities with old PRI roots.

Chenalhó is no more than the last in a long list: Chamula, San Andrés, Oxchuc, Chanal, Altamirano and many more. Practically all the post-electoral conflicts that have devastated Chiapas since last year’s elections are like this, the creation and exclusive responsibility of those who now suffer their consequences. In the case of Chenalhó it is complicated by a combination with the survival of the paramilitaries responsible for the Acteal Massacre, but that merits a separate analysis.

Division in the communities and destruction of the social fabric is now, unfortunately, an old and sad story in Chiapas, the fruit in good measure (although not exclusively) of the counterinsurgency plans for confronting the Zapatista insurgency. But with these actions, the political class has taken the division in to the heart of its own support bases and has given a new twist to the destruction of the social fabric. The confrontation in Chenalhó has nothing to do with the independent forces in the municipality, the Zapatistas, Las Abejas, not even with the relative opposition of the of so-called political parties. It is simply a matter of the old governing sectors, arbitrarily divided by their own state bosses into PRIístas and Greens, who are disputing the municipal budget booty, and that is all. But they are taking the whole municipality between the legs (not to speak of the old Secretary of Government and now leader of the Congress). Members of Las Abejas from Colonia Puebla are now displaced from their community again (for the third time since 1997) and two people, including a female minor, died there in the crossfire between PRIístas and Greens (for sure, neither the deaths nor the displaced angered the authorities as much as the teachers’ haircuts). Even the Zapatista communities, clearly outside and apart from all the party fights, feel worried by a violence that could be directed against them at any moment.

At first sight this situation looks like a product of the blindness and incredible political insensitivity of the ruling class, rather than a deliberate plan to create greater destabilization; the fate of the leader of the (Chiapas) Congress, would seem to corroborate this: they have not even been able to protect themselves. But, who knows? Chiapas is the site and destination of important megaprojects and we know about the increasing pressures throughout Latin America to bring about transnational projects, whatever the cost. Fishermen gain from troubled waters. And what about the third prop? Will it be the Army like they claimed in Ayotzinapa, right there, watching?



* Rafael Landerreche is adviser to alternative education projects in Chenalhó.


Originally Published in Spanish by La Jornada

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Re-Published with English interpretation by the Chiapas Support Committee



June 9, 2016

“14 families were displaced, a total of 81 people” reported Las Abejas of Acteal.

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“14 families were displaced, a total of 81 people” reported Las Abejas of Acteal.




Chiapas, Mexico. June 4. On 26th May, 81 people from 14 families from the Civil Society organization Las Abejas of Acteal, from the colonia Puebla, became displaced because “in this colonia great violence and shooting arose again at 1:45 pm,” the indigenous Tsotsiles from the municipality of Chenaló denounced in a communiqué.

This latest displacement of families from colonia Puebla, is “by the political parties, through the dispute about power, in which 2 people died, 3 houses were burned, 2 destroyed, 3 vehicles wrecked and 6 people wounded,” Las Abejas communicate. “So far there are no suitable conditions for their return, because no final solution has been given,” they add.

The violence in the community in Los Altos de Chiapas arose after the resignation of the mayor of Chenaló, Rosa Pérez, and the presentation of the new administration, headed by Miguel Sántiz Álvarez. The attacks have been made on the part of the followers of Pérez Pérez, the ex-mayor, who allegedly attacked supporters of Sántiz Alvarez, the new mayor, after his return from the inauguration, local media reported.

The people of the colonia Puebla already went through a similar situation in August 2013, when they took refuge in the community of Acteal. At that time the displacement was also due to the climate of violence in the area. “As a result of the assaults, threats and harassment, 12 families (70 people), were forcibly displaced” the Fray Bartolome de las Casas Human Rights Centre reports.



Translation by UK Zapatista Translation Service



May 31, 2016

Monthly Celebration of Las Abejas de Acteal

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Monthly Celebration of Las Abejas de Acteal


Abejas.pngWomen of Las Abejas de Acteal in their May monthly celebration. Photo: @Las Abejas de Acteal.


As on each 22nd, Las Abejas of Acteal Civil Society Organization held its monthly celebration commemorating the Acteal massacre (1997). On this occasion, they recalled in a statement that, “18 years 5 months [have already passed] living the most difficult moments in our lives […] because there is no authority that cares about justice, that agrees with the rule of law”.

They said that the discontent and protests that have taken place in recent months in Chiapas, in towns like Oxchuc, Simojovel and Chenalhó, “is not a true struggle to defend the rights of the people; it is only a struggle of political parties for the power and money of the town halls”. They also denounced that in “Chicomuselo transnational companies are offering people money to accept their projects”, where someone has already been killed due to this conflict. In addition, they mentioned several examples of injustice: the murder of Berta Caceres, the disappearance of the 43 students from Ayotzinapa, the repression of the Otomi people of San Francisco Xochicuautla and the Tlatlaya massacre.

Following this, the statement noted that, “peace cannot be established while those above continue to promote violence. They just try to cheat the people with their strategies of giving crumbs while they have no will to resolve conflicts. They just impose their own decision to generate more violence and deaths.” Las Abejas of Acteal made a call for conflict resolution without resorting to violence from below, without political parties, through consistency, dialogue and mutual understanding, recalling the example of the struggle of Mahatma Gandhi.

Finally, they added that “you cannot use the name of our organization, the photographs and logos to distort the meaning of our peaceful and active organization, but they do not stop deceiving” referring to the Consejo Pacifista Sembradores de la Paz (Sowers of Peace Pacifist Council). It should be recalled that the Consejo Pacifista appeared publicly in March 2015, disowning the Board of Directors as the governing body of Las Abejas but using the same stamp and logo of the organization.



May 30, 2016

A sad conflict among Las Abejas of Acteal

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A sad conflict among Las Abejas of Acteal




By Hermann Bellinghausen

Postcards from the Revolt, La Jornada, 21st May 2016


“Friendly fire” has created a conflict in the mountains of Chiapas which can only be viewed as lamentable. The Civil Society Organisation Las Abejas, founded in 1992, and an active proponent of the Catholic Theology of Liberation, has, since the historic exodus of the Tsotsil communities from Chenalho and the Acteal massacre in December 1997, been a point of reference for peace in the turbulent river of insurrection, resistance and autonomy which flowed forth from the mountains of Chiapas in January 1994.

In October 2014, some members of the group, founded 28 years ago with the support of Bishop Samuel Ruiz Garcia, decided to split from Las Abejas and took the name “Consejo Pacifista Sembradores de la Paz” (the Pacifist Council of Sowers of Peace.) The key difference was that the second group wanted to change the strategy in respect of the demands for justice and reparations which Las Abejas have maintained since the terrible massacre they suffered 18 years ago. “Ever since that date they have carried out violent actions against members of our Organization and especially against the Board of Directors,” Las Abejas declared on April 20, 2016.

It is not the first crisis of division the group Las Abejas has suffered. In 2008 a small group approached to negotiate with Juan Sabines, then governor of Chiapas, under cover of the PRD, when that cover already did not mean what it had done a decade before. At that time, the group tried to confuse the media and other organisations, but their own actions soon revealed their position. They kept the name “Las Abejas” but differentiated it.

A while later, around 2011, unidentified plaintiffs, presumed to be victims of the massacre and members of Las Abejas, undertook a noisy lawsuit against ex-president Ernesto Zedillo for his role in the genocide that took place in Chenalho in 1997. They also demanded financial compensation. The ambiguity of the process, which Las Abejas opportunely set itself apart from, culminated in something worse than a defeat: the confirmation of unrestricted impunity for former Mexican rulers at an international level.

The rift with the Consejo Pacifista, with all its peculiarities, has been less clear due to bold acts of identity theft, like stealing Las Abejas’ official seals [stamps] and contending for control of the space known as the “Sacred Ground” in the hollow of Acteal, Chenalho, which is where the massacre took place and where the victims are buried. This land is also the headquarters of [Las Abejas,] an independent and active organisation which has never relented in its resistance, its nonviolent response, nor in its demands for justice and reparations (in this order and not in reverse). It has never proposed that negotiation for economic resources or compensation or “support” should have precedence over its main demands; it is more that the lies and impunity of the state continue to taunt these Tsotsil Pedranos[1] who were massacred by a government which was just as strongly a member of the PRI as the current one.

According to information from the weekly magazine Proceso, members of the current Consejo Pacifista were among those who launched the case against Zedillo in the United States, although Consejo Pacifista deny this.




Frayba also under fire

Another indication of this breakdown in relations between Consejo Pacifista and Las Abejas is a hostility towards those who have provided legal support and disseminated information for Las Abejas since its foundation. The Fray Bartolomé de las Casas Human Rights Centre (Frayba) and its president, Bishop Raul Vera Lopez, were sued in court by Consejo Pacifista and although the previously unheard of case was not substantiated, it left a painful precedent. Frayba considers it “risky” in that it opens a new flank in the incessant siege that centres like Frayba and organisations like Las Abejas suffer as targets of the everyday low intensity war which never ends in the mountains of Chiapas.

From this a war of words has followed aimed at “discrediting” this work. Frayba insists that the Consejo Pacifista “wages a smear campaign that seeks to delegitimatise the process of autonomy of Las Abejas of Acteal” and that none of this is about denial of information or discriminatory treatment.

On the 12th of May, the Centre, with its headquarters in San Cristobal de las Casas, clearly stated this: “Frayba daily confronts defamation campaigns and attacks on the credibility of its work defending human rights in Chiapas. An actor who recently joined those attacking our prestige is the Consejo Pacifista.” Frayba has accompanied the Civil Society Organisation Las Abejas of Acteal since its foundation in 1992, and in its process of seeking and constructing justice after the Acteal massacre in December 1997. During these 23 years of accompaniment, Frayba has respected and recognised the work of Las Abejas, its representative bodies, its decision-making and its authorities, such as the Board of Directors. At the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015, Frayba was present as an observer at three meetings for dialogue between members of Las Abejas of Acteal. Also present were the Board of Directors, the only organ of authority and representative body of Las Abejas, representatives and coordinators of different work areas, and “members of Las Abejas who would later form Consejo Pacifista.”

The meetings, Frayba added, “had an end goal that through dialogue the distinct parties would resolve the problems highlighted by the now members of Consejo Pacifista.” The invitation to Frayba was to act as an observer, not a mediator.

The Board of Directors, along with representatives and coordinators of Las Abejas of Acteal, listened to the Consejo Pacifista people. When it was the time for the authorities of Las Abejas of Acteal to speak, the Consejo Pacifista members “refused to listen, suggested they would leave the organisation and declared the dialogue finished”. Nonetheless, Frayba “encouraged all parties to continue the dialogue”, but without success.




Indictments in the Federal Court

“In January 2015, members of Consejo Pacifista and their legal advisor, who previously worked for Frayba, requested a copy of the dossier 12.790 Manuel Santiz Culebra and others (Acteal Massacre), which Las Abejas of Acteal, along with Frayba as co-petitioner, had presented to the Interamerican Commission of Human Rights (IACHR).” Frayba consulted the main petitioner of this case, Las Abejas of Acteal, “who through a general assembly agreed that Consejo Pacifista should obtain the requested information from the IACHR, as they are the appropriate body to safeguard and decide who has access to the documents”. Dissatisfied, members of the Consejo Pacifista asked to speak with Frayba’s Board of Directors, “and a meeting took place on 15th May 2015.” The position of Raul Vera Lopez and the Board of Directors was to “respect the decision made by the civil society organisation Las Abejas of Acteal, as well as that of the survivors in their role as the petitioners to the IACHR.”

The document stresses that “the historic and legitimate spokesperson” that the body accompanies in the Acteal massacre case before the IACHR is the Civil Society Organisation Las Abejas of Acteal “through their only authority, the Board of Directors, the body of legitimate leadership as chosen by the communities of the organization, as well as by the survivors of the Acteal massacre who continue to recognise the Board of Directors as their representatives, as established by their own rules and procedures”.

In June, members of the Consejo Pacifista and their legal representative Arturo Ricardo Lagunes Gasca filed a complaint via federal government agencies against Vera Lopez, in his role as president of the human rights centre. The Second District Court of Chiapas was presented with a suit for amparo “pointing to Frayba as the responsible authority” and insisting that the cited documentation be handed over, “which it affirms is currently with the IACHR”.

As they also made allegations of “discrimination and denial of the right to information,” Vera Lopez, Frayba’s Board and director “were required to answer with a detailed report as if we were a federal agency.” On 25th January 2016 the same request and terms were made to the Board of Directors of Las Abejas of Acteal.

La Abejas made a pronouncement about this on 20th April. Frayba now elaborates on the description of the acts which “turned out to be arbitrary on the part of the federal court because it [Frayba] wasn’t credited as a civilian human rights defence organization, nor was the Board of Directors of Las Abejas of Acteal; they were treated as a responsible private authority, with the risk of setting a precedent for human rights defence organizations in the country and creating one more mechanism for persecuting Defenders.”

The Consejo Pacifista and their legal representative likewise asked the IACHR “to join as co-petitioners the case 12.790, and for a copy of the dossier.” On 10 December 2015 the IACHR announced they were accepting new co-petitioners, and, “in this way the Consejo Pacifista got a copy of the case they had requested from Frayba and as they had at one time done [requested] from Las Abejas of Acteal”.

On March 16, the Pacifist Council’s suit for amparo was thrown out, because Frayba “is not a responsible authority.” Nor was it accepted that it had denied the right to information or committed any discrimination.

Frayba views this situation as “inconsistent”:  Consejo Pacifista decided to sue Frayba and another organisation which Consejo Pacifista say “they have split from,” yet during the case, they say they belong to the organisation. This is a “usurpation of the functions of community leadership and authority,” to which is added “the undue use of logos, seals and the figure of the organization’s representatives.”


5665_945910982170305_8737174133696443018_n (1)


Hostility and threats

In April, Las Abejas denounced the Consejo Pacifista as behaving in ways “contrary to the pacifist, autonomous and non-partisan spirit that they profess.” Further “they have a double standard:  in public they speak of conciliation and peace and say that they want dialogue, but this is not true because they act threateningly and with hostility,” because “they want to take over the physical and symbolic spaces of our organisation in Acteal, the House of Memory and Hope”.

With respect to all of this, Frayba notes that Consejo Pacifista’s “behaviour is similar to how the Mexican government works against human right defenders, criminalising and persecuting our work nationally”. Additionally, their actions “create confusion, deepen divisions, fragment and weaken the process of building autonomy of Las Abejas of Acteal.”

The situation, Frayba concludes in its argument, “is a result of attrition from the war being waged by the Mexican state,” so that “it is regrettable” that Consejo Pacifista confuse, deceive and misrepresent the “dignified, historical and legitimate struggle” of the Civil Society Organization Las Abejas of Acteal, which Frayba “continues to accompany in its radical demand for truth and the construction of the Other Justice.”


[1] From San Pedro Chenalho

Triste conflicto en Las Abejas de Acteal




April 29, 2016

Las Abejas de Acteal, in support of Xochicuautla, denounce the great capitalist megaprojects

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Communiqué from Las Abejas de Acteal, April 22, 2016




Civil Society Organization Las Abejas of Acteal,
Sacred Land of the Martyrs of Acteal,
Chenalhó, Chiapas, Mexico

To the independent organizations, movements, and collectives of the world

To the independent defenders of human rights

To the National Indigenous Congress (CNI)

To the national and international Sexta

To the councils of good government (JBG)

To the free, alternative, and autonomous media or whatever they are called

To los Tercios Compas

To the national and international media

To the national and international civil society


Brothers and sisters

The shadow of darkness is marked in the history of the people. All that bears fruit is planted and harvested, in the long, short and medium term. Thus we have protested before and after the massacre of Acteal, and until now violence has dominated in our municipality, but the majority of men and women of our population do not know where the violence, corruption, discrimination, incarceration, injustice and death comes from.

Sisters and brothers, the civil society organization Las Abejas is concerned and saddened for the uncertainty and violence generated in our municipality at least during the last couple of weeks results from ideological differences and the people are becoming very confused.

A state government can allocate a great deal of support and projects but that is not the solution when the people are not in agreement. It can generate more violence and death, but we as people of god and a peaceful organization, our commitment, our mission, and our vision is to announce the truth, and denounce the injustices and the violence because the governors are not willing to give a prompt and equitable solution so that peace can be established. They can only deceive the people to gain more time to bring violence.

And it is when we do not allow ourselves to be directed and used by the projects of the bad government, because the root of evil is money, because everyone wants to earn like the high officials, because ambition brings us to wickedness, as Pope Francisco says.

“We speak of the earth, of work, of homes…we speak of work for peace and care for the environment…but why are we instead accustomed to see the destruction of dignified work, the eviction of many families, the expulsion of campesinxs, the making of war and the abuse of the environment? This is because this system has taken the man, the human being, from the centre, and replaced him with something else. Because there is a worship of money, because all that matters is the logic of profit.”

And not only in the pueblos neighbouring Chenalhó and Chiapas do we see this destruction, but also in other parts of our country like what is happening in the indigenous Otomí community of San Franciso Xochicuautla, state of Mexico, where the machinery of the rich in alliance with the government has entered to continue the construction of a highway megaproject destroying the houses of campesinos.

How many compañeros suffer today through the total destruction of their homes and the plundering of their territories by the megaprojects of the great capitalists who have attempted to destroy our mother earth!

It is urgent to address the demands of the people, because in our constitution are enshrined the right and the individual and social guarantees, and also the convention 169 of the International Labour Organization (OIT) of the right to land and territory.

Compañeras and compañeros, it is necessary to be attentive and to stand in solidarity with our brothers who have suffered so much through displacement, incarceration, violence, and dispossession from their lands. We also have the cases of the compañeros of the community “Primero de Agosto” in the municipality of Las Margaritas who have already completed a year of forced displacement, and the case of those unjustly imprisoned from the ejido of San Sebastián Bachajón, the repression against the teachers’ movement in Tuxtla Gutiérrez and San Cristóbal. Beyond the borders of Mexico is the case of Berta Cáceres assassinated in Honduras, her relatives were in April 7th of San Cristóbal on their way to the United Nations to present their demands and petitions. The people in general are tired of so much violence and injustice.

Sisters and brothers we must have love for our people and be aware in our peaceful struggle. Because justice doesn’t come from above but is constructed by the people from below. It is necessary to maintain unity and harmony so that the future of our children will be one of peace that they can enjoy, as well as remembering the great heroes who defended our land, like Emiliano Zapata, whose birthday we remembered on April 10, who struggled and gave his blood so that we the campesinos can have “land and liberty.”




Justice for the Acteal Case!

No more crumbs to deceive the people!

No to the megaprojects that destroy the environment and displace the campesinos!

Freedom to the prisoners of Bachajón and all of the political prisoners

No more massacres and persecutions of our people!

Justice in the case of Berta Cáceres!

Love live resistance and autonomy!



The voice of the civil society organization of Las Abejas!

For the board of directors:

Sebastián Pérez Vásquez José Ramón Vásquez Entzin

Mariano Jiménez Gutiérrez Vicente Sánchez Ordóñez

Juan Pérez Gómez


Based on a translation by Palabras Rebeldes



April 23, 2016

The Civil Society organisation Las Abejas de Acteal Publicly Denounce the Group Consejo Pacifista Sembradores de Paz

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The Civil Society organisation Las Abejas de Acteal Publicly Denounce the Group Consejo Pacifista Sembradores de Paz





To the Indigenous National Congress (CNI)

To the adherents to the Sexta national and international

To the councils of good government (JBG)

To the human rights defenders

To the political and social organizations

To the alternative media

To the national and international press

To the public opinion in general


Brothers and Sisters:

Today we publicly denounce the actions that have been carried out against our Civil Society Organization Las Abejas de Acteal, by members of the group Consejo Pacifista Sembradores de Paz, led by José Patrocinio Hernández Gómez, spokesperson for the group, who is originally from the colonia Yashgemel, municipality of Chenalhó.

Our Civil Society Organization Las Abejas de Acteal and the survivors of the massacre committed on 22nd December, 1997, agreed in our general assembly to denounce the action of the group Consejo Pacifista for doing nothing to help the peaceful struggle of our organization.

The group Consejo Pacifista cover the actions they carry out by usurping the name, stamp, and logo of our organization. Currently they maintain a double discourse: in their public and written word, they speak of conciliation, of peace, and that they want dialogue, but their word is false because they act with threats and harassments. What they want is to appropriate and dispossess the physical and symbolic spaces of our organization in Acteal, House of Memory and Hope.

For their purposes, they have allied with Ricardo Arturo Lagunes Gasca, who along with members of the Consejo Pacifista has betrayed the path of the people, because this adviser has deepened the division, and in turn acts like the bad government with its counterinsurgency and deceit, bringing lawsuits against us in federal court, thus eroding and deflecting the struggle because we are in pursuit of true justice, the Lekil Chapanel.

The aim of the actions of the Consejo Pacifista is to be taken into account by other organizations, collectives, and solidarity movements, and to use that to confuse the brothers and sisters that have accompanied our resistance for Memory, Truth, And Justice, faced with the impunity of the Mexican State.

From 28th October, 2014, those that currently form the group Consejo Pacifista ceased to be members of our Civil Society Organization Las Abejas, and since that date they have carried out violent actions against members of our organization and especially of our Board of Directors.

Today we decided to speak so that the people, organizations, collectives, and movements are not confused. They have used the name of our Organization because they want to be recognized and so they can appropriate our headquarters of the Martyrs of Acteal.

From the Tsotsil path and experience of our organization, we have had several meetings in order try to talk and dialogue with the brothers and sisters of Consejo Pacifista, however they have decided not to continue the dialogue. Currently, José Patrocinio Hernández is the voice of Consejo Pacifista and has been making denouncements, letters and invitations usurping the name, stamp and logo of our organization, making it look like he is a member of Las Abejas.

Brothers and Sisters in solidarity with our Civil Society Organization Las Abejas de Acteal, we will not allow them to continue to use the name of our Organization. Furthermore, we do not want any more dialogue with them because already we have tried many times, since their words and actions do not give confidence and now the pathway of dialogue is ended.


Today we tell the members of Consejo Pacifista that they cannot go into the headquarters of our organization, and carry out their meetings, conferences, make videos or take pictures, because they only use it to confuse people and make them believe that they are Abejas; by the agreement of members of the organization they must stop using the name, the stamp, and the logo of our Organization.




We had not completely denounced these and other actions of the Consejo Pacifista, so we do it today, we the Civil Society Organization Las Abejas de Acteal; we did not say anything because we thought that they would reflect and recognize their mistakes. They have never taken account of their actions and provocations. We see that they have forgotten all the suffering resulting from what happened in 1997.

We thank our compañeras and compañeros in solidarity, and the collectives, movements, organizations, the Indigenous National Congress, the national and international adherents to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle of the EZLN, the Pueblo Creyente, the Diocese of San Cristóbal, Frayba and especially Bishop Raúl Vera López, and everyone who from their heart has strengthened our path in search of Truth and Justice.


We reaffirm that Acteal is the Site of Conscience for Humanity, is Sacred Land, place of Martyrs, House of Memory and Hope.



Voice of the Survivors of the Acteal Massacre and the Civil Society Organisation Las Abejas

For the survivors and board of directors:

Juan Vásquez Luna

María Vásquez Gómez

Mariano Pérez Cura

Sebastián Pérez Vásquez

José Ramón Vásquez Entzin

Vicente Sánchez Ordoñez

Juan Pérez Gómez

Mariano Jiménez Gutiérrez




March 30, 2016

Monthly commemoration of Las Abejas de Acteal Civil Society

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 Monthly commemoration of Las Abejas de Acteal Civil Society




On March 22, Las Abejas de Acteal Civil Society commemorated the massacre at Acteal on their sacred ground, recording their word in a statement. After 18 years and three months they continue to denounce that “the pain and the memory are still present […]. There is no justice, because there is no peace in our country. As an organization, we always speak the truth and at the same time we denounce the most violent acts in our country. Our mission and our commitment is to work for peace.”

According to their statement, the defence of the life of the people and of nature now seems to be a crime. “All those who rise to defend and protest their rights find just one response from the government: repression, murder and imprisonment.” They mentioned Berta Caceres from Honduras as a recent example, the social activist and defender who was murdered in her home on March 3 last, recalling that the Mexican environmental defender, Gustavo Castro Soto, was present and was wounded in the event. “Our world is upside down, with the laws and the authorities protecting the criminals and persecuting the citizens who struggle for justice. Our Political Constitution is out of date because the President of the Republic continues to make reforms that do not benefit the Mexican people. They only benefit the rich and foreign companies. And to the Mexican people whose rights it violates, it responds with crumbs and repression.” They ended the statement with a call “to take on a peaceful struggle because violence does not bring life. We hope to march united until peace triumphs.”



March 24, 2016

Las Abejas Denounce Impunity and the Criminalisation of those in Struggle

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Las Abejas Denounce Impunity and the Criminalisation of those in Struggle


Communique of Las Abejas of Acteal 22nd March, 2016

Our Political Constitution is Outdated because the President of the Republic Continues to make Reforms that don’t Benefit the Mexican People


Blog, ActealCivil Society Organization Las Abejas

Sacred Land of the Acteal Martyrs

         Acteal, Ch’enalvó, Chiapas, Mexico.


                            March 22, 2016




To Social and Political Organizations

To Human Rights Defenders

To the Alternative Media

To the National and International Press

To National and International Civil Society

To the council of good government

To the Indigenous National Congress (CNI)

And to public opinion





Brothers and Sisters,

Again the time has come, the day and the hour, to come together in this sacred land. Today, 18 years and three months after the massacre in Acteal, we celebrate the commemoration of the martyrs. Only for the love of the creator of the sky and earth, we return today to see each other with all physical, moral, and spiritual presence. It is not easy to forget the cruellest acts in the history of humanity. Although the time and the hour have elapsed; the pain and the memory continue present. And each time a situation of injustice and of violence occurs in any part of the world, we feel hurt, because we are all children of GOD.

A very clear and recent example is the death of the compañera, social struggler, Berta Cáceres of Honduras, as a result of a cowardly attack in her residence on March 3, 2016, where compañero Gustavo Castro Soto was injured. It seems that to defend life, people and nature is a crime. And those in charge of administering justice seem to better support and reward the great crimes against humanity, than to punish them. Our world is upside down, with the laws and the authorities protecting the criminals and prosecuting the citizens who struggle for justice.

Our political constitution is out of date because the president of the republic continues to make reforms that do not benefit the Mexican people. They only benefit the rich and foreign companies. And the Mexican people whose rights they violate only receive crumbs and repression.

Our previous constitution was well established; it reflected individual and social rights like the right of the campesinxs to the land, because that constitution was made with the sacrifice of our grandfathers who gave their lives and blood during the Mexican Revolution. We are very sorry that the rulers never had in hand the history of our country. They do not know the meaning of our national flag, or which rights are enshrined in our constitution. Those rulers have completely trampled and forgotten it; they never take into account the people that gave their life for it.

All of those that rise up to defend and protest for their rights are met with the same response from the government: repression, assassination and imprisonment. A clear example of this is the young students of Ayotzinapa who were disappeared. The families of these young people have continued for a year and a half to demand justice and the return of their children alive, but the authorities do not want to heed the cry of the people.

Ultimately, the reason is that they will not judge and condemn their own actions; that is very clear, it is the same thing that happened here in Acteal: they continue to misrepresent the facts of what happened on 22nd December, 1997, because they themselves designed and planned the counterinsurgency, they financed and trained the paramilitaries. And also they gave freedom to the assassins although they were already sentenced and had confessed to these cruel events in Acteal.




Perhaps the rulers do not think of the direction that leads to justice and the direction that our country takes. Today the people are tired and very desperate because there is no justice and because there is no peace in our country. We are an organization which always proclaims the truth and at the same time, denounces the violent acts in our country because our mission and our commitment is to work for peace. To love one another as our Priest (Father) has taught us, but thanks to the prophets who announced the truth and denounced all mortal sins which carry us to perdition.

Today we also thank Father Marcelo Pérez from the indigenous Tzotzil region, who is committed to the struggle for life of the people of Simojovel who are threatened by so much violence, by the trafficking of drugs, by alcoholism, prostitution, the trafficking of arms and even the buying of consciences to make them abandon this dignified struggle.

We, as the authentic Abejas of Acteal join the struggle for the life of the people that we all long for, not only in Simojovel but in many parts of the world, we stand in solidarity with all of those who suffer and struggle for another possible world.

Brothers and sister, we call on you to take up a peaceful struggle because violence does not bring life. We hope to march together until peace triumphs.





Justice for the case of Acteal

No more massacres in Chiapas and in Mexico

Stop the impunity in Chiapas and Mexico

No more privatization of natural resources

No more massacres and persecutions against the people

Justice in the case of Berta Cáceres

Long live Resistance and Autonomy



The Voice of the Organization of the Civil Society Las Abejas

For the Board of Directors:

Sebastián Pérez Vásquez

José Ramón Vásquez Entzin

Mariano Jiménez Gutiérrez

Vicente Sánchez Ordóñez

Juan Pérez Gómez




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