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November 28, 2016

Threats to Simojovel Parishioners

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Threats to Simojovel Parishioners


puebloMarcelo Perez (Photo@ Red TdT)


On November 4, Simojovel Believing Peoples released a statement announcing the renewal of threats and attacks against the priest Marcelo Perez Perez.

“As community human rights defenders, we also affirm, if anything happens to any member of the Believing Peoples, especially the threatened women and their children or our parish priest Marcelo Perez, those immediately responsible will be Ramiro Gomez Dominguez, Juan Gomez Dominguez and Cleopatra Flores del Carpio, in complicity with the State for protecting the Gomez Dominguez brothers,” they argue.

In the statement they say that on November 9, Gilberto Martinez Lara, 52, was kidnapped and found dead before midday.

They point out that on when Juan Gomez was released from prison on January 19 last, gunshots in the neighbourhoods increased and “on November 4 and 5 Juan Gomez Dominguez was in Simojovel and five days after Juan Gómez’s visit, the kidnapping and murder of Gilberto Martínez Lara occurred.”

Furthermore, they specify that on November 2, around 12:30 pm, in the middle of the celebration of the mass in the municipal cemetery of Simojovel de Allende, members of the Believing Peoples who were there realized that three people were photographing and recording the priest and his companions.

“Based on this fact and feeling harassed, a member of Believing Peoples approached and questioned one of them saying why do they follow us and take pictures of us? (sic). This person responding nervously: ‘We provide protection on behalf of the Attorney General’s Office and the photographs are to verify our work.’”

“We do not know if these people really are from the government or are from organized crime; in view of the risk situation in which we live, we don’t trust suspicious actions and if these people were from the Attorney General’s Office, as we have said, they are responsible for the impunity, violence and the freedom of the Gomez Dominguez brothers,” they conclude.


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July 26, 2016

Chiapas: “The people’s patience has run out”, Pueblo Creyente express solidarity with the teachers

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Chiapas: “The people’s patience has run out”, Pueblo Creyente express solidarity with the teachers




published by the Pozol Collective, 18 July 2016

Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas. Pozol, 18 July. Thousands of parishioners from 52 parishes of the dioceses of San Cristobal de las Casas pilgrimaged in solidarity with the teachers and to commemorate the 25 years since the establishment of the Pueblo Creyente movement, which began in 1991 “to seek justice and respect for the most basic rights of being human” stated the pilgrimage organisers after a long walk.

Among the participants in this massive pilgrimage were members from the groups in the Highlands, Lowlands, Cho’l, Southeast, South, Tsotsil, Tzetzal and the Centre. They delivered food supplies to the teachers’ picket in Tuxtla, who have been there since 15 May, protesting the self-styled “education reform”. “We demand an alternative education project”, stated the protesters, among whom are teachers from the trade union sections 7 and 40, which belong to the “Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación (CNTE – or National Coordinator of Education Workers).

The parishioners from Chiapas expressed via a communique their disdain of the political class in Mexico, its corruption, and the fact that they use laws and the police and military forces to their advantage. “It’s necessary to reorient politics to benefit the most vulnerable,” they emphasised, and to this “it’s necessary to look for alternative and autonomous routes.”

“The people’s patience has run out,” said the indigenous communities and campesino pilgrims categorically. “Enough! We’ve had it with so many lies and tricks; with the exploitation of the poor, and with the manipulation of laws and use of violece,” they stated.

The spokesperson for the Pueblo Creyente Joel Padron asked that the CNTE teachers “don’t get up from the table of dialogue with the Government until we have achieved a Mexico that we want.” This pilgrimage will not finish until we have achieved justice,” added the priest who had been imprisoned in 1991 and for whom the indigenous communities went on pilgrimage to demand his freedom.

Father Marcelo from the parish of Simojovel said that if the government continues to insist on imposing this education reform, we don’t discard the possibility of walking from Chiapas to Mexico City. “A pilgrimage is to liberate people through walking, yelling, and telling the truth,” said the pastor. “If the government imposes these reforms by force, it will do so only by making our blood run,” warned the priest from Chiapas.


Translated by the UK Zapatista Translation Service

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June 24, 2016

Growing Support for Teachers at Home and Abroad

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Growing Support for Teachers at Home and Abroad



Outside the Mexican Embassy in London



In support of the struggle that thousands of members of the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) carry on, and following the most recent repressive actions against them by federal forces on June 19 last in the Oaxaca State, many civil society organizations expressed their solidarity with the teachers, demanding a peaceful solution to the conflict from the state and federal governments.

In Chiapas, Believing People parishes called a pilgrimage on June 20 in Tuxtla Gutierrez. They showed their support for the teachers and repudiated the violent acts that occurred in Nochixtlán, Oaxaca, which left a toll of at least 11 people dead in altercations with the police. In a statement they explained that, “with such events we cannot remain on the sidelines, as a church we will always be on the side of the oppressed and we will raise our prophetic voice. The reforms are the expression of a new ‘Porfiariato’. We must struggle, we shouldn’t be conformists or slaves.” Father Marcelo from Simojovel parish extended an invitation to a mega-pilgrimage in support of the teachers for July 1 next with around thirteen parishes from the diocese of San Cristobal.

Another show of support and solidarity came from the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN). In a communiqué titled “Notes on the War Against the Teachers in Resistance (The Hour of the Police 3)”, they noted that, “There are more and more families helping the teachers, donating support for their trips and marches, becoming anxious when they are attacked, offering food, drink, and refuge.” They also pointed out the lack of educational arguments of the Secretary for Education, Aurelio Nuño Mayer, and the violence employed in repression of the mobilizations. Later, together with the National Indigenous Congress (CNI), they published another communiqué. Titled “FROM THE STORM”, both organizations expressed their repudiation of “the repressive escalation with which they intend to impose throughout the country the neoliberal capitalist reform that they call ‘educational’”. They highlighted that the resistance movement against this reform has become a mirror for more and more people, demanding an end to repression against the teachers in struggle and the immediate and unconditional release of “ALL political prisoners.” Their communiqué closed with an invitation to “all those peoples of the countryside and the cities to be attentive and sympathetic to the teachers’ struggle, to organize ourselves autonomously to be informed and alert facing this storm which falls on all.”

On a national level, Peace Brigades International (PBI) expressed their concern to state and federal authorities and the diplomatic corps over the deterioration of the situation. In a public announcement on June 20, they urged the Mexican authorities to respect the right to protest, to favour dialogue with the teachers and guarantee the integrity of teachers and defenders. On another note, in many states civil society, students, families and health workers are joining the mobilizations. Among others, in Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca State, the artistic community organized a cultural event called “Cultural Barricade”, in which hundreds of artists from Mexico and other parts of the world participated on June 20, raising their voices to repudiate the repression.

On an international level, Amnesty International reminded the authorities that they have an obligation to control public order and take measures to prevent, investigate and sanction those responsible for acts of violence. Due to the events of recent days, the National Commission for Human Rights (CNDH) reinforced its presence in Oaxaca as well as in Tabasco, Chiapas, Guerrero and Michoacan, states which have also witnessed similar conflicts. The Inter-American Commission for Human Rights (CIDH) strongly condemned the serious acts of violence reported in Oaxaca State and called on the State to promote a process of dialogue in the framework of educational reform that allows the search for a solution in the context of a democratic society with full respect for human rights. Apart from the organizations mentioned, there were many actions on the part of civil society. Some examples are sit-ins and vigils organized in several cities in France, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ecuador, Argentina, and Brazil, among others, in rejection of the repressive events in Mexico.

It is worth mentioning that on July 22 there were negotiations between the CNTE and the Interior Secretary. According to the CNTE, this dialogue, obtained thanks to the broad popular mobilization, did not result in concrete agreements but they were able to table three themes: “repeal of the badly named educational reform; a route for the transformation of education; and measures for the distention and revision of the consequences of the imposition of the administrative labour reform.” A second round of dialogue is expected next week. It is also noteworthy that the 23 people arrested in Nochixtlan have been released.



June 11, 2016

If the Repression Continues, “All the People of God Will Rise Up,” warns the Pueblo Creyente

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If the Repression Continues, “All the People of God Will Rise Up,” warns the Pueblo Creyente

The Pueblo Creyente in Chiapas march in support of the teachers


13423745_1198543093498528_8668701279695012466_n-600x450Religious leaders from the region of Los Bosques, at the front of the Pueblo Creyente (Believing People)

By Isaín Mandujano

Chiapas Parallelo, 9th June 2016

Thousands of indigenous Tsotsiles from the different communities in the municipalities of Simojovel, El Bosque, Huitiupán, Amatán and Pueblo Nuevo Solistahuacán took part in a procession on Wednesday (8th June) in the state capital of Chiapas to demonstrate their support for the teachers’ movement in against the education reform.

Led by the parish priest of the Church of Simojovel, Marcelo Pérez Pérez, the men, women and children left their communities, came down from the Highlands of Chiapas and started a pilgrimage from the east side of Tuxtla; they walked for several kilometres to the central plaza where the teachers of the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) have their encampments.

With the music of drums and whistles, with the banner of the Virgin of Guadalupe in the hands of Father Marcelo Pérez Pérez and with the Mexican flag carried by an indigenous woman at his side, the indigenous left their communities to come to this city and take part in the procession in the midst of a human wall of teachers who welcomed them with applause and placards on which they gave thanks for their support.

13335844_1198544346831736_5863102005207382834_n-300x225All along the route, the teachers, like the neighbours from houses in the city centre, were giving fresh water and sandwiches to the indigenous. Some teachers wept with emotion as the march passed by.

When they reached the central square, the Pueblo Creyente (Believing People) were received by the CNTE leaders Alberto Mirón and Pedro Gómez Bámaca who thanked the over 4,000 indigenous, who come from the region also called Los Bosques, for this gesture of support.

Father Blas Alvarado from the parish of Pueblo Nuevo Solistahuacán and Father Gustavo Andrade from the Venustiano Carranza parish were beside Father Marcelo Pérez Pérez.

In the message read to the teachers, Father Marcelo Pérez Pérez asked the federal government, President Enrique Peña Nieto and Aurelio Nuño for: “no more repression, because that generates revolution.”

“If you continue to send the police to repress the people, not only will the representatives of the church communities come on pilgrimage again, but we will inspire all the people of God to rise up,” he said in the letter which was read out.

He demanded that a proper, dignified dialogue be set up between the teachers and the federal government, with the mediation of some of the groups in society who have moral authority.

As a church they came here not to generate violence, but they rather came peacefully to demand peace, but a peace founded on truth, justice, freedom and love as Pope John XXIII described it.

“We say “No” to the mass dismissal of the teachers, because this is would violate the labour rights they have spent so many years fighting for. We demand that the deputies do not pass laws which create institutionalized violence. Today, the deputies have a crisis of credibility and of being representatives of the people, because they are not passing laws in response to the true principles and needs of the people, but rather in response to the stimulus of the money which the President of the Republic gives them to approve what he wants, and the legal initiatives that he sends to the Congress which are in the interests of foreign investors, making them treason to the Homeland,” he said.

The priest sent a message to the police forces: “You come from simple families, you are also poor, you are human, every teacher who you hit with your clubs, with your rubber bullets, who you hurt with your tear gas, you are injuring your brothers and sisters, because we are all children of God; if you receive an order to repress your brothers from your bosses, you are not obliged to obey that order.”

“The teachers are not criminals, they are not kidnappers, they are not drug traffickers, or murderers or traitors to their country; we see that the government sends police to repress the innocents, but the real criminals are those who traffic arms and drugs, and they don’t say anything to them, even though they find them with drugs and arms; the government responds to them with stopping any criminal action, as with the Gómez Family of Simojovel, who have stolen so much from the people,” he added.

“Brother police officers, you have relatives in the teaching profession, you have been to classes thanks to the teachers, you got your job because of the studies that you received from the teachers. Brothers, you are protectors not repressors” he emphasized.

“And if the repression doesn’t stop, Pope Francisco tells us: “A Christian, if he or she is not a revolutionary at this time, is not a Christian! We must be revolutionary for grace!” he concluded.


Based on an English interpretation by the Chiapas Support Committee



May 10, 2016

Armed groups attack the Pueblo Creyente from Simojovel, Chiapas

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Armed groups attack the Pueblo Creyente from Simojovel, Chiapas





Desinformémonos, May 7, 2016

Around 10 am on Wednesday 4th May, between 100 and 150 people from the PRI political party and the National Campesino Confederation entered the town of Simojovel in Chiapas with much violence, firing rockets, and throwing Molotov cocktails, stones and tear gas into the streets crowded with people. They went to the Central Park where the flea market (tianguis) was set up, where people sell their amber and pozol.

“As Pueblo Creyente (people of faith) we express our outrage because this was a direct attack on the population. As on so many occasions, the material damage can be seen, but the human damage remains anonymous, and this event was clearly no exception since it is mentioned that more than 5 people were hit.”

The denouncement was made through the Parish of San Antonio de Padua, in a release issued on Friday 6th May. The community’s view is that they sought to spread terror among the people of the town through these acts, since the attack caused panic, screams, closure of shops, parents running to schools for their children.


They detail that there were two episodes with similar modus operandi and violence in the previous week:

– in the early hours of 1st April, a group of armed and masked men with machetes, guns, stones and Molotov cocktails were escorted by 5 trucks of municipal police to evict a group of parents who are demanding education for their children, leaving four people injured.

– On Saturday 2nd April, around half past ten at night, Marcelo, the parish priest of that congregation was followed to a family reunion in the “Tabamex Room” in the barrio of San Sebastian; on arrival, the light was cut so that immediately afterwards, an explosive could be thrown into the room where they were celebrating 15 years. At that time, the parish facilities were raided.

The town of Simojovel was one of the communities visited by Pope Francis during his visit to Mexico this year. For a long time ago they have been denouncing, as they did before the Pontiff, the institutionalized violence afflicting the people, “expressed through the trafficking of arms, drugs and corruption on the part of the Gómez family.”

The people denounce that violence is starting to reign again in Simojovel, that the life of Father Marcelo Pérez Pérez is in danger, as well as the lives of several members of the Parish Council and the Pueblo Creyente. They also denounce the reactivation of armed groups by the aforementioned Gómez family.


They demand that the Mexican government takes urgent measures which are necessary to restore peace in Simojovel.  They hold Ramiro Gómez Domínguez and Juan Gómez Domínguez directly responsible for any action committed against Father Marcelo.
“The root of the violence is in that impunity and corruption have been imposed as a rule of action by the authorities and politicians.”



April 23, 2016

Human Rights Defenders in Simojovel continue to be at risk

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Human Rights Defenders in Simojovel continue to be at risk


-Federal and local Deputies are protecting Juan Ramiro Gómez Domínguez 

-The protective measures implemented by the Mexican State have not been efficient, effective or dissuasive



This Human Rights Centre wants to make clear its concern regarding the imminent risk experienced daily by the members of the Parish council and the Pueblo Creyente of Simojovel, specifically Marcelo Pérez Pérez (hereafter Marcelo Pérez) the parish priest of the area.

Despite the precautionary legal measures file number MC-506-14 (hereafter MC) granted to Marcelo Pérez and ten other people by the Inter-American commission of Human Rights (hereafter CIDH), these measures have not been effective, efficient, or dissuasive.


According to information in the possession of Frayba, both institutions: the Attorney General’s office of the Mexican Republic (PGR) and the Attorney General’s Justice office of the State of Chiapas (PGJE), failed to act with due diligence in the actions of investigation, in fact to the contrary, they have acted by not investigating the crimes and activities of Juan Gómez.

Last January Mr. Juan Gomez Dominguez, who has been accused of being one of the perpetrators of [the attacks on] Marcelo Pérez, was released by the PGR.  He had been charged with the crime of carrying firearms which are for the exclusive use of the army and the air force, and was released through the revocation of the charge, due to the fact that the PGR did not carry out the actions necessary for the investigation, even though it is considered a serious charge, and one that is prosecuted ex officio. For their part, the PGJE though the Ministry of Public Affairs abandoned the prosecution for the crime of drug dealing (Crime against Health). All this allowed the perpetrator Juan Gomez to walk free.

It is important to mention that the recipients have reliable information that both Juan Gómez (previous mayor of Simojovel) and his brother Ramiro Gómez, who are both powerful political caciques (chiefs) in the region, had ties of friendship with the upper echelons of the Green Ecological Party of Mexico in Chiapas, as well as with the congressional representative Juan Romero Tenorio of the parliamentary group of the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) who pushed before the congress[i] the point of agreement demanding the liberation of Juan Gómez. This is a demonstration of the power of the political friendships that the brothers Gómez Dominguez brothers have as political caciques.

Since the release of Juan Gómez, the information that we have is that the life of father Marcelo is in grave danger, as there are rumours that the “execution of the parish priest of Simojovel is worth one million pesos

The protection measures implemented by the Mexican government have not been dissuasive, since, on two different occasions, the Gómez Dominguez brothers have both written asking for a dialogue with Marcelo Pérez in the presence of politicians who protect them and promote impunity. The recipients of precautionary measures confirm that the release of Juan Gómez has revived and reactivated the acts of violence in the Simojovel with the protection of the authorities, putting the community defenders in even greater danger.

Last March, a member of the Pueblo Creyente was “lifted” in one of Simojovel’s Streets. Inside the vehicle which took him there were four hooded men with high powered firearms who interrogates him about the activities of Marcelo Pérez, his security measurements as well as the names of the members of his security team. After interrogating him and stealing his money and personal documents, they let him free with the warning that “all the people that come to the parish will be closely observed.”

The recipients of precautionary measures have informed of a sudden increase in unknown people watching the Parish house. They have also informed that Marcelo Pérez is being followed and is under constant surveillance.


The night of 30th March, in the headquarters of the municipality of Simojovel, an unidentified person tried to break in to the house of Mrs. Cielo Asunción Mendoza Blanco, a beneficiary of the precautionary measures. This is in addition to the constant surveillance that she and her family face.

This Human Rights Centre expresses its concern regarding the release of Mr. Juan Gomez, who we identify as a source of risk for the community defenders of Simojovel. We regret the lack of appropriate actions by the Mexican State to provide protection to the beneficiaries of the precautionary measures granted by CIDH

Centro de Derechos Humanos Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas, AC

San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, México

7th April 2016

Bulletin No. 08


[i] information available in:



Click to access 070416_boletin_08_consejo_parroquial_simojovel.pdf




March 24, 2016

Pueblo Creyente in Simojovel reject dialogue with Gomez brothers

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Pueblo Creyente in Simojovel reject dialogue with Gomez brothers



The Pueblo Creyente (Community of Faith) in Simojovel, Chiapas, held a march for the first anniversary of “the magna via crucis pilgrimage” of Lent, which they held in March 2015. Through a statement, they described the struggle they are carrying out since October 2013 following the murder of one of their members, as “to continue to live in peace.”

They publicly rejected the invitation for dialogue from the Gomez brothers (Juan and Ramiro Gomez Dominguez), who are identified as political caciques in Simojovel, as well as being involved in the illegal sale of alcohol and weapons. The Gomez brothers oppose Father Marcelo, the parish priest of Simojovel, who has endured harassment, threats and attempted ambushes. It should be noted that Juan Gomez was mayor of Simojovel and was imprisoned in 2015 for carrying firearms for exclusive army use by the army and movement of drugs. His brother Ramiro had an arrest order and in January 2016 both cases were dismissed by the Attorney General of the State’s Office, which, according to Chiapas Paralelo “could only have happened through a process of political negotiation.” According to the statement, the Gomez brothers are campaigning for the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (Partido Verde Ecologista de México – PVEM). Furthermore, they mentioned that a member of Community of Faith was kidnapped and interrogated to obtain information about the people who support Marcelo. Another member who was blamed for Juan Gomez’s imprisonment received threats and high calibre firearm shots have started again in the neighbourhoods.

They also denounced the existence of an armed group known as Los Diablos [The Devils] in Pueblo Nuevo Solistahuacan, who have killed three members of the same family and caused the displacement of a further 14 people “because they fear for their lives.” The Community of Faith highlighted that “it isn’t Father Marcelo who has denounced the Gomez, we ratify that it is Community of Faith who have raised their voices against all that is happening, we are Community of Faith who pointed out that the Gomez brothers have done a lot of damage in Simojovel.” For this reason, they decided to reject the proposed dialogue “because we have nothing to talk about, they have resorted to this because they have no other way to clean up their image, they ask for dialogue so that when they carry out their perverse intentions against our parish priest and members of Community of Faith, they can say: ‘It wasn’t us.’”



Las Abejas Denounce Impunity and the Criminalisation of those in Struggle

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Las Abejas Denounce Impunity and the Criminalisation of those in Struggle


Communique of Las Abejas of Acteal 22nd March, 2016

Our Political Constitution is Outdated because the President of the Republic Continues to make Reforms that don’t Benefit the Mexican People


Blog, ActealCivil Society Organization Las Abejas

Sacred Land of the Acteal Martyrs

         Acteal, Ch’enalvó, Chiapas, Mexico.


                            March 22, 2016




To Social and Political Organizations

To Human Rights Defenders

To the Alternative Media

To the National and International Press

To National and International Civil Society

To the council of good government

To the Indigenous National Congress (CNI)

And to public opinion





Brothers and Sisters,

Again the time has come, the day and the hour, to come together in this sacred land. Today, 18 years and three months after the massacre in Acteal, we celebrate the commemoration of the martyrs. Only for the love of the creator of the sky and earth, we return today to see each other with all physical, moral, and spiritual presence. It is not easy to forget the cruellest acts in the history of humanity. Although the time and the hour have elapsed; the pain and the memory continue present. And each time a situation of injustice and of violence occurs in any part of the world, we feel hurt, because we are all children of GOD.

A very clear and recent example is the death of the compañera, social struggler, Berta Cáceres of Honduras, as a result of a cowardly attack in her residence on March 3, 2016, where compañero Gustavo Castro Soto was injured. It seems that to defend life, people and nature is a crime. And those in charge of administering justice seem to better support and reward the great crimes against humanity, than to punish them. Our world is upside down, with the laws and the authorities protecting the criminals and prosecuting the citizens who struggle for justice.

Our political constitution is out of date because the president of the republic continues to make reforms that do not benefit the Mexican people. They only benefit the rich and foreign companies. And the Mexican people whose rights they violate only receive crumbs and repression.

Our previous constitution was well established; it reflected individual and social rights like the right of the campesinxs to the land, because that constitution was made with the sacrifice of our grandfathers who gave their lives and blood during the Mexican Revolution. We are very sorry that the rulers never had in hand the history of our country. They do not know the meaning of our national flag, or which rights are enshrined in our constitution. Those rulers have completely trampled and forgotten it; they never take into account the people that gave their life for it.

All of those that rise up to defend and protest for their rights are met with the same response from the government: repression, assassination and imprisonment. A clear example of this is the young students of Ayotzinapa who were disappeared. The families of these young people have continued for a year and a half to demand justice and the return of their children alive, but the authorities do not want to heed the cry of the people.

Ultimately, the reason is that they will not judge and condemn their own actions; that is very clear, it is the same thing that happened here in Acteal: they continue to misrepresent the facts of what happened on 22nd December, 1997, because they themselves designed and planned the counterinsurgency, they financed and trained the paramilitaries. And also they gave freedom to the assassins although they were already sentenced and had confessed to these cruel events in Acteal.




Perhaps the rulers do not think of the direction that leads to justice and the direction that our country takes. Today the people are tired and very desperate because there is no justice and because there is no peace in our country. We are an organization which always proclaims the truth and at the same time, denounces the violent acts in our country because our mission and our commitment is to work for peace. To love one another as our Priest (Father) has taught us, but thanks to the prophets who announced the truth and denounced all mortal sins which carry us to perdition.

Today we also thank Father Marcelo Pérez from the indigenous Tzotzil region, who is committed to the struggle for life of the people of Simojovel who are threatened by so much violence, by the trafficking of drugs, by alcoholism, prostitution, the trafficking of arms and even the buying of consciences to make them abandon this dignified struggle.

We, as the authentic Abejas of Acteal join the struggle for the life of the people that we all long for, not only in Simojovel but in many parts of the world, we stand in solidarity with all of those who suffer and struggle for another possible world.

Brothers and sister, we call on you to take up a peaceful struggle because violence does not bring life. We hope to march together until peace triumphs.





Justice for the case of Acteal

No more massacres in Chiapas and in Mexico

Stop the impunity in Chiapas and Mexico

No more privatization of natural resources

No more massacres and persecutions against the people

Justice in the case of Berta Cáceres

Long live Resistance and Autonomy



The Voice of the Organization of the Civil Society Las Abejas

For the Board of Directors:

Sebastián Pérez Vásquez

José Ramón Vásquez Entzin

Mariano Jiménez Gutiérrez

Vicente Sánchez Ordóñez

Juan Pérez Gómez




March 14, 2016

Organizations of Chiapas Denounce the Criminalization and Death of Indigenous Compañeros and Environmental Activists

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Organizations of Chiapas Denounce the Criminalization and Death of Indigenous Compañeros and Environmental Activists




Original peoples of the northern region of Chiapas demand justice and liberty for Gustavo Castro detained in Honduras

March 12, 2016

To Juan Orlando Hernandez, President of Honduras

To the Consulates of Honduras in Tapachula and Comitan, Chiapas

To Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico

To the national and international press

To the organization of the United Nations

To the national and international defenders of human rights

To all of the solidarity of the world


Communities of indigeous Tsostil, Tseltal, and Ch’ol peoples of the northern region of Chiapas, Mexico, in a regional assembly in the Ejido of La Illusión, Municipality of Simojovel de Allende, Chiapas, organized by the Pueblo Creyente of Simojovel, analyzed the critical situation of our environmentalist and patriotic compañero Gustavo Castro Soto, in this situation we protest the criminalization and death of indigenous compañeros and environmental activists. The cowardly assassination of the indigenous Lenca compañera Berta Cáceres and the attempted assassination of our environmentalist Mexican brother Gustavo Castro Soto is not a coincidence and much less an isolated act; this cowardly act is the practice of extermination that has been imposed by international capital with the complacency of national governments.

The justice system of the country of Honduras should continue the line of investigation into the company from China that has pressured the indigenous compañerxs of COPINH in order to take their land and flood it with the hydroelectric dam, which is the motive for the assassination of Berta Cáceres and of the attempted assassination of compañero Gustavo Castro.

We solicit and demand the immediate transfer to Mexico of environmental compañero Gustavo Castro Soto. The compañero is one of the victims of the cowardly assassination of the indigenous compañera Berta Cáceres that occurred on Thursday, 3rd March in the early morning, in the town of La Esperanza in Honduras. It is arbitrary to keep Gustavo Castro Soto for 30 more days in that country on the order of the Attorney General of Honduras.

We ask for the security of Gustavo Castro during the entire process of expanding his witness statement and during his stay in the embassy of Mexico in Tegucigalpa. We demand the government of Honduras comply with the promise to lift the migratory alert that they put on Gustavo Castro, so that he can immediately leave Honduras ending this last judicial process required without any other action that would prevent his exit.

We hold the two governments of Mexico and Honduras responsible for his security, physical and psychological integrity. We demand the intervention at the highest level of the two governments so he can immediately leave Honduras.



Pueblos originarios de la región norte de Chiapas México
Organización sociedad Civil de las Abejas de Acteal
Pueblo Creyente de Simojovel
Parroquia San Juan Bautista El Bosque
Parroquia San Juan Dieguito de San Cristóbal
Parroquia Santa Catarina Pantelho
Consejo Estatal de Nuevo Constituyente de Chiapas
Luz y Fuerza del Pueblo de Huitiupán
Centro de Derechos Humanos Oralia Morales de Frontera Comalapa
Luz y Fuerza de Chiapas

Signed in the presence of:

Observadores Nacionales e Internacionales del Movimiento Sueco por la Reconciliación (Swefor), Integrantes del Reconocimiento Jtatik Samuel Jk’anan Lum: Centro de Derechos humanos Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas A.C (Frayba), Servicio Internacional para la Paz (Sipaz), Comisión de Apoyo a la Unidad y Reconciliación comunitaria A.C.(Coreco), Desarrollo Económico y Social de los Mexicanos Indígenas A.C (Desmi), Servicios y Asesoría para la Paz A.C. (Serapaz), Instituto de Estudios e Investigación Intercultural A.C. (Inesin), Coordinación de mujeres (Codimuj) y Vicaria de Justicia y Paz de la Diócesis de San Cristóbal de Las Casas


Translated by Palabras Rebeldes



January 24, 2016

Ejidatarios of Simojovel demand better medical care and warn of possible “more radical actions”

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Ejidatarios of Simojovel demand better medical care and warn of possible “more radical actions”




Enough of so many lies, deception and mockery from the state and federal government and the institution the IMSS.

Enough now of deaths due to lack of medical care.

Enough now of despotic treatment from the doctors in the hospitals.

Community La Pimienta, Simojovel.

Chiapas, Mexico

January 18, 2016.

To public opinion.

To the free media.

To the local, state, national and international press.

To the defenders of human rights.

To the various religious denominations.

To the different social, state and national organizations.

To the United Nations (UN)

To the World Health Organization (WHO)

To the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR)

To the diocese of San Cristóbal de las Casas.

To the native peoples of Mexico.

To all the men and women of goodwill who have tirelessly defended life.

To the teaching establishment in general.

In the ejido La Pimienta, Simojovel, Chiapas, Mexico, the government continues not to fulfil its commitments.

On 8th May,2015, 31 babies were vaccinated by the IMSS, of whom 2 died and 29 are still suffering the consequences of that negligence by the Mexican state.

Following this negligence, the community of La Pimienta demanded that the federal and state government clarify what happened; the government proposed a dialogue with the community, we agreed, with the desire to find a better alternative form of care. In the early days the government tried to give attention and even offered personal benefits to parents to allay public discontent; We interpret this as the government’s attempt to divide the community. Today we go out to inform the public and to demand the government fulfil what is written in the minutes.
As a continuation of this struggle, on June 5, at a table of dialogue we signed a minute with the following commitments.

  1. Construction of a hospital equipped with trained staff to provide medical care in La Pimienta.
  2.  Completion of the paving of the road from Simojovel to La Pimienta and the construction of 2 road bridges suitable for vehicles.
  3. Construction of classrooms for the primary school “JOSE GOROZTIZA” and the COBACH.
  4. Donation of a new ambulance equipped by the IMSS.
    After the signing of this minute we believed there would be time to wait for the execution of the works, so we were waiting for what was agreed in this first minute.

Again last October 14, we met to raise the situation that prevailed in the face of the agreements signed earlier, so likewise another minute was signed with the following agreements:

  1. Installation of EMSAD in the community.
  2. The health sector and the City Council agreed to give a date for the construction of the clinic and donation of an ambulance to the community.

As the community of La Pimienta gathered together in general assembly we analysed what in reality we see and what is happening in our community and in many other parts of the state. That the minutes signed are only paper commitments because eight months after the two babies died and the 29 who continue to suffer consequences, the government does not intend to fulfil these commitments.

In the meetings we have attended with the government they only sign minutes and execution of the work is minimal which serves to control the community, the evidence is as follows:

1. In the completion of the paving of the road from Simojovel to La Pimienta and the construction of two vehicular bridges, there is no progress, they have only postponed the starting date.

2. as regards health, they have only painted the facade of the clinic; currently it does not have basic medicines and supplies, for healthcare we have to turn to private medical care services in the county seat because the health centre in Simojovel is still in the same conditions [as it was when the babies fell ill.]

The babies affected by the vaccine are now no longer offered the same attention as at the beginning, now they receive poor care and abuse offending our dignity as indigenous today, the costs generated are borne by the parents, when we had raised the topic of “lifelong care for the 29 babies.”

On Friday January 15, 2016, the federal, state, and local government and the authorities of the IMSS made ​​a ceremony of handing over a very out-of-date model of ambulance, the community strongly rejected it for being in a poor condition, and repudiated the bad attitude of the government. When the staff of the IMSS were told that we were demanding a new ambulance, they simply replied that the government has no money. How is it possible for them to say that they have no money when they are buying the world’s most expensive personal aircraft?

Given the above, we reject the television and media images manipulating the social reality in which we live, trespassing, assaulting, threatening and damaging our human dignity.

Therefore, we demand that the government comply with the following:
1. – Completion of the road from Simojovel to La Pimienta
2. – Construction of the 2 road bridges
3. – Construction of a hospital
4. – Provision of a supply of medicines and medical equipment and the delivery of a new ambulance of premier quality
5. – Construction of classrooms for the primary school “JOSE GOROZTIZA”
6. – Lifelong healthcare for the 29 babies
7. – Reparation of damages.
8. – That the government ensure it does not repeat what happened on 8 May 2015.


We warn: if governments continue with their lies and deceptions, we will take more radical actions. And we will hold responsible Peña Nieto, Manuel Velasco and the IMSS institution.


For the dignity of the indigenous peoples

Mexican Peoples wake up now, Mexico is enslaved by so much corruption of the bad governments

Ejido La Pimienta.




December 27, 2015

La Pimienta protest over lack of observance of agreements made after the death of two infants due to negligence

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La Pimienta protest over lack of observance of agreements made after the death of two infants due to negligence



March by La Pimienta in Simojovel. Photo: @Chiapas Paralelo (Cortesía)


Close to a thousand residents of La Pimienta, Simojovel municipality, Chiapas, occupied City Hall and marched in protest due to the failure of justice for the deaths of two infants and the sequelae suffered by another 29 following the application of expired immunizations by the Mexican Institute for Social Insurance (IMSS) last May.

Following this tragedy, locals from La Pimienta demanded that the state government clarify the events, and it responded by committing itself to offering “medical attention, rehabilitation of the clinic, changes in institutions, improved functioning, supply of medicines, and the finishing of the asphalt road to Simojovel from La Pimienta, beyond constructing two vehicular bridges and the rehabilitation of schools and other educational institutions,” according to Revolución Tres Punto Cero. Despite having signed the agreement, the government has not followed through to date. In the words of a resident from La Pimienta, “we realized that the accords that were signed are only compromises, because six months after the deaths of the two infants and the 29 others who continue to suffer sequelae, the government has no intention of observing any of its ‘promises.’”

After six months of failure to observe the accords, residents of La Pimienta mobilized to express their repudiation of the Chiapas state governor, Manuel Velasco Coello, as well as the mass media, “because they have offended and hurt us, beyond attacking our human dignity, by assuring that the authorities have in fact observed their word. For this reason we call on the government to implement its agreements, but above all to guarantee the health of the 29 infants and to compensate damages incurred,” noted the spokespeople.




December 11, 2015

Residents of Simojovel march for their two babies who died through the negligence of the IMSS

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Residents of Simojovel march for their two babies who died through the negligence of the IMSS


In Chiapas they protest about the babies who were affected by vaccinations, and demand healthcare services

Residents of the community of La Pimienta, in the municipality of Simojovel, where, in May, two children died and 29 more were poisoned as a result of vaccinations applied by the IMSS, marched in that city in protest at the failure to fulfil various agreements.

Over a thousand people participated in the demonstration, which ended with a rally outside the Town Hall where they set up an indefinite sit-in, local sources report.

In a letter, the families of the babies affected by the injection revealed that the survivors are exhibiting symptoms as a consequence of what happened and have not yet received the care promised by the government when the incident took place.

The parents of the children demanded lifelong healthcare for their children.


They pointed out that although the authorities undertook to rehabilitate the clinic in the community, supply it with medicines and donate an ambulance, this has not happened.

They stated that people still have to go to private services in the municipal headquarters.


They claimed that, after what happened in their community, there was also a commitment made to finish paving the road from La Pimienta to the municipal headquarters, as well as to the construction of two vehicular bridges and the restoration of two classrooms and recreational areas in different educational institutions.

Seven months after the tragedy, they said, these commitments have not been fulfilled.

“Today we went out to inform the public and to demand that the government comply with the [commitments in] the minutes of government,” they stressed.


Fotos@ PadreMarcelo





December 6, 2015

Government fails those affected by contaminated vaccines given by the IMSS in La Pimienta

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Government fails those affected by contaminated vaccines given by the IMSS in La Pimienta

By Angeles Mariscal, Chiapas Paralelo, December 3, 2015


Residents of La Pimienta march to denounce that no medical follow-up care has been given to the survivors of contaminated vaccinations.

No clinic, no doctor, no access road for La Pimienta

One thousand villagers from La Pimienta held a demonstration to denounce a failure to monitor the health of the 29 children who were seriously affected – two more died – after staff from the IMSS applied contaminated vaccines on 8th May.

Men and women of the Tzeltal ethnic group left La Pimienta in the municipality of Simojovel, for a march and occupation at the municipal headquarters.

Here they read a statement in which they explained that after what happened, the state and federal governments signed an agreement with representatives of the community and parents of the surviving children and the two deceased, where they pledged, among other things, to provide effective health follow-up and monitoring.

“We have had to go to private doctors. We have to travel to the municipal headquarters because La Pimienta has no permanent doctor, and the children continue to have fever and pain,” said one parent.

According to the people who demonstrated, the services in the IMSS clinic in the community of La Pimienta remained deficient, as was the case last May, when IMSS staff applied the vaccines and contaminated them in the process.


No clinic, no doctor, no access road to La Pimienta.

“There are no drugs, there is no 24 hour doctor and there is no team to help us,” said the banners the demonstrators carried.

This situation, they said, affects families who live there, but especially the children who still have repercussions.

They explained that the agreement reached by the federal and state governments with the community was for a permanent medical service, with a 24 hour doctor, a supply of medication, an ambulance service, and specialized care for the 29 children who were sick.

In addition to health services, the state government promised to restore the access road to the community, which remains unpaved; and build two bridges where conditions prevent the inhabitants of La Pimienta from travelling when there are rains or landslides.

Another unfulfilled commitment is the construction of two classrooms and recreation centres. The demonstrators demanded that the state government and federal fulfil the agreements.

It should be noted that after the death of the two infants and the effects on the health of 29 more, the IMSS announced that this was due to negligence in biological application.

Only in November, it was announced that parents of babies who died – Yadira, 1 month and 2 days, and Emmanuel Francisco, 28 days- have sued the IMSS for compensation of 102.8 million pesos.




November 22, 2015

Believing People of Simojovel continue to defend “life, peace, justice, freedom, and democracy”

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Believing People of Simojovel continue to defend “life, peace, justice, freedom, and democracy”


On 3 November by means of a public denunciation, the Believing People from the San Antonio de Pádua parish in Simojovel expressed gratitude for the accompaniment by all those who have walked beside them, reviewing the different meetings of the past few months as well as the mass-pilgrimage from Simojovel to Tuxtla Gutierrez.

Furthermore, they reported on the present situation that they are experiencing, noting that they are “disappointed with the different levels of government” and that despite their “peaceful actions, the situation remains the same” amidst their demands. They denounced that “the number of bars has actually increased,” and furthermore that “these firms have more power than state and federal officials, such that it is clear that the governors are not governmental but rather financial […].”

In light of a situation that “does not improve,” the Believing People will continue to organize themselves “so as to find the true freedom for our people, as we see clearly the complicity due to the omission of the authorities at the three levels of governance in terms of the beer-making firms and the drug-traffickers.” They assured that “true change does not come from a political party, because the major problem is the governmental and political-economic system,” adding that they will not “keep silent, because to do so would be to become complicit.” The principal demand made by the Believing People continues to be “the closure of all bars, legal and clandestine.”




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