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May 31, 2015

Simojovel mobilizes against the attempt to massacre 31 children with vaccines

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Simojovel mobilizes against the attempt to massacre 31 children with vaccines


Pueblo Creyente of Simojovel, Chiapas, Mexico

May 23, 2015

To the people of Simojovel
To public opinion
To the free media
To the local, state, national and international press
To defenders of human rights
To the various religious denominations
To the various state and national social organizations
To the United Nations Organization (UN)
To the World Health Organization (WHO)
To the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR)
To the diocese of San Cristobal de Las Casas
To the original peoples of Mexico
To all the men and women of good will who have tirelessly defended life.

“We refuse to die,
from that death sent by the government in a vile and cowardly way,
brave as always.”


Brothers and sisters, we are here fighting for life, we all ask what would have happened if they had killed the 31 futures of Mexico, the government would probably say anyway that it was a bacteria that killed them so avoiding their responsibility and lifting their head to lament the deaths with all their usual cynicism.

Yesterday COFEPRIS presented us with one of the lies, of which there are as many as the Chupacabras (Goatsucker) of Salinas has; do not believe them in anything because there is no transparency; in the meeting we questioned them and they kept quiet when we told them that this is not an isolated case, because six years ago in the municipality of San Fernando 18 children were vaccinated, they began to vomit blood and to date we do not know how many died. And how is it possible that with the death of two children by vaccines of the IMSS, COFEPRIS can be awarded recognition by the World Health Organization?

And how can we believe and trust people who think only of killing children and young people as they did with the Ayotzinapa students, and who is going to tell the truth now, perhaps independent experts will come from other countries?, because from the beginning, information was sent to international organizations about this serious situation.

Who will guarantee to us that these 29 babies will remain well, whether in five years they will develop cancer or some other incurable disease, certainly the government will say that due to lack of food and care this concerns everyone, what if they do become unwell and later we have to go out to look for hospitals spending the little money we have. So the government is responsible for everything, and it remains the responsibility not only of this government but also of those who are to come.


We ask that justice be done, but this is not just to imprison a few who after a few months are set free, this is to begin with those from above, with the directors of the IMSS, with COFEPRIS, the governor of Chiapas, for the bad state of the clinic and of the road which made us take a long time to transport the 31 babies; but if we talk of the political parties, they are like the bars, which are found everywhere.

We are not going to exchange the babies for five thousand pesos as proposed by the government of Manuel Velasco, this proposal seems a mockery; we cannot find words to describe our anger, because a life is not worth only five thousand pesos.

This is not the first time that the government has damaged the Ejido La Pimienta, the first time the company GIMSA entered without permission to seek riches in these our lands, the second time the political parties come to divide us, the third time they wanted to kill 31 babies and the fourth time they made a mockery of the deaths, this is talking about Manuel Velasco and the director of IMSS.


At the beginning of this year, as part of the reforms of Peña Nieto, the company GIMSA entered La Pimienta to look for the wealth of the earth such as amber, the community detained these two people and put them in prison for a day by agreement of the ejido, afterwards an internal document was made not to dispossess. Now that the politicians are campaigning, everyone wants to take advantage of the situation by taking a photo like Manuel Velasco, cuddling a baby trying to clean up his image in the face of national and international criticism.


This is not the first time that the government has killed children; in the government of Pablo Salazar several babies died at the hospital in Comitan, in Acteal, to put an end to the indigenous struggle, several paramilitaries were organized who killed 45 indigenous and four who were not yet born, they opened their bellies and pulled out the babies to kill them. In the ABC nursery in Chihuahua 49 babies died, the perpetrators are free. As for those from the National Commission on Human Rights their silence means complicity. We will keep fighting. We want justice including for the damage that they did to us all, that is all of us.

Pueblo Creyente, Simojovel, Chiapas, Mexico.

photo: Las Abejas

photo: Las Abejas



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