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June 23, 2015

BoCa En BoCa #33 – English- June 2015

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BoCa En BoCa #33 – English- June 2015

BoCa En BoCa is an independent newssheet that aims to disseminate what happens in the organized communities in Chiapas. The aim is to generate solidarity among communities, through summaries or extracts of their publications transmitting their words.








23/04- The CDH Fray Pedro Lorenzo de la Nada, Ocosingo, denounced acts of threats and harassment by the public prosecutor towards one of their promoters.

23/04- The ejido Ovando Turquía, Escuintla, agreed “that at no time will any mines be allowed to open.”

24/04- In the ejido Cuauhtemoc Cardenas, Palenque, members of Xi’nich denounced provocation of conflict through the intrusion of police into their community.

04/05- In the ejido Suclumpá, Salto de Agua, two federal police investigators were arrested for abuse of authority and attempted murder. They demand the freedom of an unjustly imprisoned human rights defender.

12/05- Residents of San Cristobal de las Casas, members of the public network in defence of wetlands, water and natural heritage in the Valley of Jovel, in defence of the mountain wetlands Maria Eugenia, denounced an intimidating attitude by the construction company Peje de Oro.

12/05- The Frayba HRC demanded that the authorities execute the re-arrest order against Darinel E. Diaz Solórzano, responsible for the femicide of Tatiana Trujillo.

22/05- Ejidatarios in solidarity with the community of Primero de Agosto denounced the cutting down and illegal sale of trees carried out by CIOAC-H, and the burning of their homes.


04/05- The National Immigration Office and the Federal Police carried out a violent operation and persecution against migrants and human rights defenders.

09/05- OCEZ from the Carranza Region put up a roadblock in order to get a meeting with the governor of Chiapas.

19/05- The people displaced from Primero de Agosto community issued an invitation to a day of prayer. “There is a lot of insecurity and we are very worried.”

20/05- Alejandro Díaz Sántiz, prisoner in solidarity with La Voz del Amate, showed his solidarity with the Pueblo Creyente by fasting and praying.


Cruztón in defence of their territory

The community of Cruztón, in the municipality of Venustiano Carranza, adherent to the Sixth, the CNI and part of the Organization Semilla Digna de los Altos, on 17/05 denounced the aggression and invasion of their territory by the Organization Nuevo Guadalupe Victoria.

After being dispossessed of 394 hectares in 1994 by the ejido Guadalupe Victoria, they said that since 2013, they have been “threatened in that small part of our territory,” which they have been left with. “On 04/16/15, a group of people from ejido Guadalupe Victoria invaded 12 hectares of our territory. Up to date, they don’t allow us to work; they threaten us by firing bullets using high calibre firearms.  On 08/05 “about 30 armed people were blocking the roads with sticks and stones. They have cut the wire protection; they have been burning grass and coffee bushes; trees that the community had been looking after for years have been cut down; they do not allow us to go into the cemetery where our people are buried.” “These events were denounced on 17/04”. But the problem remains unresolved.

They concluded that “the agencies applying justice are clearly in agreement with the invaders”. Considering that the invading group is heavily armed, they are calling on us to “keep an eye on what may happen in the area of Cruzton, as we are going back to work on our land”. 

We will continue resisting and working here

On 11/05, the Zapatista Caracol of La Garrucha strongly denounced the attempt to invade the lands of the compas Support Bases of El Rosario, which is reclaimed land belonging to the autonomous municipality of San Manuel, by 21 people from the paramilitary groups of El Rosario, and 28 paramilitaries from the neighbourhood of Chikinival, belonging to the Pojkol ejido, municipality of Chilón.

This event follows what happened in August 2014. On 10/05, 28 paramilitaries came to measure the site of the Support Bases: “during the day they were there working.” “At 15:15 pm a group of them stopped working, while another group remained in the same place, but five minutes later, 3 of them went to the home of a compa.”   One of the paramilitaries, stood guard at the door and two entered the house, surprising the compa’s daughter who ran away. Then the guard “shot four bullets at the girl.”  “At the moment of the shooting her father arrived and the compa defended his daughter by throwing a stone at the assailant which hit him on the head.” The girl escaped safely from the shots.  As the guard was injured, his wife and three children went on 11/05 to tell the compas Support Bases “that they have to pay 7,000 pesos for his treatment.” Seeing paramilitary propaganda blaming the compas for causing these problems, “We deny what they are blaming us for.  It is clear who started the provocation.”

The ejido authorities “came and said they can do nothing, because that group is no longer recognised in the ejido […] they do not respect, and do not obey the ejido”. “These are the strategies with which the 3 levels of the bad government are provoking us, when they use people who do not understand our cause, so that we fall into their traps […] we say to those without brains up there: we will never stop resisting.”


Las Abejas present their understanding of the Zapatista seminar

In their monthly statement on 22/05, the civil society Las Abejas made known their word in Acteal. “After the seminar ‘Critical Thought Against the Capitalist Hydra’, organized by our Zapatista brothers and sisters, we were thinking and thinking how to explain what the ‘Capitalist Hydra’ is to the representatives of all the communities that make up our organization and we could find nothing like it in the stories which our grandfathers and grandmothers have told us; but we found that the Bible, in Revelation, speaks of a monster, a dragon with 7 heads, which is the devil, who is Satan who devours anyone who does not submit; so that is more or less how we understand the monster-murderer, or capitalist hydra or dragon with seven heads.” (…) “It does not like us to be free.  It does not like the fact that we know how to think and that we are critical of its corrupt and murderous system.   But, above all, it does not like the fact that to build our autonomy, to be free, we need Mother Earth, which means that we have to have control in our territories. “Comparing the death of children in Acteal and Simojovel they clarified: “The monster-murderer neoliberal capitalism will continue killing indigenous peoples, either with lead bullets, with sugar or with vaccines.  What are we going to do faced with the hell and unleashed anger of the monster-murderer?”

On 8/05 the organization received the mothers and fathers of the 43 disappeared students of Ayotzinapa.  From their statement: “It is very clear that the narco-government, the neoliberal capitalist system is afraid of young people who struggle, who educate and transform themselves for their people and for peace, justice and freedom.  Because disappearing and murdering young people from Ayotzinapa is a symbol of the fear of the neoliberal capitalist system.  Because the murder in the Acteal massacre of 4 babies in their mother’s womb is a symbol of the destruction of the future of humanity “. They ended with this advice: “If there is organization, humility and wisdom, know that you will remain strong, despite everything.”


Threat to 31 future Mexicans

On 10/05 it was reported that two children died and 29 suffered allergic reactions allegedly caused by vaccinations given by IMSS-Prospera staff in La Pimienta community, Simojovel.

On 13/05, the ejido issued its statement on the case. They explained that the doctor called women “who have children of 0-5 years to go to the medical unit.” “If women did not attend them, their absence would be noted and they would be removed from the Prospera programme.”  That same afternoon the effects of the vaccine began to be seen:  boys and girls were crying and began to have convulsions, they fainted, had attacks, high temperature, their fingers and feet went numb, they turned purple and they had diaorrhea. “Having gone to the hospital in Bochil, they were sent to the hospital in Tuxtla.
In La Pimienta “The clinic is totally abandoned”. “We affirm that CERO HAMBRE [Zero Hunger], the national crusade against hunger is totally false”. “We categorically reject the versions given by the IMSS”.

The Pueblo Creyente (Believing People) of Simojovel 23/05 shared their word.

“How can we believe and trust people who think only of killing children and young people as they did with the Ayotzinapa students?  Do the independent experts come from other countries?” “We are not going to exchange babies for 5000 pesos as offered by the government of Manuel Velasco”. “This is not the first time that the government has killed children.”

On 03/05 the bishops of the diocese of San Cristobal spoke in support of the peaceful struggle of the Pueblo Creyente (Believing People) of Simojovel in a letter to the parish priest Marcelo Perez Perez.

The EZLN organised a meeting called “Critical thought against the capitalist hydra”, from 3-8 May, in CIDECI in San Cristobal de Las Casas.

-Our gaze turned within-

Political economy, as seen from the communities

Sub Moises: “What I’ve come to talk about are those things that have been discussed, not read, about the economy, within the communities. How it has been, and how it is. About capitalism, I mean. I’m going to break my talk into three parts: how the communities lived before, 30 years ago; how those who are not organized as Zapatistas live now, and then how we live, the Zapatistas of today.”
Our struggle as women

Compañera listener Selena: “as Zapatistas, we’re facing the low intensity war, they dangle ideas of modernity in front of us, like mobile phones, or clothes. They transmit their bad ideas through TV, so that we young people are distracted, and don’t think about how to organise in our struggle.”

Compañera support base Lizbeth: “We women, we already have the freedom and the right as women to have opinions, to discuss and analyse. We didn’t have that before. It’s not easy to participate or explain how we work though”.

Comandanta Dalia: “as women, mothers and parents, we’ve found the strength to stand up to our husbands and our children”

Comandanta Rosalinda: “we were mistreated, disrespected, because we never knew that we had the right to organise ourselves and to take part, to do any kind of work. Because no-one explained how we might organise ourselves.”

Comandanta Miriam: “since the arrival of the conquistadors we suffered as women. They took our lands, our language, our culture. That’s when local despotism took root, and triple-fold exploitation, humiliation, discrimination, marginalisation, mistreatment, inequality”.

Resistance and rebellion

Sup Moises: “We understood the call of the people of Mexico. So we gave the order to retreat from violent struggle. It was then that we discovered, through the compañeras—because in combat our people died—that they were developing another way to struggle. Because the government wanted to buy us off, as we put it, they wanted us to accept aid and forget about the struggle.” “When we try to begin to discuss, to think, in our way, what we recommend as Zapatistas, it is that we have to think in two ways. One is to criticize capitalism. The other is how we think of this evil we see.”

Our gaze at the hydra

03/05 On elections: Organize, Sup Moises: ” What we Zapatistas say is: there you have the proof that in order to be a party politician above one has to be shameless, a fool, or a criminal—or all three; we shouldn’t be afraid of having the people rule. It’s the most healthy and just way. Because it is the people themselves who are going to make the changes that are truly necessary. And that is the only way that a new system of government is going to exist.”

The crack in the wall: Sup Galeano: “Don’t believe those who say that sensitivity, sympathy, and support are measured by crowded streets, overflowing plazas, big stages, or in the number of cameras, microphones, leading journalists, and social media trends you attract. The great majority of the world, not just in our country, is like you, brothers and sisters, family members of the Ayotzinapa missing. People who have to fight day and night for a little piece of life. People who have to struggle in order to wrench from reality something with which to sustain themselves.”

The Yaqui Caravan weaves solidarity in Chiapas

“The Yaqui Tribe and dozens of indigenous peoples, peasant and urban organizations, non-party supporters, those environmentally affected, users of water and electricity, trade unions, universities, teachers, youth, environmentalists, base ecclesiastical communities and human rights organizations convoked a National Caravan for the Defence of Water, Land, Work and Life”. “The Yaqui Tribe is a nation with a history of struggle and resistance in defence of their territory. It currently maintains a legal battle against the Mexican state in defence of water.”

On the 12/05 they invited people to “join the national struggle to seek to open a national process of convergence, to continue until it achieves: the cancellation of all the megaprojects affecting life, water, earth and air where the people are rising. The live presentation of our 43 from Ayotzinapa and punishment of those responsible. Justice for our compas killed for defending freedom, justice and life. Immediately freedom for Mario Luna and Fernando Jimenez from the Yaqui Tribe and all political prisoners. An end to the militarization of the country, to repression, and to the harassment and attacks on Zapatista support bases. The cancellation of the structural reforms. Not to allow the General Water Act and to fight for a new law to reverse the privatization and provide the basis for a good government of water by the peoples. To regain our food and energy sovereignty and the rights of workers.




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